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100 thoughts on “Unbroken (8/10) Movie CLIP – Punch Him in the Face (2014) HD

  1. The Japanese treated prisoners way worse than what this movie depicts. The concept of death march came from the imperial Japanese army.

  2. I would say that Japan’s involvement in World War 2 was one of their greatest acts of dishonor. I do not believe that even their ancestors would condone this. Then again, in war, both sides would have committed cowardly acts.

  3. Stupidest scene ever, nobody on this planet especially a tiny skinny dude like him would be standing after even a few punches , all the bones in his face would be broken, teeth smashed , nose smashed, eye balls popped out of his head, brain damage but later in the moment he managed to look fresher than before he took a beaten from 50 dudes. If i hit that gut 50 times he'd be dead dead dead.

  4. I never understood the hatred my grandfather carried for years concerning Japanese soilders….
    This movie gives me a slight glimpse….
    Just freaking brutal…

  5. I never saw this movie but is it based on real events, like ik the Japanese had prisoners but are these characters real

  6. Bunch of idiots dont know your history, in real life Americans were totured, burned alive, and worse so you could have your freedom, even if its hollywood just remember that.

  7. He would’ve been dead. All of that punching is worth a bunch of punches that if a single person just kept in punching non stop. He would die from concussion.

  8. Prisoner: "Alright. This is fine. After the first punch it won't be so bad."

    Saitama: "Don't worry it will be quick."


  9. WWII was one of the saddest moment in history! Historians knew, when Japanese invaded Korea, they were given a choice… fight with them or else! So most Koreans fought with the Japanese. These were the abusive soldiers who abuse and rapes women. Today, the ones with money fled due to their fear of the north. Philippines has so many Koreans. They're rude… disrespectful… slobs… spits anywhere. They sits at bars and clubs with their feet on the couch. That's their characters. Opposite of the Japanese who's extremely respectful. Ask any old historians. That's the hidden and unknown truths to many!😔

  10. And people are shocked that we dropped a couple bombs on them.
    This is War and depending on who you're fighting can be ugly.

  11. I saw something similar to this when I was in county jail. An inmate in the pod next to mine wolf whistled at a female security officer and she made them all each hit him in the gut or else they would eat johnny sacks for a month.

  12. It's important to see history as it really was not as we would have liked it to be but also important to see the difference between our history and our present. The Japanese were ruthless during WWII, they were 100% in on destroying the US and others and they used violence as their main weapon, there was 0% chance that Japan was going to relent and negotiate, that's why the bombs were dropped and you can have your own feelings on those but if it wasn't for that big blow, I believe there would have been millions more dead and 2 countries destroyed. It's also very important to see the stark difference between Japan and it's people in WWII and Japan today. I would say they are 100% different now, they are a proud people but also very aware of their past and I'd say they are a society that has truly learned of their past mistakes, they haven't let their pride destroy their future but instead they have shown remorse since then and then some more. I have a great deal of respect for Japan today and am very glad that our two countries are allies that engage in peace rather than to destroy.

  13. the Japanese were very bad !!!
    and the Americans were the good guys …
    what every Hollywood movie is trying to propagandize for you

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