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Time to Focus on Your Neck This New Year!

(audience applauds) – Well, it’s a new year, and
another chance to be our best, and for our next guest,
their New Year’s resolution was about their next. (upbeat music)
– I’m Veda. I’m a single mother of a teenage daughter, and this year, I plan
to focus more on dating. But first, I need to
look and feel my best. I recently became vegan,
and I work out often, but the skin around my
neck is not in shape. It seems to get looser by the year. I want to get that firmness back, and stop wearing turtlenecks and scarves. Please help me. – My name is Cynthia. I love my skin with one small exception, and that is my saggy neck. I especially dislike the way it looks in pictures and videos. It just makes me feel old. I’ve tried using expensive products, covering up with scarves,
and I’m a needle-phobe, so surgery is not a good option for me. But this year, I’m
determined to find a solution that actually works for me. – Dermatologist Doctor Tess Mauricio paid Veda and Cynthia a
visit to help them find a way to accomplish their New Year’s resolution. Take a look. – Hi, ladies. – Hi.
– Hi. – As you’d expect, I’m
all things skin-obsessed, and I love the fact that
you are both so determined to get your skin, particularly your necks, in its best shape possible, and that’s a reason to celebrate. Can I just ask how old you both are. – I am 52. – And I’m 59. – Well what you’re
experiencing is actually normal for women over 40. We all lose fat, muscle, and
bone under the skin as we age, and that can cause face and
neck tissue to loose structure, and stretch out of shape. – I heard there are exercises I could try to tighten my neck. Would those help? – You can do the neck exercises but you may not get the
results that you want because our sin’s production
of collagen and elastin declines with age, and both of
those help provide structure for the skin for a tighter neck. – So this is inevitable? – Yes, to a certain extent. We all age our own ways,
because our genetic make-up plays a role, but lifestyle
choices factor in as well, so I have three dos and don’ts that I always share with my patients. Don’t smoke, don’t tan,
and don’t consume a lot of unhealthy fats and processed carbs, because these can
contribute to sagging skin. – What are the dos? – Do moisturize, do apply a sunscreen every time you go
outside, and do eat a diet that is high in antioxidants, because this can help maintain
skin’s overall health, and most importantly, its elasticity. – Well there’s so many products out there, is there one you’d recommend above all? – There is, and I’m so
happy that you asked, because I don’t want you to
be self-conscious anymore, and Veda, I really, really want you to go out there and date with confidence. So I’ve partnered with
a beauty brand, No7, and I really like their No7 Laboratories firming booster serum. As a dermatologist, I really
need to trust the products that I recommend, and so
I look for ingredients that specifically target
creepiness and sagging skin, and this contains hyaluronic
acid for hydration, and No7’s patented Matrixyl
3000 Plus for firming, which will help both of you
with those tricky neck areas. Pick it up. So squeeze a little bit of the serum and then apply on your neck, and then move up and down slowly. – It feels really smooth,
almost like a mini massage. – I like the way it feels too. How long will it be until we
start to see an improvement? – Results can vary, but
in No7’s clinical trials, some participants reported
that their skin looked up to five years younger in just 12 weeks. So you can get No7 Laboratories’
firming booster serum from Walgreens, and
walgreens.com for under $42. Okay, just make sure
you apply it twice a day for best results, but
I’m gonna send you home with the serum to try. – Let’s toast to that. – Let’s do it.
– Thank you. (upbeat music) – All right.
(glasses clink) – To our new necks. – Well it looks like the
ladies had a good time with Doctor Mauricio, and I wanna send our own studio audience with this serum to try it as well.
(audience cheers) You’re gonna love it.

7 thoughts on “Time to Focus on Your Neck This New Year!

  1. This is such a infomercial. So basically you can try using a cream for 12 weeks or get over your needle phobia and get surgery done and see results in a faster time.

  2. This is a canned video. One would expect that from the No. 7 salesperson. However, the questions and responses of the two women are stilted and rehearsed.

  3. Ok….hyaluronic acid does help to improve the skin but please do some research if you have had breast cancer. It is contraindicated for those people….the way it changes a cell’s structure by softening it is not what you want for the cells in your breast because it will make the cells grow…which we don’t want when our breast have already been there, done that. I stopped taking it orally for arthritis pain and started taking Boswellia instead. And I no longer use creams that contain it either because it gets absorbed into the body through skin. Also….it seems the Doctors show recommends Number 7 products all the time. I imagine there are less expensive brands that contain similar ingredients if that’s the way you choose to go.

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