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Water Only Exfoliating Tutorial. How to exfoliate with just water| I wash my face with only water

Hi guys thank you for tuning into to another episode of no makeup conversations. My name is Trelana and if this is your first time welcome to my channel if you are a returning subscriber hey welcome back all right so I’m going to
show you how to exfoliate your skin with only water now in the beginning of doing
the water only washing routine there’s gonna be a lot of buildup in this in the
first couple of weeks first month I want to say like the first
yeah about first month first three weeks you’re gonna have a lot of like buildup
on your face and that’s just because your skin is detoxing and it’s getting kind
of used to not using products but just to throw this out key of advice if
you’re starting this routine I would definitely recommend that you deep
cleanse your face with soap before starting this routine you want to make
sure that you’re starting your routine your water washing only routine
with a clean surface so use either black soap or you can use dr. bronners you can
use whatever soap that you currently have because you don’t want to go buy a new
soap just to do this when you’re the whole goal is not to use soap or cleanser
any more in the future so whatever you have I used black soap and I also had dr.
Bronner soap those are all natural soaps so that’s why I’m pointing them out to
you all but whatever you have as long as it can go on your face if it’s meant
for your face then use that to make sure that your deep cleansing your skin and
if you need to do like us if you need to steam your skin to open up your pores
and then apply the soap so that you can get rid of any gunk or any old products
or makeup that’s behind in your pores do that okay so in the beginning of doing
the water only washing routine for the first month or so you are going to deal
with a lot of buildup so I exfoliated probably like every other day but this
is not like a harsh exfoliation like it’s not like using the scrub or
anything like that this is literally just with water so you can either use
your fingernails I use my fingernails 99.9 percent of the time or you can use
a rag but you want the right to be clean like a clean rag one that you just
bought or one that was just washed and once you use this for this you want to
toss it in the dirty clothes you do not want to use this rag again
also you can use paper towels now I think I ran out of paper towels I do not
have paper towels at the moment so I have been air drying when I do my
routine which air drying is the best drying solution and then I keep
forgetting to let ya’ll know that in my videos air drying is the best
solution when doing this routine I just sometimes don’t have time I know a lot
of people won’t have time to air dry so then I’ll go to paper towels but you
will not see me using the rags or drying my face wash my face or anything like
that okay so I’m going to show you all what
you need to do when you’re doing this routine so first you want to make sure
that your hands are clean I have already washed my hands before pressing that
record button on this video so when you’re doing this if you want that I
have nails so I have a little bit of nails so yeah you want your nails to be
you need a little bit of length so what you’re gonna do is so all you’re gonna do is
take your fingernails and you’re gonna go with circular motions like this okay
you see that’s all you’re doing and you’ll even notice now I don’t because I
don’t have a lot of buildup on my skin because my skin has adjusted to this
routine so I’m not having to exfoliate as much but you will notice there will be a
lot of dirt like dirt like a grayish color because you really don’t have
anything on your face so it’ll be like dirt inside your nails if you don’t want
to use that do that routine then you can take a rag you don’t even have to wet the entire rag now I’m not putting this rag on my face ya’ll know I don’t play about these rags but you can take the rag and you
can do this like put your hand in the rag like this and then you can just go
in circular motions all around your face you don’t want to be too rough
especially with the rag because it can really be you know a little bit
irritating to the skin and then with the paper towel you would do the exact same thing you would not wet the entire paper towel you
just wet a little bit take your finger take your hand put it in between all you
can however out whatever however is comfortable for you to hold a paper
towel or a rag and you just go in circular motions now if you’re going to use a
paper towel make sure that your paper towel is one that has ridges you don’t
want like a smooth surface paper towel because then you’re not going to be able
to really exfoliate with a smooth surface when exfoliating you need
something that’s like kind of like not sharp but has texture to be able to
really get in there and you know be able to get get in there to pull out all of
that dirt and a smooth surface even when there’s really no smooth surface wash
cloths but you want to make sure that you have a wash cloth or paper towel
that has ridges and it’s so that you can really
get in there so now when you’re doing this do this as much as you find as much
as you see fit me I think I was doing with my nails every other day because it
seemed like my skin was just every time I turn around it was just so much
build-up just dirt so I did this for every other day for about three for
about a month and then I barely had to exfoliate I probably exfoliate now like most of the time like after a break out so if I
break out then I’ll exfoliate after that break out has healed I don’t break out
as much as you all can see my skin is looking pretty pretty good I do have
some dark marks from if you watched my video where I broke out doing my last
menstrual cycle I have not gotten any new well hold on a little bumb right there acne spot right
there I did start using biotin I know I said
that I wasn’t if you all saw my hair video the last hair video I made I did start
using 1000 mcg biotin three days ago so I’m wondering if that’s why I have this
little bump I’m not pressed about it I am trying to
I’m only using 1000 mcg because I want to see how it’s going to affect my skin
so like I said I’m not really pressed about this little acne spot that I have
right here it’s not that big of a deal to me it’s small I’m not tripping about it
but so I think that’s probably why I have broken out right there so I’m
trying to find a balance because I do want to see I’m trying to get my hair to
grow I’m just trying to get my hair to grow so I’d probably exfoliate now like maybe
once every two and a half weeks if that I just exfoliate if I find it necessary
I’m looking at my skin and it looks dull if I if I feel like I have like dark
spots under my eyes or and my skin just looks like it needs to be refreshed then
I will exfoliate but in the beginning you will need to exfoliate pretty often
um I get I’ve gotten a lot of questions from people that have asked about the build-up and that is totally normal especially when starting
this regimen it is very very very normal I really hope that this video was
helpful for you guys it’s really simple I mean it’s not so much
that I can show you all oh I’m gonna repeat what you can do you use your
fingertips fingernails a washcloth clean clean not one that you just used
to wash your butt or to wash your face you want a brand new clean towel and
also a paper towels those are the three things that you can use for this
exfoliating routine okay guys so I will see you all in the next video I hope
that you all have a blessed wonderful week remember that you are fearfully and
wonderfully made and do not allow your journey to make you feel discouraged
just embrace it you know my skin it isn’t that it’s not perfect but it is
nothing like it used to be I break out not nearly as much as I used to so I’m
very very happy with my progress and just give just be patient and speak life
into yourself on this journey and this is bigger than you know breakups this is
bigger than acne this is just getting to a place of calm self comfortability
where you love yourself and you accept yourself away where ever physical state
whatever emotional state you are currently in so I will talk to you all
in the next video and remember that you are fearfully and
wonderfully made you all be blessed

6 thoughts on “Water Only Exfoliating Tutorial. How to exfoliate with just water| I wash my face with only water

  1. Hey! I love your youtube channel! I have one question. I have a lot of clogged pores on my cheeks and I wonder if you have any tips to remove theme natural ? because I don't want to use products. (Sorry if my english is bad)

  2. Hey love so i was gonna ask you about exfoliating with active acne spots? I wasn’t sure if you go around it or actually exfoliate the active pimple?

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