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Can You Minimize Large Pores? Testing Pore Tightening Skincare Tips | Pore Care Under The Microscope

Pores are so important in skincare! If you’re interested in skincare, I’m sure you’ve heard that nose strips make your pores bigger Other than these is your knowledge on pores actually true? They could be wrong! Hi guys, it’s Kasper

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My Nighttime SkinCare Routine | Get Unready with Me | Evening SkinCare

Hi guys, it’s Kat and I’m back eh I’m here to shoot another skincare routine video and this time it’s my nighttime and I’m gonna be shooting this with my boyfriend, Jian! So yeah, I hope you guys enjoy! Here

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How To: natural glow makeup look (w/ glitter!)

Welcome to my youtube channel Welcome to my youtube channel, if you want to know how to achieve this natural look with glitter Welcome to my youtube Video I’m gonna put my hair back. So I suggest you do the

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hey guys it’s Jessalyn I’m here with my school night routine that you guys have been waiting for and finally here it is sorry for the long wait anyways let’s get started as soon as I get home it’s around

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[EP3 Basic | Personal Color Makeup: Red-brown makeup]

Hello everyone, this is a makeup artist, Jung Saem Mool. This video is about personal color. There are so many factors that determine the personal color, but I use the color of eyes and lips to diagnose it. The subject

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