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The ANTI AGING secrets that guarantee results (+ skincare routine) | The Skin Press

do you want to know the secrets to
anti-aging if so then watch this video hey guys welcome back so I hope you’ve
enjoyed our video so far and if you’re new to this channel hi welcome to the
skin press my name is Marsha it is our mission to help you find skincare
products that really deliver in terms of results so be sure to check out our
latest videos and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button so in this video
I’m going to talk about ingredients that have been scientifically proven to delay
the signs of aging and I’m going to talk about products that I’ve used loved
and definitely recommend but before we go into products and ingredients let’s
talk about signs of aging that these skincare products are trying to tackle
the most common ones being wrinkles and changes in skin texture lack of firmness
and uneven pigments did you know that there are actually two kinds of aging
intrinsic and extrinsic aging intrinsic aging is your natural aging process that
occurs at both cellular and molecular level it is kind of the saying that
everything gets slower as we get older whereas extrinsic aging is caused by
outside factors the primary culprit being the Sun but there are also other
factors like pollution and lifestyle changes the appearance of our skin right
now is really the reflection of different stages of extrinsic aging
superimposed on intrinsic aging what happens to our skin as we age our skin
becomes thinner the epidermal layers and the dermal layers become thinner as well
as the epidermal dermal Junction which means that the epidermis is not
receiving as much vitamin and nutrients from the dermis as a result of that we
get wrinkles and there are changes in skin texture so when you notice that as
you grow older your skin gets a little crepey in texture that’s why it’s
because of the thinning of our skin secondly reduced fat content so there is
a global reduction in fat content in our skin by about 65% this means that your
skin barrier can also be affected with age number three is reduced number of
melanocytes now melanocytes are the cells that produce pigments in
our skin over time with less and less of those cells and as a result of that we
get uneven pigments as we grow older and finally decreased extracellular matrix
components now this includes collagen elastin laminin hyaluronic acid there’s
a lack of moisture and lack of elasticity in aging skin the intrinsic
aging gives us the appearance of fine wrinkles lack of firmness and uneven
pigments however it is those external factors mainly the UV rays that give us
those sets of deep wrinkles hyper pigmentation or age spots roughness
dryness and vascular damage but the best thing is that there are measures we can
take to minimize extrinsic aging all right so let’s start ingredients now the
most powerful antiaging ingredients believe it or not is your sunscreen as
doctor Zoe Draelous a very renowned dermatologist would say the sunscreen is
the most active anti-aging skincare ingredients so don’t forget to put on
your sunscreen my personal favorites are the elta MD sunscreen and Eve LOM daily
protection SPF 50 don’t worry these products will be listed down below next
up we have retinol which is the derivative of vitamin A I’m sure some of
you have heard of retinol before but in order for retinol to work in our skin it
needs to be converted first to retinaldehyde to height and then retinoic acid
retinoic acid is the active form that is going to do great things to your skin it
is deemed to be the gold standard in anti-aging skincare why because retinol
has been proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles in a lot of clinical studies
and how by increasing collagen synthesis and reducing the number of enzymes that
break collagen retinoids can also increase the ability of our skin to
retain water so it definitely helps with moisture it can also increase epidermal
cell turnover so it definitely helps with skin texture and hyperpigmentation
this is a clever way of boosting collagen production because we know that
applying collagen topically has problems with penetration so if you’re in to
aging skin care this is definitely the ingredient that you’re looking for there
are so many retinoids out there like retinol retinaldehyde retinoic acid
retinol palmitate and even the new generation ones like granactive
retinoids this can get quite complicated and overwhelming for consumers so if you want me to do a dedicated video on retinoids then leave a comment down
below if you decide to use retinol make sure to use it in the evening and don’t
forget to apply sunscreen during the day because retinol increases your
sensitivity to the Sun and if you’re pregnant
I wouldn’t recommend using this there are safer alternatives for pregnant
women out there so my favorite retinol products are the Paula’s choice 1%
retinol treatment and Medik8 crystal retinol six Medik8 crystal retinol 6
is retinaldehyde it’s not retinol so it is just one step below retinoic acid
whereas retinol is two steps below the retinoic acid the closer it is to
retinoic acid the more potent the ingredient would be at number three we
have glycolic acid now you might be thinking okay this is just a chemical
exfoliant but glycolic acid can do more than just exfoliation it can increase
elasticity and skin hydration by increasing collagen production and
hyaluronic acid in our skin there are also data showing that glycolic acid can
increase dermal thickness and it helps with sunspots but bare in mind these
studies usually use quite high concentrations of glycolic acid more
than 10% I think you can buy over-the-counter products with 10%
glycolic acid but I wouldn’t go higher than that without supervision because
the higher it is in concentration the more acidic it is therefore it can be
quite irritating for your skin if you don’t use it properly
my favorite picks for glycolic acid would be the ordinary 7% glycolic acid
toner if you prefer a toner form or if you prefer a more creamy formula I would
go for the skin ceuticals 10% glycolic acid at number 4 we have niacinamide
or vitamin b3 which is a potent antioxidant we know that it can
penetrate well into our skin unlike vitamin C I mean there is still
long-standing debate on the penetration of vitamin C in our skin it is one of
the most tolerated ingredients out there there are double-blind
placebo-controlled clinical studies out there showing that niacinamide as low as
2 to 5 percent improves skin barrier help with hyperpigmentation and reduce
redness especially if you have rosacea but with niacinamide it needs to be
formulated correctly it needs to fall within the pH range of 4 to 7 because
you don’t want the niacinamide to be converted into nicotinic acid which can
cause redness when applied topically my only recommendation for niacinamide
which be the ordinary 10% niacinamide plus one percent zinc that’s the only
product that I’ve loved and used daily last but not least is your moisturizer
and I think that it’s a very trivial product but it’s a very important
product in anti-aging skincare because you want to repair your skin barrier and
increase hydration and moisturizers are doing just that by the way have you ever
noticed that there are thousands and thousands of skincare products out there
but most of them about 80 percent of them fall into the moisturizers category
they would contain either humectants that serve to draw water to our skin or
occlusive to lock in moisture and emollients with occlusive properties or
probably a combination of them so in your skincare products you often find
glycerin sodium hyaluronate hyaluronic acid dimethicone petrolatum or mineral oil
even ceramides cholesterol squalene those are all moisturizing agents
peptides in skin care are also good moisturizing agents because they’re good
humectants they can draw water to your skin for moisturizer I personally like
the paula’s choice calm restoring moisturizer or the la roche posay ultra
cream just because these moisturizers contain humectants occlusive
and emollients so you’re pretty much covered finally for a simple but
effective anti-aging skin care routine I would cleanse my face with something
like dr. Dennis Gross all-in-one cleanser with toner just to balance my skin pH
then in the evening I’ll follow that up with retinol or glycolic acid I mean you
can use them both if you like however I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re just
starting out with anti-aging skin care just because if you’re using high
concentrations of retinol and glycolic acid there is always that risk of
irritation use them on alternating nights and finally I’ll follow that up
with a heavy moisturizer and during the day after cleansing my face I would
apply niacinamide followed by moisturizer and SPF as always so that’s
all for me today I hope you find this video useful please remember to patch
test all your skincare products before applying it all over your face just in
case of any contact allergies or skin sensitivity as always please like
subscribe and hit that notification bellow so you get the latest updates on
our videos and I’ll see you next time

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