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Kat Von D Pastel Goth Rainbow Tutorial on Hooded Eyes | Vegan Makeup @phyrra

Hey guys, welcome back. Today I’m going to be doing a rainbow eye tutorial with the Kat Von D Pastel Goth Palette. This past weekend I did a rainbow eye on my friend, Judi, and it really inspired me, so

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10 Must Know Tips If You Struggle With Whiteheads | How To Effectively Get Rid of Whiteheads

what are whiteheads we are going to introduce you guys to five do’s to prevent whiteheads hi wishtrenders welcome back to WishtrendTV I’m Kasper and today I’m with another episode of do’s and don’ts so if you haven’t checked out

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Are you tired of taking makeup advice from your desi grandma? Ronald McDonald School of Cosmetology ? or engineers who take precision too seriously? Introducing the Perfect Makeup Process Flow otherwise known as the PMF diagram. This patented formula was

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FLUSHED. 5 min makeup.

So let’s start; the first thing I do is go in with the Supple Preparation Toner. This is from Klairs and it’s the unscented version. It just makes your skin really, really deeply hydrated and plump. It doesn’t cause any

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4 Step EASY SKIN CARE Routine | Not Sponsored | Chris Gibson

Hey Well Hey everybody! Welcome back to my channel, if you’re new I’m Chris Gibson and I am your skin care expert and I am here to help you get your best skin ever! And on this channel we talk

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