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why I went into dermatology

Why I went into dermatology ?
In this video I will answer this question that I am asked very often in real life, as
well as on social media. If this is the first time on my channel,
and you want more information and motivation on lifting, dermatology and nutrition,
start now by subscribing and clicking the bell, so you don’t miss anything. And if you speak Dutch, make sure to check out my Dutch channel as well. When I was only a few years old, my mother
took me to a dermatologist because I had atopic dermatitis myself on the typical places, the
skin folds of the arms and legs. Since atopic dermatitis very often runs in
the family and can last for several years, we visited this dermatologist quite often. I remember realizing quite early on that I
thought this doctor had a very nice job, since he could help me out, just by looking at my
skin and prescribing the right treatment, without having to perform any more exams,
like other MD’s often have to do. I remember already in kindergarten school
at the age of 4 or 5 years old imagining that I would become a dermatologist one day. Without realizing how much effort that would
take, I always stayed with that idea. Later on in life, it would prove to be a very
good choice, since the special interest I developed in esthetics, as a hobby taking
up weight lifting at the age of 16 to develop an esthetic physique and as a professional taking
care of patients in their quest to stay healthy and beautiful looking while getting older,
by performing all kinds of esthetic treatments, such as peelings, laser, meso therapy, injections
with botox and fillers and cryolipolysis. I hope this answers the question, and if you
have any more questions for me on that topic, leave them in the comments below. I will be glad to answer them.

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  1. Great story how did you decide to specialize of dermatology!!!I am medical doctor too,but I have not a job!!!Best wishes for you👍👍👍

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