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Hi! It’s Dr. Judy, your Board Certified Dermatologist Now, there was one HUGE reason that I got into doing Youtube as a dermatologist and that was because of the ‘7 Skin Method’. It all began last year Numerous patients started showing up saying that their skin was wrecked due to the 7 Skin Method They told me that at first, they loved it because it made their skin feel nice and hydrated However as they tried it more and more over the course of 2~3 weeks or up to three months, They suffered from even more severe dehydration and dead skin, some even getting facial redness. Which is my they came to my hospital, seeking help and obviously distraught When I asked them what this 7 Skin Method was they said it was a skin care regiment of layering skin toners or astringents 7 times over the skin and patting it It was supposed so super-hydrate their skin Question: Why does this 7 skin method not work? Guys, do you know what happens when waters enters deep into the skin? It becomes plump! Our skin barrier makes sure that water cannot penetrate too deep into the skin, even if we’re if taking a bath So chances are pretty slim that skin toner will makes its way inside that barrier just because you pat it People with ‘dry and sensitive skin’ like myself or those with ‘oily but dehydrated skin’ which is a combination of oily skin and sensitive skin or people with rosacea need to stay away from toners/astringents. People with just oily skin tend to have stronger skin barriers and can thus use one skin toner or astringent Again however, the three skin types that I mentioned (Dry & Sensitive, Oily & Sensitive, Rosacea (facial redness) skin type) should just avoid them. This is because such ‘water-like’ substances easily evaporate from the skin. Some anecdotes say that their skin improved in 3 days after they put their toner in the fridge and used large amounts of it. But thats actually a pretty risky approach. The skin’s temperature will be lower, which constricts the blood vessels and make your skin seem brighter. But this is temporary and will ultimately just irritate your skin. Patients with dry and sensitive skin and eczema such as myself or those with facial redness or rosacea are extremely vulnerable to changes in skin temperature So water-like cosmetics such as skin toner or astringents will cause even further dehydration within the skin That’s why so many followers of the 7 Skin Method mysteriously see their skin dry up, have more dead cells, turn red, itch and become inflamed. To be more exact, the 7 Skin Method alone will cause these problems Another reason for steering clear of the 7 Skin Method is because there are a lot of harsh substances in toners and astringents The Menthol and Alcohol inside these toners may help out those with oily skin But if your skin is sensitive, dry and has facial redness like rosacea patients, you will feel a burning like sensation. Question) Is there an alternative to the 7 Skin Method that will get rid of dehydration? I’ve seen some people use Witch Hazel, claiming that it has anti-inflammatory substances And others order Astringents (a liquid cosmetic) on Amazon. But most people with dry and flushed skin have Seborrheic dermatitis or Rosacea, and so its better to avoid harsh cosmetics like skin toners and astringents all together. Some people have also asked about Aloe Vera and it does have some anti-inflammatory properties. Aloe Vera is also a water-like substance Which is why people with oily skin who dislike oily/cream-form substances prefer Aloe Vera But again, skin that is sensitive, dry and has rosacea will lose its hydration when water-like cosmetics are applied, leading to worse facial redness or Rosacea and more dead skin cells. Question) What if I really really want to use a skin toner..? People living in countries where it is dry throughout the year (such as Korea), can use a skin toner but should always apply a moisturizer (a lotion or cream) on top. Now I told you that the 7 Skin Method may work for oily skinned individuals that have a lot of sebum production And those with dry, sensitive and reddish skin need an oily layer on top of the toner Which is achieved by using a moisturizer such as a lotion or cream Skin Toners and Astringents are not normally categorized as a ‘Moisturizer’ in the first place. They are terrible at preserving moisture The original purpose if these liquid form cosmetics is to remove remaining soap or cleanser on your face after washing, remove remaining make-up, and to remove sebum for those with oily skin. Using them as a moisturizer is an after-thought. They were necessary in Europe where unlike Korea, tap water included high concentrations of calcium and lime. If however, after all of this you truly insist of using a toner, check for its ingredients. People with sensitive and red/flushed skin should use products without alcohol, menthol, glycolic acid and fragrance. And again, don’t forget to layer your toner with a moisturizer (lotion or cream) if you have dry skin. Toner and Astringents evaporate faster than other types of cosmetics because they are a liquid. Evaporation will irritate the skin’s sensory nerves thus make your Rosacea (facial redness) worse and make your skin itch and sting. Oh, and one more thing. I’ve seen some people on Youtube saying that
a dermatologist recommended using saline solution sheet masks or Water masks. Now it is true that dermatologists use these masks, but the way it is used it different to how it is shown on Youtube. If you have any further questions on Korean skin care routines, please leave a comment below! I will try to make a video for your question. Disclaimer: This video is not intended to provide diagnosis, treatment or medical advice. Please consult with a physician regarding any medical or health related diagnosis or treatment options.

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