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100 thoughts on “WISHFUL YO GLOW ENZYME SCRUB IS HERE!!!| أقدّم لم مقشّر YO GLOW

  1. Yeah ur worked so much on ur skin by fillers botox , expensive skincare treatments and expensive skincare brands like la prairie , so stop fooling people and urself and plz tell the truth

  2. Congratulations queen🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 i can't wait to have your magic product in my life🙌🙌🙏🙏💖💖💖💖

  3. I use lactic acid every night, also glycolic acid (both for exfoliation) . I use the bha/aha peeling solution face mask from The Ordinary. My skin is used to chemical exfoliation. I gave a little of my face mask to my sister one day, her face was peeling, while mine never does with the same product, because of what I just mentioned.

    So, an easy way to explain it: there's no way in hell she (Huda) can have all that "dead skin" if she actually uses that scrub every day (and obviously that's not the only product she uses, just imagine all the expensive facials and peelings she gets done each week). Basically, girl's lying to our faces like we're a bunch of idiots, cause that most definitely is not dead skin, is the same product layering on but she advertised it as if it was "dead skin", and that's wrong of course because many people will believe the scrub actually works when it might not. Also, very fishy she haven't released the ingredient list.

    My advice for people who actually believes Huda (🤐), wait until there are many reviews from reliable YouTube channels before making a rich woman, even more rich. She's good at marketing tho, I'll give her that.

    Hope no one gets offended by my honest opinion, and I wish everyone reading this a nice day. ✌🏻

  4. It's already a red flag that she's claiming that's dead skin coming off.. it's not. She is already bullshitting you. Stop buying products from money hungry youtubers.

  5. Why dont u lauch ur new products in india people would definitely buy it coz there is no strong beaty brands competition here(no 1buys them coz of their burning prices) n u can kep it in affordable prices (n we only get fake products on ur name huda 😤)

  6. I have been using the body shop skin peeling and now I can't wait to try wishful!! To anyone who is saying that it is the product crumbling and not the dead skin then you clearly have never used such products. I've always felt my skin go super soft and smooth after using this kind of product, if it was just the product then you wouldn't notice any difference on your skin. Feb 16 – waiting to add this baby to my cart at Sephora CAN! Love you hoodiee <3

  7. its not dead skin coming off like that…its the product balling up when you rub it in! i've tried many of these and it definitely could take some dead skin off but its false how she tries to say all of that is dead skin because it is not! please do your research first!

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  9. I don't know why I find her so annoying… I feel like she sugar coats everything she says, hard to believe if she's telling the truth or just trying to sell something…. She used to be very likeable

  10. Huda, you are an inspiration for all girls. You have built a company with your hard work and effort! I truly find you the ultimate lady boss!!
    Having said that, this is a let down for me. I don’t believe that it was all your dead skin. You get all kinds of treatments and tech oriented facials, nurse jamie, red light mask etc etc. I expected something of that level available for mass market. This is way too expensive for just a scrub and doesn’t sound all that. I was really looking forward to your skin range and I don’t think this is something that my skin needs.

  11. So this explains those papaya and pineapple DIY skincare hacks that you had on yo Instagram a while ago – you was getting ready to launch the 'Glow scrub' with these ingredients! 🕵️‍♀️ 🕵️‍♂️

  12. This product is nothing new. The body shop came up with this product and formula way long back. Vitamin c glow revealing liquid peel does the exact same thing as this product. I really expected huda to come up with something creative and different something that didn’t existed in market before

  13. I really hope she clears up the peeling is not dead skin. It's actually the product Wouldn't it be too dangerous if that much dead skin would to fall off

  14. I like ur vedios in Arabic more than an English, I have notes and I loved to do it could you please put the names of the products inside vedios to know the prand and the name thank you sweet heart

  15. i am so sorry for her…it seems like she didn’t pay attention to it as much as she does with her make up line…she lacks basic knowledge! so many statements are just nonsense……this is not dead skin! no way you can feel a pile up of dead skin on your face! 2 times in a week? we will have lots of people with total dry skin….you need to market it better to an targeted audience! I would totally buy it cause it is what i am already using….chemical and physical exfoliaters,,, cause my skin leaves blemished and pigmentation with every spot i get……..it’s surely not for everybody and you need to make it more clearer!

  16. Thank God !! The skin care line is fragrance free.. All HUDA BEAUTY products are heavily fragranced. The only thing I dislike about this brand is the fragrance. It kills my nostrils 😅

  17. how did she use it every day when on the shopping page it says "usage 1-2 times a week"??
    also her line left and right down her mouth tho …… is that because of fillers???

  18. شدعوه منتجاتج غاليه هالكد يا خاله ما فكرتي بينه المكاريد شلون نشتريهن😥😥

  19. Girl are you really tryna tell us that’s dead skin and not the product LOL where did the product magically disappear to then?

  20. This is why I unsubscribed, she promotes things that “work” yet as she said in the past, she gets facials, fillers, Botox, etc etc. anyone promoting skin care with altered skin should not be trusted and I’m sure it’s close to 100$ like everything else she sells🙄

  21. I would like to see the full ingredients list‼️‼️‼️‼️ the website only shows key ingredients 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨

  22. She should start acting her age and her social status really. I can't imagine Estee Lauder or Elizabeth Arden doing this childish videos… Their products speak for themselves. I have been an Estee Lauder user for over 20 years, never changed my product with or without these ads. Have tried Huda's product a couple of times at Sephora – nah, I can tell right off the bat, her products are not quality. I tried her lipsticks the other day, they're like flea market quality… Sorry

  23. I hope to have an opportunity to promote Hoda Beauty products.I would ask to support your country, Iraq
    I like working in beauty products, but unfortunately, big merchants are dominate with everything

  24. وللهي لو كانت منتجتك رخيصة شوية 😢كنت انا اول من يشتري كل منتجاتك 😘يا هدى لأني احبك واحبهم واحب مكياج😍😅

  25. Overly priced for what it does. And please Huda don't think we are that stupid to think that your skin perfection is because of this product not because treatment sessions and skincare products that worth thousands of dollars. I love you Huda but this is not right

  26. I’m the only who thinks her products are over priced or am I exaggerating?😬….like the eyelashes don’t even come with glue like the drugstore lashes do🤔(sometimes a girl has a makeup emergency🚨💄)I bought Scarlett #8 and I wasn’t impressed 👎🏼I’ll stick to eylure lashes for now!😌

  27. Hi guys! We've got a lot of comments about the dead skin in the video!!! It is dead skin mixed with cellulose from the product! We have a lot of info about it here – check it out! https://www.instagram.com/p/B8MVoC2J94Y/?igshid=zvaiu4x8kuge

  28. GUUUYYYSSS !!!! the FAKE B* DELETED MY post !!!!! …. WHY.???? I was RIGHT he about your product and your FAKEASS VIDEO.!!!!
    YOU ARE NESTY and a FRAUDE !!!!!

  29. Houdi, can you please translate it into Arabic? Who do you speak EnglishBecause Hawai girls do not understand how to perform an English translation, please provide a translation from an English translation.

  30. I’m so disappointed 😞 I thought you were going to be real and transparent with this brand. The stuff on her face is NOT dead skin. There may be tiny microscopic bits of dead skin that are in there but what you are seeing is the cellulose mixing with oil. Her team on Instagram confirmed that in the most confusing and indirect response. It could be a good product but because of the lies I will not be purchasing.

  31. This stupid fraud. It’s just peeling gel she ripped off from Korean stores that sell it for so many years. She acts as if she’s the first to create the product 🙄 She’s just selling it in a higher price and shady ingredients she didn’t even reveal until people complained to her.

  32. not releasing the full ingredient list till it was sold out is shady ASF! it’s a big no for me 😗 do better sis .

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