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well…things sure have changed huh?

– Good morning. This is what I look like
first thing when I wake up. I will be the first to admit
that I have been so scared and overwhelmed by all of the information that’s being thrown at us
over the last few days. It went from something that
was sorta being talked about, and then it was sort of
developing into maybe try to avoid large crowds, and then
within a 24 hour period, it was all you saw, all
anyone was speaking about, every single post on
social media was about it, every single news outlet,
and for good reason. People are trying to be informed and we’re sharing our experiences and I kind of toyed back and
forth with making this video because I don’t want to
seem that I’m just trying to make content out of
it, but also this is just my real life, making
videos in thrift stores, and going into fitting rooms
are not an option for me at the moment so I just
figured I would show you guys a little bit of a self care routine day. I’m essentially going to
be going through my day and trying to give myself as
much of a routine as possible because obviously during social
distancing, self isolation, quarantining, whatever you
wanna call it, which by the way, if you are not doing, please,
please do your research and take it so so seriously. It is your responsibility
to slow the spread, to flatten the curve, as they call it. I’ll link some information
down below for you. But this is the most responsible
thing that you can do. Even if it won’t necessarily affect you, you could be carrying it without any idea and then pass it along to someone who will be very
compromised because of it, so please just keep that in mind. I know the majority of
people are social distancing, but I do see also a lot of
people going out to brunch, people hangin’ out havin’ game night, and so I just really want to stress how serious this situation is
and how this is vital for us to change the trajectory of
what happens with this disease. But anyways, I know we’re all overwhelmed with talking about it and so I figured I would just show you my routine. This is how I keep some form of structure during this crazy time. I’m gonna take today and really focus on the self care aspect,
I am not gonna film any videos today, I’m
just gonna take today as sort of a prep day for my work week, I mean I guess this is filming a video, but you know what I’m sayin’, no try ons or anything like that, and this is just gonna be a
real honest day in my life. I know for me anyways, I am using YouTube as a major, major source of distraction, so hopefully this will be that for you. First things first, it is time for coffee and some breakfast. (upbeat music) – [Man] Start your computations (upbeat music) – Oh my God, it’s perfect! Something else that I feel like
is talked about all the time that people say is what you should do to have a successful day, a successful life, is make your bed. So I’m going to actually
do that, which is, I’m not gonna lie, not
something I do very often but this needs some help. She’s a mess. So I guess I’m gonna make my damn bed. (upbeat music) ♪ Huh ♪ – Somebody is a fan of
the made bed for sure. Moo, can you share with us your routine since I’m social distancing? – [Drew] I sleep 18 hours and in between I lick my butt at least 38 times. – Usually Drew and I would
cook some kinda breakfast, but I’m just havin’ a bar today
because I’m not that hungry, and also I just changed
my Invisalign last night so my mouth really hurts. The next thing I’m gonna do
is eat my bar, sip my coffee, and just do a 10 minutes or
less getting ready routine. I find that working from home, I can tend to literally just
stay in my pajamas all day which is totally fine, but
there is something to be said for just putting the tiniest,
slightest bit of care into yourself, it does
make you feel a lot better, so I’m just gonna do a
quick 10 minute routine, nothing crazy, five minute makeup, five minute hair, and
that’s it for that day. That’s all I got in me. (upbeat music) – [Man] I think we’re getting
into a weird area here. ♪ Baby ♪ ♪ (Upbeat music) ♪ ♪ Go ♪ – Woo, okay, feelin’ good. Feelin’ a lot more fresh which is great. All right, so what am I gonna wear today? This is kind of like my athleisure drawer, I think I’m gonna wear
this set from Target, which if you guys missed my
workout outfits from Target try on video, I’ll link that down below, and then I think because
it’s a little chilly I’m either gonna add this
long sleeve white shirt, or potentially a sweatshirt over it. So let’s transform here real quick. (upbeat music) Next up, and is actually my favorite part of our morning routine, we
do this every single day. We do a little walk. We do a little walk. Let’s go! Me too girlfriend, me too. (upbeat music) – [Drew] Hey, get out of their grass! – Those are rich people
Layla, you can’t do that. (upbeat music) All right, just got home,
thoroughly washed our hands, now I’m sanitizing this
camera because you never know. We were outside. So next I’m gonna do some house work. That always makes me feel really good and like I’m on top of my self
care game for some reason. I don’t know why, but doing
laundry and my dishes, and making sure I’m on
top of that type of stuff, honestly is like a form
of self care to me, it’s kind of funny. So I’m going to start my
laundry, do some dishes, maybe organize some things in my house, that’s just how I personally feel better, and it gives me a task to do for the day, even though on a normal day
I’d be filming or editing, today’s sort of like my day
off, but I still wanna make sure that I’m not just laying in
bed all day reading the news, feeling really anxious, depressed. So obviously the first
half of the day for me, as you’ve noticed, is really my time that I set boundaries and
stay away from social media and the news and you can’t
stay on top of everything 24/7, you have to give yourself
a little bit of a break, so that’s sort of what I’ve been doing. So yeah, we’re gonna do some chores. Who knew that chores would
make you feel better, but they kinda do. They make you feel hella
productive, I won’t lie. (upbeat music) ♪ Huh ♪ – Excuse the sound of the dishwasher, but now I’m going to make a smoothie because smoothies just
make me feel really good. I like getting fresh fruits and vegetables in if I can help it. So that’s what I’m gonna do today, I’m just gonna make a smoothie
with what I have on hand, which to be honest, isn’t much, but I did freeze up some
strawberries and a banana, and I do have some fresh kale. You obviously don’t
have to make a smoothie to practice self care, but for me, sometimes giving myself food
that makes me feel really good kind of is a form of self care in a way. (upbeat music) And while I’m at it, I’m gonna throw in one of these Emergen-C packets because they’re probably a placebo. It says immune support. I ain’t mad at that. Plus a little extra vitamins can never be a bad thing, right? (upbeat music) Next on the agenda is sprucing up my filming corner a little bit because it’s lookin’ a
little sad at the moment. I wanna hang up a couple things and I feel like there’s
something to be said for freshening up your
space when you’re in a funk. I know when I was younger
I used to rearrange my room when I was grounded or something, I would kind of change where my bed was. Even just something as simple
as washing your sheets, getting into a freaking
bed of clean sheets, which I’m actually gonna be
washing my sheets tomorrow, but tonight I’ll be self
tanning as you’ll see, so it’s like there’s no point. But just something about
freshening up your space, rearranging something,
changing out your comforter, your couch pillows, whatever,
just really helps a lot. I’m gonna hang up some of my
hats, Drew’s here to help me. I’ve enlisted the help. – I have a hammer.
– Awe, look it, he’s so cute! (upbeat music) – [Man] Start your computations. (upbeat music) – Thank you!
– You’re welcome. (upbeat music) – All right, so next on the list, I’m gonna move my body a little bit ’cause that’s just something that’s gonna make me feel good. In Las Angeles right now all
gyms are currently closed which I think is very smart. So we’re just gonna find
a random video on YouTube. I believe this one is
called PopSugar Fitness, I think that’s what
the channel was called, and we just picked a
random one and I asked Drew if he wanted to do it with
me, and he said, “Heck yeah,” so we’re gonna do it. (upbeat music) ♪ Huh ♪ ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ – Also, during this time,
we’re already sweating, make sure you’re drinking lots of water, it’s really good for your
immune system to drink water. So even if you’re not working out, definitely just drink water. (upbeat music) – [Man] I think we’re getting
into a weird area here. – Yeah! (upbeat music) – [Instructor] We’re not trying to wake up the neighbors or the kids, (beep) our neighbors.
– Yo. (upbeat music) You sweaty, am I? – Yeah, you glistening. You’re glowing. – We did it! So while we’re waiting
to cool down a bit more, we are gonna make some lunch. We’re gonna do a classic
Panera special up in here. We’re gonna do a salad and some soup. We actually made this soup
from scratch yesterday. It is so freaking good! (upbeat music) His soup and salad, he has
crispy onions and cilantro with the cilantro ranch or something. And mine is crispy onions with
southwest ranch, baby, woo! – [Narrator] Two hours later. – We ate our lunch and then
we both sat on the couch for about the last hour
and a half to two hours just looking at TikToks on my phone, and honestly that was much needed, I feel like it just made me laugh, it was definitely something
that I needed to lift my spirits because social media can
just feel so freakin’ scary! Just being on your
phone can feel so scary. It’s pouring rain right now. So I’m really excited to
be taking a nice bath. I love a spa bath. I’m gonna put in a good little
bubble bar or a bath bomb and just relax, light some
candles, listen to some music, and sit in the hot bath
because it is so cold outside, well so cold for California. (upbeat music) (rain tapping) (upbeat music) It’s actually much, much later. So Drew and I just had some
time, we made dinner, we talked, we’re just making sure to
check in with each other throughout this and just
see how we’re doing, share how we’re feeling,
and just like it’s important for me to take time away from social media on certain parts of the
day, I also just felt like I needed to take time away from this video and just have some to myself. So I’m gonna begin my night time routine. I already brushed my teeth, flossed, ’cause you know I had some
kale for dinner, girl, and that was all up in my teeth. (upbeat music) ♪ Huh ♪ – Now I am going to be doing some self tan ’cause that just always
makes me feel good. I’m gonna be filming videos tomorrow and it just makes me feel refreshed and nice and bronzy and glowy,
so I’m gonna put that on and then do my nails, and
we’re callin’ it a night ’cause girl, I am tired. ♪ Huh ♪ – All right guys, that’s it,
that’s gonna do it for me. Got my nails done, I’m feelin’ fresh, got my tan on, that’s
gonna cook overnight. I’m feeling very pampered, very happy, and today has been really
great and much needed. I highly encourage all of
you to do the same thing and I mean, unless you absolutely
have to, please stay home. But yeah, all that to say,
I’ve had a really nice day lathering on the self care,
it’s been really nice for me, and I just wanna say to any
of you that are watching this that are also dealing
with feelings of anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, feeling
numb, feeling all the feelings, I am with you and I love you. I’m sending you all of the
love, all of the healthy vibes, all of the calmness your way,
I hope that you’re taking care of yourself first and foremost. If you guys would be interested in seeing more videos like this,
definitely let me know. This is a huge departure of
I guess what I usually do on my main channel, but with
the way things have been going, I just had to keep it real. So I hope you guys enjoyed
it, I love you so much, and I will see you in the next video, bye! (upbeat music) ♪ Yeah ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ ♪ Be with me ♪

100 thoughts on “well…things sure have changed huh?

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    I work in care so I couldn't if I wanted to. I got an email from work saying "even if you have cold like symptoms please quarentine yourself" but the end of the email "please be smart and don't quarentine yourself over cold like symptoms as your clients still need to be cared for"

    Our NHS is maxed out, they are taking help were they can adverts popping up (which is good for the people who are now out of work and have no way to pay) the shops are doing the same because they need the staff to help the swarms, care agencies and care homes are looking for bank staff incase there carers are sick or can't come in cause they've shut the schools and thyy have no childcare.

    Self isolation is smart I agree but for many it's not possible.

    We got told to quarentine for 12 weeks if we have asthma. I have asthma I don't have the funds to stay at home. I couldn't stay at home knowing there's people I can help.

    There's volunteers for the old and vulnerable who are stuck.

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