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The Ultimate Skincare Routine for GLOW (ft.Rose Quartz Beauty Roller) l Wishtrend Black Friday 2019

hello my wish trenders right now I am
that wishtrend today me and iris we’re gonna go
together oh it’s so cold these days in Korea so I’m like I still have my little
thing going on and I renew you remember our last we got you we missed you yes
you guys should have been missing me yeah I know I missed you did you see the
j-roller those oh my gosh yes and I also I was actually just watching this but
hahaha relaxing I massage there’s no funny guys it was cute the editing the
sheep and everything I like like like like like like a lot of people are
commenting like – when is the beauty roller gonna watch like when’s the
launch I was one of those people when is it gonna come out guys well I’m pretty
oh my gosh I want to hurry up and open it up yes yes so today we were going to
go tie yourself up and tell you guys everything about this okay
shall we go let’s do it let’s do it already
all right so you guys the rose quartz Beauty roller oh look at this beautiful
packaging here look at this beautiful color color we’re gonna do on a box bag
unboxing first time ever first time ever oh my gosh this looks so luxurious
response they do you want to check inside what’s in there is that money I
wish it was but it’s oh I love where it’s gonna meet this this is the one
that you actually even wipe off the ruler with this matching pink there’s a
little hearts here I love that detail heart attack this this is the main
character we’re just like expressing as I daily reminder guys positive beauty oh
this is so cute I want that in my vanity now yes before the launch of this beautiful rose
quartz Beauty roller we actually conducted a survey for a while right and
I remember and actually remember opal was the first but there were also you as
genders that were suggesting the idea that it was actually opal and it was
actually like all right so we just want to say thank you so much after we read
that comment we wanted to be hundred percent sure and we checked so it was
confirmed that it was not awful awful lights and we also found out that a lot
of the awful rollers out there in the market are mostly awful lights be
correct so to give you guys the beauty roller that you guys all desert week
yeah so after the survey this is how it came to be the rose quartz crystal got
the most votes and that is how this baby has launched and we got so many
suggestions so many questions during the survey
thank you thank you guys so much thank you for your feedbacks thank you for
your participation and that’s why we’ve been so busy these days because we’ve
been making a lot of content to eat yes to answer your questions for you guys so
many of you guys asked us what products create a synergy effect when match with
the Beauty roller yes exactly so that’s why we prepared two skincare routines
for you today and these two exclusive special
promotion is a me through Black Friday on so fundamental if you think of that
it’s like easy and just lie and like on the go but that’s true it’s simple and
easy but it does its job guys so you can hydrate and this is going to
fundamentally hydrate not just MooMoo hydrate but fundamentally moisturize and
hydrate with the essentials that your skin needs so that it’s going to give
you that natural glow so it’s so light and watery it’s so cool oh my gosh
this is giving yourself a mini spa oh so those of you guys who enjoy midnight
snacks and you get puffy in the morning you know what I you you know right I’m
not alone on this I look like Lambie oh yeah I have lot of it
we need this too deep Huff away the sodium yeah by sodium definitely and you
can do what iris is doing and do it on the V line but you can also do it on
your eyes too with a small partner with a smaller and especially this rose
quartz beauty Roller eights the absorption of the ample essence and eye
cream and you guys can get this for 35% of Black Friday so the next package is from I’m from as
you guys know it’s one of our favorites and a lot of our Westerners absolutely
love it too and every single product here right now in the package is loved
the best sellers but what you’re not caught so you have everything here
that’s gonna really help with a bit of saggy skin or if you’re looking for on
products that can help with the elasticity of your skin this is exactly
what you want to check out you have everything from a toner and essence and
a serum and an eye cream and let me not forget about the eye roller here so it’s
such a perfect combination for you guys if you’re looking for something to boost
up and make your skin more slops so as you know every one of the products
here of course I love but this is kind of you know definitely its yen launched
it’s about two to three months but I feel like it’s still new to a lot of
what hunters and if you like to think if you don’t like to think either I still
think you’re gonna really love this it has that oriental kind of Chinese
medicine oh yeah but it’s very very subtle it’s not strong and it just
smells amazing on your skin oh it smells good it is subtle yes and
it’s not too thick either so what you can do is
apply maybe four thoughts like that I have a little bit of makeup under my
eyes right now but what you know when you’re doing it and make sure that it’s
like moisturized you don’t want to do it on dry skin either and I’m gonna use the
little cute part the small part yeah then you want to make sure you lift baby
because I’m 34 I need some lifting going on you know so I need some help you know
so I love it’s packed with antioxidants it’s gonna help to lift it’s gonna
definitely help you to not wrinkle up I feel so good and as you’re doing it
naturally it kind of pushes in so it’s massaging that area just making
sure that it’s just get the blood circulation going up up you don’t want
to go down up don’t go down yeah and exactly and I’m speaking to Iris already
because you know you need to know for future reference and I’ll say it later
offering but no invention prevention is the key and you want to make sure that
you don’t go back and forth back and forth because when you’re coming down
you can make it go down so this is really bad
what you want to do is and for us – can we get some captions up
in here please guys these packages are very limited and
exclusive so hurry up get on your feet and get yours before Black Friday ends
yes yes definitely so thank you guys so much for tuning in it’s always fun to
film with IRS so you guys don’t forget to subscribe to Western TV and like this
video and we will see you guys next time

59 thoughts on “The Ultimate Skincare Routine for GLOW (ft.Rose Quartz Beauty Roller) l Wishtrend Black Friday 2019

  1. The Rose Quartz Beauty Roller we developed with you Wishtrenders is FINALLY OUT!

    We designed skincare routines that you can boost up with the Rose Quartz Beauty Roller, check the link down below!

    ┕ http://bit.ly/2Dg240M


    ┕ http://bit.ly/2XT0dsB


    ┕ http://bit.ly/2OfDvHG

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