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With Hover: Summer Skincare routine Dry Skin ! مع هوڤر: روتين العناية بالبشرة في الصيف

Hello, this is hover. Korea has been really hot and humid of late. I am even getting whiteheads. My skin on the nose and chin is super rough! Putting on makeup on this skin is calling for a disaster. Plus my pores get bigger and sag, looking like dark little spots. So I’m going to show you how I switched my summer skincare routine. First off, I massage in my cleansing oil for a really long time. I play a song and for the duration of the entire song, I massage it thoroughly especially on the T-zone and the chin The key is to not be too harsh on the skin, press gently and make little circles. Pull the skin tight on the chin and the nooks on the nose when you massage there. When the song is over, I rinse my face with lukewarm water. By then, my chin is smooth as baby’s butt and there’s longer whiteheads sticking out on the nose! I’m going to use a chemical exfoliant on that. AHA, BHA, or PHA: use whichever one your skin is more comfortable with. The one I used has PHA, which is apparently the mildest. Wipe your entire face with a cotton pad, mainly the T-zone and the chin. Although this can’t extract potential blackheads from the roots, it helps trim them off. I use the exfoliating toner in the morning and at night; the cleansing oil only at night. Next is a hydrating essence, which is thin as toner. I usually wipe the essence with a cotton pad, but after using the exfoliating toner, I just dab it on so that I don’t irritate my sensitive skin. Next step is moisturizing. Keeping the routine oil-free can actually cause your skin to make sebum faster, so whiteheads grow faster. The best we can do to slow it down is to give your skin the right amount of oil in advance. So I use a mild lotion that contains some oil, but is not too greasy. If your skin is really dry like mine, reapply a teeny bit on the areas whiteheads form. We tend to just hydrate and go oil-free in the summer because we sweat too much, but our skin will feel much more comfy with the right amount of oil. At night, I layer an overnight mask. It’s important that you decide whether to use the teeniest bit or not to use it at all, since too much oiliness can cause breakouts. That’s it from me hover. Thank you so much. Please come visit the Lenoshop channel and like and share this video. See you in the next video, Bye!

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  1. لو سمحتوا اعملوا فيديو للهلات السوداء وحب الوجه وآثاره لو سمحتوا☺

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