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Testosterone Pain After Injection – GO SEE A DOCTOR?

Hello, and welcome to this video. My name is dr. Steven Devos, also known as the lifting dermatologist. Do you experience Testosterone Pain After Injection? In this video I will help you decide whether
you need to go see a doctor or not. Welcome to my channel,
I am Steven, the Lifting Dermatologist, a Belgian doctor with 30 years of weight lifting experience, and the author of “Flexibel Dieet en Krachttraining”. If you want to learn more about fitness and
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all this to optimize your life overall. And click the bell button to get notified. I also invite you to join my other youtube
channel TRT and Hormone Optimization. The Link you can find in the description of
this video. Being a dermatologist, an advanced lifter,
and experienced with Testosterone Replacement Therapy, I have made several videos on my
other channel “TRT and Hormone Optimization” about
How to reduce Post Injection Pain. You will find a link to that playlist under
this video. As a dermatologist I get asked very frequently
how to treat local skin reactions to injections, whether this concerns injecting testosterone
for a TRT protocol, vaccinations in babies and young children, or injecting biological
drugs for inflammatory diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, or psoriasis. One of the most common questions is: Do I
need to go see a doctor or not? First you have to realize that most reactions
to intramuscular or subcutaneous injections will be temporary, and will probably not cause
any serious problems. However, if any doubt, go find yourself a
medical doctor that can help you out. In this video I can only give general advise,
and without studying the skin up close, it is impossible to give any personalized advice. To answer the question whether you need to
go see a doctor or not, it is important to make a distinction between an infection and
purely inflammation. Signs of infection are -next to redness, swelling
and pain- systemic reactions like fever and/or the presence of pus at the injection site. This can be under the form of a pustule or
an abscess. In case of an infection, you need to go see
a doctor to get a prescription of local and/or systemic antibiotics. Some abscesses even need to be drained. If there is only inflammation, under the form
of redness, swelling, pain, and the feeling of a hard subcutaneous nodule or lump, you can be conservative, and just wait it out. In most cases, the inflammation reaches its
maximum after one to two days, and then slowly fades down. The whole process can take up to 2 weeks. Sometimes a painless subcutaneous lump can
still be palpitated months after the injection. Only inflammation means no need to go see
a doctor. Infection with yellowish pus means: go and
find yourself a doctor as soon as possible. More info on how to reduce Post Injection
reactions you get by clicking on the link under this video. If you keep on experiencing problems injecting
your testosterone or other medication, for example biological drugs, you might consider
switching preparation and medication. For TRT purposes, consider switching to compounded
transscrotal testosterone cream, which in my opinion, and in the opinion of many experts,
is an ideal method of TRT delivery. I have made several videos on that topic on
my other channel “TRT and Hormone Optimization”. Click on the link under this video to check
these videos out right now. If this video was useful to you, give it a
thumbs up, leave questions in the comment section, and consider subscribing to both
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14 thoughts on “Testosterone Pain After Injection – GO SEE A DOCTOR?

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