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Acne treatment (Dr approved acne-prone skincare)

Acne occurs when the pores of your skin become cloaked with dead skin, bacteria and oil. Acne can be distressing and is common in young people aged 11 to 30. Acne typically develops on the face, back and chest and

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Can You Minimize Large Pores? Testing Pore Tightening Skincare Tips | Pore Care Under The Microscope

Pores are so important in skincare! If you’re interested in skincare, I’m sure you’ve heard that nose strips make your pores bigger Other than these is your knowledge on pores actually true? They could be wrong! Hi guys, it’s Kasper

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Two Women Share Stories Of Sexual Abuse by Their OB/GYN

– Patients trust their doctors with their health and often with their life. A UCLA Gynecological Oncologist allegedly violated that trust by reportedly sexually harassing or abusing at least 100 women. Take a look. Dr Heaps would touch my breasts

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