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How Facials Help Our Skin Health

(bell clanging) – When we think about facials, we think about being pampered, but today I’m at Lena Rose Beauty to actually find out why they’re a great way to maintain the health of your skin. – Hi Jane. –

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Did These Nurses Drug Their Patients?

– A New Jersey nurse is claiming that hospital staff misused medication in an effort to sedate psychiatric patients. In order to lighten the workload, the nurse alleges that the night shift staff gave patients an antihistamine to make them

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Time to Focus on Your Neck This New Year!

(audience applauds) – Well, it’s a new year, and another chance to be our best, and for our next guest, their New Year’s resolution was about their next. (upbeat music) – I’m Veda. I’m a single mother of a teenage

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4 Ways to Cut the Cost of Medication

– In our money vs medicine series, we uncover the real costs of healthcare, like this, more than two million Americans are skipping their heart medications because they can’t afford them, that’s the alarming finding of a new study from

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