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10 Ways To Use Vaseline (Product tips, how to and review 2016) ✖ James Welsh

Hey guys. Welcome back to my channel. Today, I’ll be talking about the most luxurious grooming product, you’re ever gonna come across, Vaseline! Obviously, I’m just kidding. This is petroleum jelly and it cost me 99P, I think. This one

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Cardi B | About Face | ELLE

The first time I ever felt beautiful I was in high school And I saw that all the popular cute guys they liked me and its like oh, i guess I’m beautiful cause all the hot guys was on my

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Should I Spend $20 or $250 on a Face Roller? | The Real Deal | InStyle

This is the latest episode of The Real Deal, where we tell you everything you need to know about the latest beauty products and trends. Today we’re gonna talk face massage. They’re supposed to stimulate circulation and promote lymphatic drainage

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Korean Makeup vs American Makeup Before and After Transformation Tutorial Routine ♥ Wengie

Hi guys, This is Wengie here, Welcome back to my channel, and today I have a video that’s very close to my heart, because I love Korean makeup and also love a sort of western style makeup, and I also

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Voodoo doll Halloween makeup tutorial

Start with making the stitched up mouth neck and eyes Pre-do this to avoid sticking yourself with the needle For safety we’re going to do this first Tape, thread, needle, paper/tissue, and latex Place the tape on the table with

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You know when I started thinking of this video.. that’s when it dawned on me that the igbo I speak has so much English inside there are certain words that if you start speaking igbo and then get to them

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