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Top7 Innisfree Skincare Products | Korean Man Reviewing Skincare

what up guys welcome back to my channel
today I’m going to review top 7 innisfree skincare products. So innisfree is one of
the biggest cosmetic companies in Korea and to be completely honest with you
guys there has been a lot of newly launched skincare brands in Korea, so
people don’t use innisfree products as much as before.. I mean because there
are just so many selections you know? But still
Innisfree is a lot of people’s goto skincare brand. Their products are so
gentle and super goal-oriented and I believe that the skincare products in
this video really helped me keep my skin safe and clean even though I have
breakouts on my skin right now yeah they are not because of the skincare
products I use but you know the alcohol you know? So anyways I’m going to
introduce to you guys my top 7 Innisfree skincare products. Then let’s get right
down to it. so I’m going to start with this blueberry rebalancing lotion. if
you take a look at this Korean parts then this pH ~ means, it’s gonna
help you control the pH level of your skin and this is sooboon~ means it
can hydrate your skin. so Innisfree says that this lotion is containing blueberry
extract which is an antioxidant so this lotion can comfort and hydrate your
skin but when I took a look at the ingredients list it doesn’t seem like
this is containing that much of blueberry extract, so i was like hmmm.. are
they exaggerating? but it turned out that there was no stretch! It really comforts
my skin and super good to hydrate my skin. So this is super nourishing and
if you have dry type skin, then i highly recommend you use this lotion but as an
oily type skin, sometimes this lotion makes my skin too greasy, So I might not use this lotion in summer but Seoul is super dry right now the
air is super harsh..So I really like to hydrate my skin with this lotion at
nighttime and follow up with occlusive moisturizers then I can keep my skin
hydrated and moisturized overnight. So yeah this is super nourishing and so
hydrating. I could keep my skin safe and not that dehydrated by using this lotion
when I was in LA yeah I remember the dry and harsh air there lol. And next is this
capsule recipe pack. So here’s the thing, I really like to use sheetmasks
from Innisfree too, but my favorite mask from innisfree is this capsule recipe
pack because, you know, sometimes sheetmasks just don’t work properly for my
skin you know? like sometimes they dry out so fast and sometimes the essences in those
sheetmasks are just too watery and it feels like they don’t do nothing on my
skin. But I always can see that this capsule recipe pack works
super well for my skin. So there’s this wash off type and the other one is
the capsule pack that you can use as sleeping pack, So when I use this wash off pack, I
just apply toner on my skin first of all and jump right into this capsule recipe pack. And I wash off my face after like five six minutes then I can see
that my skin looks super healthier and this capture pack really hydrate my skin.
one thing kind of a shame is that this capsule recipe pack is in this plastic capsule
so it might seem like a little waste of plastics, but I use a capture for two
times so I really don’t find this capsule recipe pack that wasteful.. you know?
So this canola oil one was my favorite recipe pack of Innisfree but
unfortunately it’s not available anymore they just stopped making this canola oil
one, but still there are diverse kind of recipe packs for each skin problem, so
just check it out there must be some recipes for you. and the third product is
this Innisfree the minimum moist cream for sensitive skin. So I first bought
this cream as my eye cream because before then I hadn’t used eye cream
products because you know they’re just so expensive
and I didn’t get the idea why I need to apply eye creams on my skin. But after I
started using this sheet masks I realized that I need to apply eye creams
especially when I’m gonna do sheet must because usual sheetmasks just don’t cover my skin parts around my eyes. So I looked up some cheap cream products that
I can use as an eye cream and my friends highly recommended me this the minimum moist cream. But actually it was super cheap so it was kind of suspicious
because usually good creams are super expensive..lol but I tried this cream and I
fell in love with this cream because first of all it is a super cheap you know it was
only about five six USD in Korea and also it didn’t purge my skin if you
have sensitive skin it’s so important finding a skincare product that doesn’t purge your skin right? Because for us sensitive folks. it’ss so hard to restore the skin
back right? And a lot of skincare products purge my skin but it didn’t purge my skin
as the name suggests right? for sensitive type skin right? My eyes hurt. I usually
wear contact lens when I film videos, so when I woke up this morning my eyes were super dry so i was like like should I not film video today but I am filming this
video right now because I was kind of lazy this past two three days..Oh by
the way I cut my hair. The front hair is still long, but I cut the side part
and this back part here because not a lot of people watched the Korean hairstyle
video so i’m like people might not want me to do that kind of hair? so my
hair is kind of.. vague now because it’s not that short so I can’t up do my hair
and it’s not that long so I can’t like I can’t design my hair yet but still I’m
on the way getting longer. So getting back on the track, the next product is
the minimum toner for sensitive skin. The minimum line again right? So there are a
lot of reasons why I love this this toner because, first of all, this is the spraying type so when I use this toner I don’t need to use my hands or cotton pads. Meaning that
I can use this toner so cleanly you know? my hands and cotton pads are not perfect
and using less gadgets is better for our skin right? And second of all it contains
only five ingredients. I have the list here um the water glycerin propanediol, 1 2 hexanediol, madecasoside. Actually, I believe that madecasoside isn’t gonna be contained in this product that much and I also think that
they didn’t need to put that ingredient in this toner, but stilll it
contains only five ingredients so that doesn’t matter. it is the minimum toner
and it’s containing only five ingredients and that’s the most luring
part of this toner. And I told you guys that innisfree products are super goal
oriented right? see super goal-oriented The minimum toner for sensitive skin.
Putting only five ingredients must be super experimental but it turned out
that that was a great idea because it’s super worth it. yeah I really love this
toner.. WOWTHAT YEAH was super weird.lol Anyways, i really love this toner and
sometimes I use this toner as the mist because you know this is the spray type
and actually it works as a mist pretty well too because you know sometimes some
mist products never hydrate your skin this is better than them. Anyways so this
minimum toner and this minimum moist cream both don’t have preservatives
that much so you need to finish both products within three months after you
start using both products and that’s why both products are so small. so if you
guys wanna try the minimum line of Innisfree, then keep that in your mind
hopefully. And next is this natural oil control paper. If you have oily type skin, then I guess you might have tried at least either
one of oil control paper or oil blotting fill right? And I highly
recommend you use this oil control paper from Innisfree Because sometimes
oil control film can take away the moisture on your skin also while you’re
blotting the sebum on your skin. But it never takes away the moisture on my skin
and also it leaves the perfect amount of sebum on my skin and it doesn’t seem like
I tried too hard to make a clean face by using oil control films. so when I use
this oil control paper then my skin looks super natural yet super clean. And
there’s one more reason why I love this oil control paper. I use chemical
sunscreen and if you use chemical sunscreens then you have to apply
chemical sunscreen 2~3 more times a day because chemical
sunscreen lasts only for like three four hours. So before I apply sunscreen on my skin again, I like to clean my skin with this oil control paper. Then the sunscreen
just fits my skin better and my skin looks just so healthy and super natural.
so yeah I highly recommend you use this oil control paper and the next product
are these green tea seed serum and this jeju orchid lotion. But I already
reviewed both products in my previous videos so I’m not going to talk about
these in this video but still these both deserve to be in this video.
So those were my top 7 seven Innisfree skincare products and yeah that’s all
and don’t forget to give me thumbs up and click subscribe button and annyeong~ so I was editing this video right now and I
look super natural right? But I needed to film this right now because I don’t know
I feel like I got lost? I mean I started my youtube channel as a hobby so it’s
okay if I can not earn any money by YouTube at all in my like, in my life. But still
um the point of the YouTube is.. it’s all about communicating with subscribers
right? And I really enjoyed filming videos about skincare products and
review things about skincare but I feel like I might not be able to reach to
more people by doing this YouTube channel just like this you know? just like
reviewing things about skincare. Not that many people are watching my videos and
that makes me feel like am I not attractive enough? or like is the information in
my videos not that good? even though they might not be true but I’m just like what
if there’s a better way to reach to more people with using this much of effort that
I can put in my videos on this channel. So I just want to have time to think about like what to film later. if I’m able to come up with a great idea that I can film about in like
two three days then of course I will upload that video, So it can be like just next week even though I am talking these things to you guys right now. it’s not
about you guys. I’m so glad I have some subscribers who support my channel and

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  1. CC is available and See u guys in my next video! 🙂 자막 꼭 켜서 봐주시고, 다음 비디오에서 봬요~ㅎㅎ

  2. Sometimes old is gold! I really love the green tea seed serum, I bought it after watching your review 🙂

    Anyways, all the best for you Ryan. I'm sorry that I cannot really contribute on content ideas, but it's totally ok to have such concern. Rooting for you ✊

  3. You're one of my favorites and I'm so thankful for the tips you share. I know it's a lot of work, but want you to know we really appreciate it ♡

  4. Ryan, keep posting content regularly if you can. You are so likable it's rare. And, your content is excellent! I am going to tell my subs about you now! My channel isn't huge, but hopefully it helps a little. 🙂 I hope they'll stop by and watch and subscribe. I love every video I've seen of yours.

  5. Another really great video, with a great a amount of personal experience on the product but also talking about formulation ❤
    Just as an idea, what I personally most like about your videos (and what made me hit suscribe) is the information and the tone that you use for speak (like 'soft spoken' that is really on fashion for the YouTube's asmr community!)

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