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The Badger Whisperer – Face to Face with the American Badger!

– I’m Coyote Peterson. Now, we all know
that the honey badger doesn’t give a you know what, but let me tell you who does, his feisty cousin
the American badger. Get ready, it’s badger time. (dramatic music) Montana is famous for
its epic landscapes. From towering mountains
to vast prairies, there isn’t a
direction you can turn without a breath taking view. Today we are headed into
the back country of Bozeman to work with a resident
of the grasslands and a subterranean
power predator that has become famous
for its cranky attitude and resilience toward any foe foolish enough to
cross its path. And while this American
badger was born in captivity and raised by humans
to be an ambassador for her species, is used to
being in front of the cameras, she still sits proudly
atop her mammalian throne, and is going to command
a great deal of respect. That is the American badger. This is one of my
absolute favorites. Since childhood I have
wanted to be this close to a badger. I’ve only ever seen one
one other time in my life, running across a
freeway in Wyoming. And now here I am just
inches from that face. Now, this is one of the
members of the weasel family, related to skunks,
wolverines, otters, and of course
everybody’s favorite, the honey badger. In North America, this one
does give a you know what. And you can see, she’s
digging down there, she’s got a little meat snack that we hid for her in the dirt. And you would never wanna
get this close to a badger. And the only reason I’m
able to do this today is because Moxie here
has actually been
raised in captivity. And she’s used for
educational purposes and the promotion of
conservation of this species. However, just because she’s
used to being around people does not mean she’s lost
any of that wild instinct. She’s got claws
and she’s got teeth that prove she is one of
the most ferocious mammals here in North America. Now, one of the most
distinguishing features about the American badger are those famous claws. These Mustelids are
incredible diggers, and as you can see, Moxie has already broken
up a lot of this soil. See her digging down there. What they’ll do is sniff
around in the ground for grubs. They can sniff out prairie
dogs, ground squirrels, and they will just burrow down, dive into the dirt like this, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig. You wanna dig with me? She says, “No, you dig. “I’m not gonna dig.” Dig, dig, dig, dig, dig with me until she finds
that ground squirrel or that prairie dog, and then she’s got her meal. They may have named the
X-Men character Wolverine after this guy’s big cousin. The true claws in
the Mustelid family belong to the American badger. Woah, I hear you,
I hear you, Moxie. The badger is not
the fastest member of the weasel family, but I will tell you what, you do not need to be
quick when you have these defensive abilities. Let me see if I can
get Moxie to show us some of those classic feisty
badger antics of hers. Now, let’s say I’m a predator, like a coyote, and I come in, and I think, OK, I might
make a meal of this badger. Let me show you what she
will do. (badger hissing) That, right there. See that, hiss with the nose. She put her butt up in the air. They show you their claws, they show you the
teeth, and they hiss. And what you guys can’t smell is she’s releasing a musk, which is an odor
that all members of the weasel family have. And that basically says,
if I’m a predator, back up, I don’t smell good, I
probably don’t taste good. And if you think you’re
gonna get a bite on me, you’re gonna get a
face full of teeth. I have to be incredibly
careful here. Moxie is used to
working with humans, but you can obviously see she still shows me those
famous badger defensive traits. And I don’t want
her to launch me. If those sharp teeth get
a hold of my fingers, it’s gonna be a bad situation. It’s just so cool
being this close with a badger, getting to film literally
in the strike zone. Now, don’t bite
my finger though. I’m like right in her snout as she’s chomping away. That is such a cool shot. What an incredible experience being this close to
the American badger. Moxie truly is
queen of the claws. Do you guys know an animal that rivals the badger
when it comes to claw size? Tell me about it in the
comments section below. I’m Coyote Peterson. Be brave, stay wild, we’ll see you on
the next adventure. If you thought that
was one wild adventure, check out these other
animal encounters. And don’t forget, subscribe
to follow me and the crew on this season of
Breaking Trail. This episode of Breaking Trail was brought to you by the Buy Power Card
from Capital One. Every purchase brings you closer to a new Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, or Cadillac vehicle.

100 thoughts on “The Badger Whisperer – Face to Face with the American Badger!

  1. He Said This

    I Don't Smell Good,I Probably don't taste good,And You Think Your Going To Get A Bite On Me,your going to get a face full of teeth

    I Love That Part

  2. you know, when I read warrior cats, the Erin's made it sound like the honey badgers (idk which type I'm just assuming) were humongous muscle-y builds that rrr huuuuuuuuge. And I imagine to cats it would be like that thx to this video :3 love you Coyote.

  3. Just remember, this badger was raised raised by humans, DO NOT try to get that close to a badger in the wild. They will generally run away from you, however, if they feel cornered, they will attack and can guarantee you that you will be in bad shape. I grew up in Nebraska on a farm and encountered badgers on a regular basis.

  4. I don’t know an animal but I DO know a dinosaur that those claws are a toothpick to. Therizinosaurus

  5. That Joseph guys raises mink, those little animals are ferocious , he uses them in Minkery to catch rats and stuff for a living..

  6. Kyoty you need to attend a fur con and mingle with truely dangerous animals. I garentee you wont escape unscathed.

  7. My family accidentally trapped one of these in a humane trap. We thought we had a skunk living under the deck so we got a human trap from the city to remove it. When we checked the trap, it was DESTROYED! We didn't have a skunk under the deck, we'd had a badger and it exploded outta that trap and decided, "FTS, I'm OUT!" we were lucky it decided to move back to to the pastures on its own and we didn't have to confront an angry badger! XD

  8. some of my friends from texas visited iowa on a farm, they were found poking a badger with a stick that was inside the stump of a large tree, im not sure what they thought would come of that, but they def did not realize how bad that coulda gone before they were warned to NOT DO THAT!! lol

  9. kinda wanted to see one of em get a lil beating but then you would have to shoot the badger because it is not gonna stop

  10. Honey Badger: "Don'tcha know I don't give a Numba' Two?! GRR!"
    American Badger: "You seem okay. Just don't cross me, and I won't attack."

  11. basically American and honey badgers go after king cobras get bit go to sleep for 10 minutes then go hunt it back down there badasss

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