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Everybody in the comments say “hi Dallas” Hi everybody! [coughs] For today’s video I wanna talk a bit about makeup and wearing makeup and not wearing makeup But before we jump into the video I wanted to let you guys

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How to Deal with Stubborn Cellulite!

– Almost all women can relate to the struggle of cellulite, but that doesn’t mean you have to like it, and our next guest Jess, she’s fed up. – I’ve played and coached LaCrosse for years, but now I have

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Kiehl’s Men’s Age Defender Collection | Skincare Sessions

Hi, I’m Tyler. Today we’re going to be talking about the new Men’s Age Defender Collection. Living in New York City really takes its toll on my skin. There’s a lot of pollution. When I get home at the end

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The Cream Rosacea Sufferers Are Talking About

When we talk about facial redness, this cream in particular is getting a lot of buzz for rosecea, which is a condition where people have facial redness as well as inflammatory bumps on the skin, and often it’s actually really

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