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YouTuber @Susan Yara’s Nighttime Skincare Routine | Go To Bed With Me | Harper’s BAZAAR

– Hey guys, have you ever scrolled through these videos’ comments and wondered who the hell is Susan Yara? It’s me and tonight I’m gonna show you my nighttime skincare routine,
so let’s get ready for bed. (upbeat contemporary music) So my skin type is generally dry. It’s been a little bit drier than usual. It’s cold outside right now, it’s winter. I also just had a baby a few months ago so that really takes a
lot out of you because, especially if you like
breastfeed and everything. Doing my nighttime skincare
routine is really important because it’s the time that I get to myself especially with two
kids, one is a toddler, one is an actual baby, baby. I wanna make sure I’m using products that give me the most bang for my buck and that are fixing problems
that you have post pregnancy. There’s really not much you
can do while you’re pregnant. You can’t do major treatments, you can’t use really
strong active ingredients. So these are the things
that I’m re-introducing now. I’m going to use my
scrunchie and my headband. I always go for silk. I have silk pillows. I think silk is just really nice. It’s not just nice and gentle on your skin but it’s gentle on your hair. So I’m gonna put this on first. Something oil based is how I typically start
my nighttime routine because I have makeup on, even if I’m just wearing sunscreen. So I tend to use something like this. These are the two balms I’ve been using; Green Clean by Farmacy
and this is Clean It Zero. It’s by Banila Co but today I don’t wanna
freak everybody out because this is something
different that I’ve been doing and I do it for all of you guys, I’m gonna be using this,
essentially a micellar water. It says cleaning water. It’s really fancy you guys like that? It’s really, really fancy and I feel like cosmetic formulators are really having a moment
right now on social media where they’re really like seeing
what’s being put out there, all the information and stuff, and they’re coming
correct with it basically. They’re like no, no, no, no
this ingredient is fine for you, this product is fine for you. And a friend of mine who
is a cosmetic formulator has been watching my videos. So she sent me this and she didn’t want me
to judge it whatsoever. She said I was gonna love this stuff, I could definitely use
it as my first cleanse and it was gonna remove all of my makeup and be tough on my makeup
but not tough on my skin. And I’ve obviously been using a lot of it so I can’t wait to tell
you guys what it is ’cause I don’t even know. I’m gonna use one of those
microfiber kinda cleansing towels just because it doesn’t soak up too much. I feel like it’s gonna
help just remove the makeup so I’m going to just put
a little on the edge of it and I’m gonna hold it to my eye just for a few seconds and then
I’m just gonna gently wipe. The reason why I’m
pressing it to my eye first is because you want it to
loosen up the makeup, right? And if you’re not doing that
part then you’re just gonna tug and you’re gonna be like
this doesn’t work on my skin because it doesn’t
actually remove my makeup but if you just hold it there it will. And so I’m just patting. You can see, no makeup. So remember this is just my first cleanse. I’m not expecting this
to completely remove all of my makeup and
the grime from the day I’m just ya know using
it as my first cleanse that way my second cleanse can get the rest of it off essentially and get this off of my skin too because you don’t want
it to sit on your skin. It’s like leaving a cleanser on your skin. You wouldn’t just leave
your cleanser on your skin. All right so around this time
I’d probably be in the shower and this is the cleanser I would use. It’s by KraveBeauty, it’s their Matcha Hemp Hydrating Cleanser. This is a very nice cleanser. It’s a gel consistency. It doesn’t really foam up. I don’t tend to like foam cleansers. There are some nice ones out there. I think I’m just kinda old school and when I think of foam cleansers I think of like SLS and like
really strong surfactants and stuff that are gonna strip your skin. This won’t strip your skin and it will definitely cleanse everything, so this is the next step. I think a lot of people don’t realize how important their cleanse is when it comes to their skincare
and this would normally, again this would be a little bit more damp so it would be lathering
up a little bit more but you can see that it has slip, so my fingers are gliding
over my skin really easily and I’m just making sure
I’m really cleansing ’cause everything that you
had on your skin that day, ya know it’s just not
good to leave it there and go to sleep with it ’cause your skin is
repairing itself at night and I think of the nighttime
routine, my friend Nina Desai, she’s a Board Certified Dermatologist, she said it perfectly to me. She was like your nighttime routine is when you repair your skin and your morning routine is
when you protect your skin. (light contemporary music) Yes, clean skin, should
never be squeaky skin. All right so while my skin is still damp I’m gonna try to get this on there. It’s by NuFACE. It is their gel primer and
I’m gonna leave it open. I go through a ton of
this when I’m using it but I’m gonna start with one layer and I’m gonna put it on almost
like if it’s a sleep mask and I’m gonna go up my neck. I know I have my necklace
on guys, I’m sorry. I just don’t really take it off. And I’m gonna use this. This is the NuFACE. I’ve had this for almost
a decade, it’s not a joke and it’s something that I come back to. You wanna have your
gel primer ready to go. You can use an HA serum like,
HA stands for hyaluronic acid, but I find that this
is a little bit thicker and you might get a
little zing here and there if you don’t have enough slip
and you know like formula between you and the device. But what this does is it’s microcurrent and microcurrent helps
to tighten your skin. I couldn’t use it while I was pregnant because it’s one of those things that you can’t use while
pregnant so I have it back. So what people don’t
think about with pregnancy is you’re literally
gaining a ton of weight. I gained, this last
pregnancy I gained 40 pounds and I’ve lost in just a few
months at least half of that. So I’m gonna start here
right at like the collarbone and I’m gonna go up with it really slowly and you gotta make sure
you have that slide. You don’t wanna tug. Hold, and I can feel it. And so when you’re losing weight you lose that elasticity in your skin and people think about
that in their bodies right? Like you lose all of that elasticity and your skin starts to hang. The same thing happens with
your face and your neck and as you get older you start
to really notice that again and it’s kinda like exercise. So you wanna make sure
that you maintain it and you keep using it
because it’s helping, it’s helping to tighten all
of your muscles essentially. All right, so normally right
after I’ve done the NuFACE I will go right into a moisturizer because the NuFACE is essentially
a hyaluronic acid serum and you wanna lock in that hydration that you’re getting from
it because it’s humectant and you don’t want to actually
ya know take out the moisture from your actual skin
so you wanna lock it in and that’s what your
moisturizer is gonna do. This moisturizer is by Biossance. It’s their Squalane
and Omega Repair Cream. I’ve been using this
for a couple of years. I go back to it. It’s not fragranced which
I think is super important when you’re doing especially treatments like the laser treatment and everything and also for the next step
that you guys will see. It’s gonna be retinol. I also just like squalane, I really do. I think it works very well on my skin. So I’m locking everything in. I tend to like wipe and then pat so I’m not just smearing
it off of my skin. And I don’t really go up
but I definitely pat it and truly it’s just so that
it really goes on my skin and I’m not wiping it off. To me moisturizer is really important. It is a non-negotiable for
me and I know some people with like oily skin will
say that they don’t need to but the oil that you produce is completely different
than the moisturizer that you’re gonna use. One of the big issues I find in skincare is that people aren’t patient. They want to see results immediately and they don’t wanna go
through like the steps, like the baby steps that
you’re supposed to go through and it’s so important to have patience. It’s actually something I had to learn. I didn’t have any patience
and what we tend to find is that people will just
go like balls to the wall, like they’re kinda like I’m
just gonna go with this, I’m gonna go from like
zero skincare routine to like a 12-step skincare routine or I’m gonna introduce
a really strong retinoid into my skincare routine but I’m gonna use it every single night and not ya know watch
how my skin reacts to it and then they end up with this irritation, their skin is breaking,
it’s dry, it’s flaking. They’re getting breakouts. Ya know half the time it’s usually what we’re doing to our skin that’s making our skin have
some kind of a bad reaction. So my biggest advice to
everybody is to be patient. All right so I went out and bought this. I actually have like a whole collection of different retinoids that I’m gonna start
introducing into my routine. This is kinda strong though
so I don’t need a lot. I actually just bought a sample size because I know I’m not
gonna use it for too long. It’s 1% retinol, it’s by Drunk Elephant. It’s their A-Passioni Retinol Cream and what I want to show you guys, this is the important part. 1% is kinda strong and it’s actually, that’s more than I’m probably
going to end up using. So I wanna show you guys this. When someone says use a
pea size of your retinoid truly, when you’re just starting off I’m only gonna use this once a week for the next couple of weeks ’cause I’m just getting
back into the retinoid game. It’s been over a year
because I was pregnant. It felt like I was forever pregnant and I’m just gonna ya
know smear it together. I’m just gonna tap it into my skin and I’m actually going to avoid my neck because I’ve been getting
these laser treatments. The neck is really,
really a sensitive area and you don’t want to
make it too sensitive. So I know that I’m still
trying to get back into this and I know I’m doing
these laser treatments and the skin is thinner in your neck area so you don’t wanna
necessarily get it there. I got my moisturizer there, I got my ya know my HA serum there. So it has some treatment and
it’s good to go right now. I will eventually ya know use
a little bit of retinol there later on but I don’t need to right now. And I’m tapping around my eyes because I don’t use an eye cream at night. I feel like I’m getting
everything I need for my skin in this whole routine and it doesn’t have to
be an elaborate routine for it to be an effective routine. I’m always surprised
when I see these routines because especially celebrities. You would think that they would be on some kind of a retinoid because it’s really the
only proven ingredient to truly make you look
like you’re youthful and have bouncy skin that’s like ya know even
skin tone and everything. I actually could not wait
to get back on retinol. People might ask, do I put stuff on my
chest area and everything and I actually do believe you have to bring your skincare
down to like your nipples. That’s basically your face really, but ya know we’re on
camera and everything. I actually have a whole
nighttime skincare routine for my body as well but
another thing people might ask is why I put the retinol
after my moisturizer. I actually will let my moisturizer
sink in a little bit more and the reason why you want
your moisturizer to sink in is because when you’re easing into it if your skin is still damp it actually helps the ingredient, the active ingredient which
in this case is retinol, absorb into your skin and
penetrate a little bit deeper and so it’ll work stronger. So while I’m easing into it I don’t want it to be as effective. I’m trying to like
essentially I guess dilute it and then get my skin used to it and then eventually I’ll start
to pick it up and use I more. Maybe I’ll put it on
before my moisturizer, maybe I won’t use a moisturizer. So everything’s gonna change but this is where I’m at right now because I only stopped
breastfeeding just recently. So I’m just getting back into this game and then I always finish
with some kind of lip balm. This one is from Innisfree. It’s a sleeping mask and I
just like my nighttime lip balm to be something thick because ya know, I’m gonna go to sleep and I’m not gonna reapply
it for hours hopefully unless I wake up because of
a baby, that does happen. I guess a couple tips that
I wanna leave you guys with. One, if you’re going to
introduce some kind of an active, especially retinol, you absolutely need to use
your sunscreen in the morning. We don’t get to see what
people are doing in the morning when we see their nighttime routine. You have to use sunscreen anyway. It is probably the most
important anti-aging ingredient you can use and product you can use in your entire routine is
protect yourself from the sun and the UV rays but especially if you’re
making your skin more sensitive by using an active. The second tip I wanna say is this is my personal skincare routine. I feel like this is actually a routine that can work for most people
but remember that your skin, it’s everything is
personal, it’s your skin and you only get your own skin once right? So you have to be careful with it. You have to make sure that this is a routine
that’s gonna work for you and you probably have to
experiment a little bit. So you can see my hair stayed
in place like I wanted it to. That was my nighttime skincare routine, my current nighttime skincare routine. You guys can ask me any questions. I’m probably gonna be answering
’cause that’s what I do late in night at bed on my phone. I’m wondering who’s gonna
maybe potentially react to my skincare routine, any takers? Anyway, good night guys
and thanks for watching. (upbeat contemporary music)

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