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100K Subscriber Q&A + Makeup Routine (GRWM) | Lab Muffin Beauty Science

hi it’s Michelle from Lab Muffin Beauty Science chemistry PhD and youtuber with over a hundred thousand subscribers I was told that real youtubers do a Q&A when they reach a milestone number of subscribers so here it is I

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🔥9 Untold SUMMER SKIN CARE Tips for Healthy Skin ✅ Skin care hacks

[Music] all women want to have radiant and healthy skin now when summer is coming the desire to have beautiful and moisturized skin is even stronger you know what can happen if you have exposed your skin under the sun

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The skincare routine for men by women

Would you like to have a much brighter, cleaner and more attractive face? Having a perfect face is the desire of many people most likely, however, fewer men know how to get it Unfortunately there are so many problems that

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Tips For Shaving – Daily Do’s of Dermatology

So here’s your daily tip from your friendly local dermatologist. Shaving: how and when are you supposed to shave? Doesn’t matter if you’re shaving your beard, your armpits, or your legs. There are some basic concepts to follow. Concept #1:

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Skincare Mistakes You’re Making | How To Make Your Skin Glow Everyday

We bring you the ultimate checklist of common skin care mistakes you’re probably making so nothing stops you and your skin from looking it’s very best! Now before we begin, here’s some great news! We have a few giveaways for

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How To Whiten Your Skin, No Matter How Pigmented , Bleach Your Skin In Just 30 Minutes

Lentils paste of lentils add 2 tables spoons lentils paste add 2 tables spoons pea-four Add 1 tables spoons honey mix its well mix its well ready for use your face Apply your face massage rubbing face to face and

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