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Urban Body Laser – Facial Hair Removal For Men & Skin Rejuvenation Call (604) 696-5506

[Music]Excess facial hair can leave youfeeling anything less than your best.Shaving is time-consuming. It can lead toirritation and dry skin, not to mentionthe results are short lasting. Our laserhair removal systems go to the source topermanently remove hair. Our lasers andlight treatments work by targeting and zapping the hair follicle all the waydown in the root. The follicle is heatedup and stops growing. The systems arefast and accurate enough to not damagesurrounding tissue. We have fourdifferent lasers and lake systems, so nomatter your ethnicity, hair density, orskin type, we have a solution for you.Sessions typically take less than 30minutes and require no downtime. Withlaser hair removal you can choose alifetime of smooth and soft skin. Bookyour Free consult with our skin expertsand get started today![Music]

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