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Taylor Hickson Sues Over GRUESOME Facial Injury | What’s Trending Now!

Actress Taylor Hickson is suing the
production company behind her new film over an injury she suffered on set. Welcome back to What’s Trending, I’m Martine Beerman. Make sure to
subscribe for more trending and social media news every single day. Taylor
suffered the facial injury on the set of the indie horror film Ghostland. According to the lawsuit, which was obtained by Deadline, she was required to
pound on a glass door, and the director repeatedly asked her to pound harder and harder despite being consistently assured that doing so would be safe. The
glass eventually shattered cutting her in the face. She told Deadline: The craft
services lady held my face together with napkins in her hands. She went through so
many napkins, there was so much blood.” We’re gonna show you some photos of the
injuries so you guys can cover your eyes if you’re squeamish or turn away for a
second, but come back. She was rushed to the hospital gushing blood from her face
and had to receive 70 stitches. It’s been over a year since the incident and she
still has a notable scar on her left cheek. The lawsuit alleges that this
incident could negatively affect her career given how beauty-centric
Hollywood seems to be, which is really really sad and I actually read some
additional stuff about her feeling super emotionally traumatized from this
incident, and if you take a look at the pictures it is very evident that there
is a scar on her face. The lawsuit also says that she’s undergone laser and
silicone treatment, but that this will likely leave a permanent scar on her
cheek. The trailer for the film has a very quick moment near the end where a
young girl can be seen in the background banging on a glass door, so we assume
that’s the door that shattered. Ghost- land is having its premiere on March
14th in France and will be released in the United States in April. Taylor has
also said that she will not be attending the France premiere. Ironically, the
poster for the film features a young woman with a broken face and the biggest
slash is on the left cheek, which is where the injury occurred. The director
of the film, Pascal Laugier, is not named as a defendant in the lawsuit even
though he’s the one who made her keep banging on the glass. Instead, the also
ironically named, Incident Productions Inc., is on the hook for all financial
damages. Poor, Taylor is especially angry because it was her last day on set and
no safety precautions were taken. What a crappy way to end shooting a film. She’s
expressed disappointment that this incident is overshadowing a film she’s
genuinely proud of and says she wants to maintain a relationship with her co-star
Emilia Jones. I think this is a two-fold situation. On
one side there’s absolutely precautions, safety precautions that could have been
taken to prevent the situation. There’s a certain type of, I think it’s not
shatterproof glass, which you could use, but there’s a certain type of shattered
glass that doesn’t break into tiny shards, so that if she was banging on
this, then it wouldn’t have done the same damage. They also could have used a stunt
double? I mean. Come on now. And I also think the other side of this situation
is the whole industry aspect of it. This poor girl now has a scar, but I mean in
our society we value beauty so much. It’s like such a big part of being on camera.
And actually I was watching Fifty Shades Freed and I was really appreciative that
Dakota Johnson has weird, she is like kind of a funky tooth
situation going on. To me it just made her look more authentic and more
beautiful, but in this situation this just really sucks for this girl. My hope
for this girl is that maybe she can utilize the scar as like her “thing.” It’s
obviously unclear how much her career is actually gonna suffer from the scar, but
after my words of wisdom I hope she can use it to her advantage. Though Taylor
appeared in Deadpool, she won’t be seen in the upcoming sequel. According to IMDB
she has multiple projects coming down the pipeline, including the teen drama
Giant Little Ones and a TV pilot called Deadly Class. She also has a YouTube
channel where she performs musical covers though she hasn’t posted one
since the incident. What do you guys think? Do you think that having a big
scar is going to seriously impede her career in Hollywood? Let us know in the
comments and make sure to like and subscribe for more of What’s Trending.

87 thoughts on “Taylor Hickson Sues Over GRUESOME Facial Injury | What’s Trending Now!

  1. maybe I'm just weird but she still good scar and all. I know it's how she feels that matters but people usually pay less attention to that sort of thing than we ourselves do.

  2. shes still sooo gorgeous though, and now she looks dangerous. like if i saw her in a starbucks id be highly intimidated but also incredibly attracted to her

  3. She's gorgeous with or without the scar,but i understand how she feels on a certain level. I cant inagine how she feels on a professional level tho because im sure she feels tainted in the industry having that scar. ..but again,she's gorgeous no matter what.

  4. I think what your thinking of is safety glass. when it shatters, it breaks into tiny dime sized pieces, instead of the giant shards that cause most glass injuries.

  5. Fair play to her. She’s in the right and should sue them for everything and the ground they walk on 😂

  6. Honestly who cares about beauty? Beauty plays a lot in the acting world nowadays but it shouldn't she is beautiful even with the scar. I also have a scar on the right side of my forehead but it doesn't bother me.

  7. A completely foreseeable and avoidable injury. Tempered glass with $20 buck clear window film on both sides would have prevented something so horrific from happening. It's really a shame.

  8. I wouldn't sue… I wouldn't have continued smashing my face against the window in the first place! I do feel sorry for her though… pressures of acting I guess. I do however do all my own stunts

  9. she deserves a payout. How do you think the glass could get to her face if she was pounding on it? Maybe she had her head next to the window.

  10. Sad, but she probably wouldn't have been much of a star. She should get at least 10 million for her injury and retire.

  11. god she is beautiful and im sorry for what happened to her.. i hope its safe to say the scar is kinda cute on her 😌❤️ ‘

  12. Tempered glass does not shatter into sharp shards, but rather blunt pieces. This could EASILY have been prevented if they put in the extra 50 bucks and got a tempered glass instead. I hope she gets millions.

  13. OMG that's terrible! Must've hurt so bad! I have a 15 year old scar on my arm that isn't even close to that bad and it still hurts sometimes. I can't imagine. smh.

  14. I think if there were precautions that could have made it a safer shoot, and they knew about them, she has a right to sue for,a zillion dollars, but and I say this knowing a bunch will disagree with me, that we have become!a very litigious people and the first thought is whose going to pay for this every time there’s an accident, but it was just that an accident, it’s unfortunate because she is a girl, but she’s is alive and may not have the career she hopes for, she may be a terrible actress. I think this is the best it has ever been for women in entertainment but I think it will affect her ability to,get roles, because Hollywood believes nobody wants to see imperfection, especially in women

  15. The production should have used Hollywood safety glass, a trained stunt-double with protective matting or just not have her hit the window. Yes, she has a case against them. But if I could tell her something person-to-person, it's that she can't let the scar get to her. I'm terrified she's going to want to quit acting because of it and she doesn't deserve that. I've had a long scar on my forehead, lip and chin my entire life so I know how off-putting it can be, especially when it throws off facial symmetry, but I was a stage actor for three years playing heroes and villains (but mostly villains) both in spite of and because of it. I really do think she can turn a loss into a win here.

  16. Taylor is still gorgeous. Hope she'll be able to pursue her career and reach new heights. Shame to the producers and director.

  17. Y'all need to stop saying it's gruesome and disfigurement and all that. Think about your impact on somebody's mental state when you say that about the part of their body they present the most? She looks fine and it's a laceration on her face. Why not use that word than trying to make someone feel like they look like a monster because of their horrible gruesome facial disfigurement. Everything I've seen about this says the same shit.

  18. She should definitely get some money for this, that's a big nasty scar from something that could have been easily prevented.

  19. Man, sucks what happened to her :(, mainly for the fact I really liked the movie…but this is gonna stain its reputation for sure

  20. You know… she actually looks hotter with the scar, in a gothic kinda way. Gives her a kind of Johnny Depp eclectic vibe. She should rock it and not hide it. Gives her a real signature look. Kinda like how Japanese ceramics involve breaking them and gluing them back together to create a cool look. She looks great with it. Would probably save her from obscurity if she creates a brand from it. Without the scar, she's more like a b-list Jennifer Lawrence. My advice: rock the scar and go far.

  21. She is gorgeous, it´s a pity. Don´t they use like "sugar glass"/fake glass on those sets? Fuck… She would definitely get a good role in Game of Thrones or something like this, princess amazon sort of thing…

  22. That was so stupid of them to let her do that stunt without 100% assurance that it was safe😡😠 i would probably sue them and make them pay for what they did👿😡

  23. There's normal glass, which breaks into sharp shards, safety glass, which breaks into little pebbles, which is what car windows are made from, and sugar glass (or a similar substitute) which is used for stunts in movies. Sugar glass is more fragile than real glass, and it's much safer for stunt people to crash through, or to have a bottle of it broken over their head.

    If they wanted her to be able to pound on the glass without it breaking, they should have used some kind of plexiglass or other synthetic material. If they can make "glass" that can withstand people pounding on it with sledge hammers, they can make some that will resist a girl's fists.

    This really sucks for Taylor, but even with the scare, she's still beautiful. I first noticed her in Deadpool and then she was in the show Aftermath. I decided to see what she was up to and that's when I started seeing the scar and read the back story. I wish her the best.

  24. It's a risky job that's the deal, have you ever seen tom cruise sue his productor when he brocke his ankle on mission impossible ? Do you heard about Harrison Ford sue them when he brocke his leg on star wars ???? No… never… Because that's the deal and that's it !

  25. I am guessing it was annealed glass which breaks into large dangerous pieces. Her injuries could have been a lot worse as the glass could have left also left her with severe scalp lacerations or worse she could have bled to death. I hope she wins the case but I think she still looks as beautiful as she always had.

  26. Damn, currently watching Deadly Class on SyFy, I thought the scar was prosthetic makeup for her character. And Actor's face and body is how they make their lively-hood.

  27. Honestly thought the scar was part of the reason she got the role for Deadly Class. This is a shame, still very beautiful.

  28. That horrible. Shame on the Director. This would piss me off if that happen to me. Luckily she got the part on Deadly Class and you can see the scar on her face but it makes her look bad ass so it works

  29. Pissed off that they didn't even think about safety precautions. Like WTF, but on the other hand. She looks like a badass warrior.

  30. I don't value beauty, I think she hotter with the scar.
    Too many good looking people becomes boring, I like the ones with some character…

  31. There are actors that have major scaring and went on to have great careers in the film industry.  Actors like Richard Lynch and Jose Rene Martinez to name a couple, with that said, Taylor is correct women in the film industry are required to be blemish free and deal with more scrutiny then men in our current pulp culture.

  32. With scar she is better. Because now you rember her after a movie. WIthout scar, she is just a young actor and you would forget she

  33. totally life changing who knows what she could have had if this hadn't happened to her. But, maybe now she can get into martial arts and be an action star.

  34. Just seen giant little ones , and she's freaking gorgeous. I hope she continues her acting career because she's great at it. And damn beautiful.. Defiantly star quality in my book.👍✌

  35. That would be so scary. She’s gorgeous either way but that’s a brutal thing to happen to her while she’s just working and thinking things are safe.

  36. The terrifying thing is that she was filming a horror movie with a house full of dolls with scars on their faces, and the premise was that the captors were making them up to look like dolls.

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