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The Ultimate Anti-Pollution Skincare Routine for Healthy, Glowing Skin

So, I moved to Bombay 5 years ago from Dubai. And as excited as I was I didn’t realise
I needed to take extra care to manage my skin because of all the pollution around me. So I came up with a foolproof routine to pollution-proof
my skin and I’m here to share all my secrets with you So let’s go! Now, we all love some pampering and with everything
we put our skin through, it actually deserves it What I use an antioxidant rich face mask with
green tea, yogurt and honey. Green tea is an excellent detox for your body as well as your face Yogurt is deeply hydrating. Honey has excellent anti-aging properties and leaves
your skin with a healthy glow. So I keep this on for 15 minutes and what
I’m left with is silky smooth, selfie-ready skin! So, here’s the thing about your skin, as
much as you want it to behave, it is going to attract pollutants from the surroundings, and clog your pores. To put an end to the pollutant party happening
in your skin you have to cleanse your face at least twice a day with a good face wash that can fight
these pollutants. I’m currently loving the mCaffeine Naked
& Raw Coffee Face Wash. It really helps cleanse my pores and prevents acne. Its coffee extracts tone and tighten the skin
while hydrating seaweed moisturizes and helps fight wrinkles. Infused with purifying white waterlily extracts,
this facewash helps suck out all the nasty toxins that pollution leaves behind. You know how you instantly feel a 100% more
awesome after your morning cup of coffee? That’s how your skin feels after using this
face wash Now, to really flush out the filth, two to
three times a week, add a scrub to your cleansing routine. I love this scrub because it has one of my
favorite things – coffee! And coffee is an antioxidant so with regular
use it is going to leave your skin softer, smoother and keep you looking young for longer. Also, and it has another perk too! Working at Glamrs, means I’m always in and
out of makeup for shoots! Plus with weekends and occasions, my makeup
days really add up. And what I’ve found is that this scrub takes
off every last bit of product from my face, which is a huge blessing. The granules in this are made with all natural
ground walnut, unlike many scrubs that use plastic beads. Overall, my skin looks much clearer and feels
silky to touch. If you don’t apply sunscreen you will get
pigmentation. It’s literally as simple as that. Sunscreen is the main thing you need that’s
going to help take care of your skin. Now, I personally hate the white cast that
sunscreens can leave behind, so I like gel based sunscreens which get absorbed really
easily. So even when you reapply the sunscreen, it
doesn’t feel too heavy. And the thing to remember here is, it’s
not just your face, but your lips and neck as well that can become pigmented if you avoid
sunscreen altogether. So never neglect your body. You can be a sunflower all you want in the
mornings when your skin is maximising that vitamin D production. However, between 11 to 3, when the sunlight
is at its worst you’re probably better off taking cover. Thankfully, for us makeup lovers you can even
find sunscreen enriched makeup. Remember, SPF is your BFF. And your skin will thank you 20 years from now. Now, it’s no surprise that pollution, like
UV rays and cigarette smoke, can damage your skin. And antioxidants are the superheroes that
fight them off. I’ve been using vitamin C and retinol for
a while now. And it’s genuinely made a difference to
my skin. They can help neutralise the negative effects
of pollution and improve your skin. These guys are your skin’s absolute BFF. They reduce dark spots, shrink pores, reduce
wrinkles, fluffiness, puffiness, you name it, they do it! As great as they are though, since they happen
to be active ingredients as well as photosensitive, which means they do react with sunlight, so
it’s best to use them at night and slather on a generous amount of sunscreen in the morning. Trust me when I say this, in the long run
you’re going to be left with sexy movie star skin! Also, I don’t mean to sound like your mom
but you are what we eat, so might as well try to eat right. Remember to include fruits and vegetables
in your diet and drink plenty of water and that itself should take you along way. Nothing is easy in the city of dreams but
with a little thoughtfulness, some luck and diligence you can have a great life and even
better skin! And I really you’ll follow these easy steps
to pollution-proof your skin. And Until next time stay tuned and stay Glamrs.

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