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22 thoughts on “Urban Decay Makeup Foundation Tutorial | All Vegan Routine

  1. I used to always put a bit of bronzer on the end of my nose, but then I started doing highlighter instead. I may go back to trying that again!

  2. I love your nail color! Also I've never heard a pimple described as prolific. ha haa That's awesome. I was wondering if I should try this foundation. I have normal/sensitive skin with mild rosacea. It's funny because for about the last two years I've been putting my blush higher (like where the sun would hit me) and across the bridge of my nose. With my German nose I wouldn't put it on the tip though. The foundation plus the powder foundation looks really good on you.

  3. The Stay Naked Foundation is my daily foundation, but I have oily skin and I use a sponge. I wonder how it will look on you. It works great for me, looks smooth, natural, lasts all day looking fresh, feels like I have nothing on (which is awesome) etc. I like it very much

  4. I was looking at that Urban Decay powder foundation last time I went shopping, and I ALMOST bought it. Instead I got two of the Stay Naked Concealers to go with My Stay Naked foundation. I love UD, their style just always gets me, but if I was going to buy that powder foundation, id pick two shades which means id be spending around $90 dollars after tax. I have to skip. Gorgeous, but that luxury price.. no no. I bite the bullet for foundation, but not for powders right now. Im on a low buy.

  5. I love that blush/highlight combo on you! I’m a big fan of putting blush on my nose, I feel like it just helps bring some color back to my face after foundation/concealer ☺️

  6. Believe it or not, I don't have any UD foundations in my current stash, and I think that it is time for me to try one!

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