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Vanessa Ursula Makeup Tutorial – The Little Mermaid

But now it’s time for me to look like you, a human * Suspense music * *Thunder* *Cackle* For those of you who don’t use magic, this is how to transform into my human side, Vanessa using makeup. I’m wearing ‘new adult violet purple lenses’ by Pinky Paradise As purple is so my color Start off by covering your eyebrows followed by L’Oreal infallible total cover foundation mixing shades porcelain and golden sand Then, sweetcakes Draw on your crease using brown eyeliner. I’m starting at the tear duct and drawing a gentle angle going above my natural crease Then more rounded. Blend the outer edge then fill in using MAC Chromaline in ‘Pure White’ Add nude eyeshadow over the top and above the crease. I’m using a light brown eyeshadow above the crease as my transition color Apply with a patting motion to not smudge your covered eyebrows Then a darker brown Use black gel eyeliner like Bobbi Brown in black ink Start with a very thin line on the inner corner and build it thicker and thicker winging it out at the corner Also adding a touch of brown on the edge of the new crease I’m using Mac ‘pure white’ kohl liner on the waterline And also on the outer and inner corner, followed by Inglot gel eyeliner in dark brown below it Add some brown eyeshadow underneath To stop looking too sweet I’m bringing some of my evil personality into the look by arching my eyebrows quite high up using the brown gel liner again Then using it to define my crease and drawing some lower lashes Apply mascara I’m using the same lashes as I did in my ursula tutorial, Inglot in 60F and 13s cut in half using the outer corners only on the edge of the other lashes Then highlight those cheekbones using Bobbi Brown Foundation stick in alabaster And contouring using ScreenFace face creams foundation powder I’m accentuating the shadows using Kevin Aucoin sculpting powder in medium I’m bringing some of the glistening sea to this look by using Inglot pigment highlighter Draw a heart-shaped lip. I searched high and low to find the perfect lip shade and it ended up being the Mac lip pencil in Royally Flushed Followed by Mac liptensity lipstick in claretcast. I enjoy this human look but I do miss my tentacles *Mystical music*

24 thoughts on “Vanessa Ursula Makeup Tutorial – The Little Mermaid

  1. Wow!! Your interpretation of Vanessa was so beautiful! 😍 And I love how you make your videos so fun to watch as well🤩❤️

  2. In Descendants 2, Uma, Ursula's daughter, imitates her mother by casting a love spell on the protagonist's love interest for her evil plans. Ursula transforms into Vanessa and uses Ariel's voice to hypnotize Eric; while Uma uses Mal's spell book to enchant Ben.

  3. Fun Fact: "Vanessa" is a type of butterfly, which was one of the ingredients Ursula used to turn herself into Vanessa.

  4. Rewatching this, and I must say I love that you humanize the Disney Characters. It’s like a dream come true to see them live 😍❤️

  5. In the original fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen, The Sea Witch (Ursula) and The Temple Princess (Vanessa) are two separate characters.

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