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Where To Put Shadows (Suprised Face)|Japanese PRO Advice

What kind of characters have this shadow? Very muscular characters with a lot of bulky muscles For shadows and lines, there is no limit on how much you can add Thank you for coming!
-Hello Got another drawing from Discord for this advice series This time the person is called Foodstamps I’m trying to get a better understanding of lighting Any feedback is appreciated It looks like the shadows are already quite well drawn
-It does If we add one or two more then, I will give some advice on which part will additionally have shadows, and which will have light Please do Where should I start? Since this is a sphere so it has ups and downs And this part is the normal white part
-I see So I will choose this one and The same for the other eye Like this If you want to drop a shadow on the eyelashes It’s like this So even though the eyeball is completely in shade you still can color it white? When you make it all shadow color, it will lose the 3D touch I see Something like this And since the light is coming from this side Shading the base of the nose and the shadow it casts below And well for this part.. Sometimes the shadow comes on this part as well Around here On the chin, Foodstamps had added shadow in with straight edges Well, consider that a style thing
– I see Ah this is common
– Drop a shadow under the chin and.. Make it look realistic and And here as well When you add some lines here The line will come down like this The collar bones come like this and down to here so A common type of shading would look like this For character which has a nice Trapezius you would add the shadow here For shadows and lines, there are no limits on how much you can add in Just showing this to give you options That is because the mouth is open?
– yes Well, this is just to show places you can add shadows Thank you very much The shadows were added pretty well from the start but if we were to modify it you can add shadows to these parts as well The parts we added the shadow and lights are these parts In the original drawing, the eyes were totally under shadow but when you leave the white part like this you can keep some 3D shape to it And, below the nose and the shadow under the nose added around here The shadow under the bangs are also added as well The mouth is wide open There is a dent here, and other parts where the light and the shadow can be added in this shadow under the lips is common If you want to add a shadow under the collar bones you can add it around here Here as well. What kind of character would have this shadow? Muscular character with a bulky muscle here I don’t do this myself but you can give it 3D shape when you add under the nose It would depend on the character too
– that’s right Any final advice for Foodstamps? When you look at the shadow in a real living person you will find the difference in how the shadow is shown so look at many faces Especially with a surprised face like this When you try it when drawing using the actual face You will see which is the best shadow if this was used in your drawing Good to think and search for the answer Thank you very much
-Thank you There are many other videos on the Discord advice series so Please check them out If you want some advice on your own drawing please post freely on this Discord group It may become a video Thank you very much Bye bye

7 thoughts on “Where To Put Shadows (Suprised Face)|Japanese PRO Advice

  1. When I saw “surprised face” I thought of the “surprised pikachu face”, and I was like I’m gonna learn how to shade pikachu!! (ง'̀-'́)ง

  2. Their advice is so helpful, thanks to that I managed to improve the quality of my drawing. SInce then I watch all their vids religiously. Keep up with the good work!!!

  3. Ur vids has been my guidelines since I started doing digital it's almost a year n now I got my own channel made…proves ur Japanese illustration videos are very much helpful n it tells where amateurs tend to make mistakes in their designs!!!luv all of em!!!

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