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Yasmin spots the man who destroyed her family | A Soldier’s Heart Recap (With Eng Subs)

– Where are you going?
– I’ll just look around. Okay. I’ll see you later. That would be
170 pesos per kilo. Anything else? Chicken, ma’am? Oh! I’m sorry. I didn’t notice you. It’s okay, you can take it.
You got here first. – Are you sure?
– Yes. I’ll get another one. Thank you so much. I’ll take this, miss. – How much?
– 110 pesos per kilo. That would be 290 pesos. – Can I get it for 200?
– Okay. Ma. – I got the mangoes.
– Good. – Did you pick ripe ones?
– Of course! – Thank you, ma’am.
– Gosh, it’s heavy! – I’ll carry it for you, Ma.
– It’s fine. Son, don’t do it! Ma, I insist. – Thank you, ma’am!
– Thank you! You’re really my superhero.
You can do anything! Anything for you, Ma. – Let’s go.
– Okay. Alright. We got
everything we need. There’s Papa. Look at him. Took you long enough. Well, you know Mama. Wow! That’s a lot of food! Are you planning to feed
the entire camp? I just want to make sure
we’ll have enough. You boys eat a lot! Let’s go. It’s so hot outside! Thank you! Mama! It’s him. I can’t be mistaken. He’s the one who killed
my son and husband. Yasmin. Fatima, I saw the man
who killed my husband and son. He’s here. Mindanao is beautiful. I thought it would be
a chaotic place, but I was wrong. It’s a beautiful place. I had the same realization
when I first got here. Mindanao is a vast
and beautiful place. Conflict-affected areas
are only a small portion. The news only shows
those places, so people think that’s
the entirety of Mindanao. Try to visit other areas
during R&R. Are you sure? I’m sure it was him. What are you going to do? Does Saal know? Did you tell him? He needs to know. No, not yet. Why? Our group is weak. We’re still getting back
on our feet. He might do something rash.
I know my son. He won’t stop until
he’s killed that man. – He’ll put himself in danger.
– He deserves to know. I will tell him. I just need… I need to gather
more information. Please keep this
between us, Fatima. Please, Fatima. Reporting for duty, Mom! Ma’am. Marasigan. Dad. – Dante.
– Let’s help them out. – They’re very disciplined.
– Yes. – Excuse me.
– Go ahead, men. How dare you live
a happy life? After you killed
my husband and child, who gave you
the right to be happy? Who’s this? Is it him? Is he the man
who killed my father? Why didn’t you tell me
he’s just here? Where is he?
Where can I find him? Tell me where he is, Mother!
I will kill him! – No, Saal!
– Why not?! – Why can’t I?!
– Saal! You can’t stop me, Mother! I’ve long waited for the chance to avenge Father and Hakeem! – Saal!
– I can finally get justice! Saal, I’m not stopping you
from avenging them. I’m just saying that you
shouldn’t be blinded by anger! Think before you act! Think about how
this will affect our lives! You’re a leader, Saal. Every decision you make
will affect so many people! Saal! Listen to me! Like you, I’m mad at him. I am furious! But I won’t let my anger destroy everything
we worked hard for! – Saal!
– Saal! Where are you going?! You had me followed? You said you needed
additional information. I was just helping you. Fatima! If something bad
happens to Saal… Don’t you trust him? Yasmin. Don’t stop him from getting
the justice he wants. I found the hotel. Thanks for your help. Son, where are you? I’m sorry, Mother, but I have
to see him in person. Whatever it is you’re planning, please, don’t do it. Get down!

43 thoughts on “Yasmin spots the man who destroyed her family | A Soldier’s Heart Recap (With Eng Subs)

  1. Kaming mga muslim krangalan namin na namatay kami sa gitna ng labanan dahil nka sulat sa banal na qur,an ,paraiso ang uuwian ng mga shahid na mujahidin na nmatay sagitna ng lbanan,,ngunit ang mag higanti hndi oras ng labanan ay hndi ito kautosan ng allah kundi ang kabaliktaran dyan sa nakikita natin ,,dahil ang utos ng allAh lumban kyo kapag inaapi kau at gusto nilang sakupin ang inyong lugar at ang inyong relihiyong islam,,,msakit man sa amin ang nakikita nmin sa mga plabas sa tv ay mramaming kabaliktran ,o hndi naayon oh hndi nmn nka saad sa batas ni Allah na cnusunod nmin.

  2. Sure ako si gerald na ampon lang toh ng magulang nya…at ang totoong nanay nya ei ung muslim na babae at kapatid nya ang isang lalaki

    Alex and Saal is real brother

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