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Hi guys I’m Haley Morales and today I’m doing a full face using drugstore makeup. I’m just doing a drugstore tutorial of my favorite drugstore products or if some of these are new. The only thing I’m not using that’s

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Korean Makeup vs American Makeup Before and After Transformation Tutorial Routine ♥ Wengie

Hi guys, This is Wengie here, Welcome back to my channel, and today I have a video that’s very close to my heart, because I love Korean makeup and also love a sort of western style makeup, and I also

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The Try Guys Try Makeup Tutorials

– You guys are (beep) with me, though, right? Like, I don’t actually need all this stuff, this is overkill. (upbeat music) – Today we’re learning from Michelle Phan. – I’ve never put on makeup for myself. – I have

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Testing New Makeup + First Impressions | Fall 2019 | LipstickLayna

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel. And if you knew my name is Alayna and today’s video. We’re going to be testing out some new beauty products, which I am so excited for and kind of nervous because with

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FULL FACE Testing WORST RATED Makeup: SEPHORA Edition! || What Worked & What DIDN’T

There is so much furniture in this room right now, guys ´Cause we’re doing some like, room transformation stuff um, for another room. It’s a little bit intense. Can you guess which room we’re renovating? Any guesses? No? All of

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✂ How To Heal Acne Scars with Microneedling – Before & After

So day one. First time trying this micro-needling thing. I’m not afraid of pain, not really nervous about this. I’m also not afraid of needles, so I’m okay with this. This is the state of my skin right now. I

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