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Stars Who Are Unrecognizable Without Makeup

Plenty of famous faces are only recognizable
under a layer of artfully applied makeup, meaning rare au naturel snapshots are a shock
to fans used to seeing their favorite stars all dolled up on the red carpet. “You probably had a funny looking face, and
then you fixed it by putting, I dunno, some types of products and everything and now it’s
like ‘ah okay.'” Here’s how a few celebs look without their
game-changing makeup. Madonna Though Madonna has gone through multiple transformations
since she first hit the music scene in the ’80s, one thing is for sure: we rarely get
a glimpse at the queen of pop without makeup. But in September 2017, Madonna gave us a rare
look at her makeup-free life off-camera, and surprisingly, it’s super relatable … except
for the part about trying to convince customs agents you’re one of the most famous women
in the world. Cardi B It seems like Cardi B’s fame came out of nowhere. She started gaining traction on Instagram
and appeared on Love & Hip Hop: New York in 2015, and by 2017 was a history-making female
rapper. These days, she’s most often seen living the
dream in heavy makeup, but in October 2017 she posted a makeup-free video on Instagram,
giving us a look at the girl underneath the glam. Priyanka Chopra There’s no denying the actress and pageant
winner is oozing with natural beauty, but it’s rare we get a chance to recognize it
because we’re used to seeing her on set and at red carpet events. That’s why this photo she shared of her and
her sleepy dog is such a treat! Mariah Carey She’s the definition of diva in every way,
from her voice to her personality. And as a diva, Mariah Carey is naturally often
done up to the nines, including a full face of makeup. She shockingly shared a makeup-free photo
of her post-swim sesh as a humbling reminder that yes, she’s perfect without makeup also. Portia de Rossi Like most stars, we most often see this actress
and one-half of a celeb power couple all glammed up. But even celebs need their downtime, which,
as de Rossi posted on Instagram, means spending time in nature with a horse. Emmy Rossum Unlike her Shameless character, Emmy Rossum
is the epitome of glam. She told AOL in 2014 she has a, quote, “fashiony
persona.” And it’s true, she definitely has that high
fashion look. But this toned down photo proves her good
looks are totally natural. Sofia Richie It’s easy to forget just how young Richie
actually is when we’re so used to seeing her with a full face of makeup. However, this Instagram photo is a good reminder
that even though she’s already a Hollywood bigshot, she’s still really just a kid. Kaley Cuoco Part of Kaley Cuoco’s character on The Big
Bang Theory’s quirkiness comes from her striking good looks. But in real life, Cuoco isn’t afraid to spend
some makeup-free quality time in nature. Lucy Hale There are two thing Lucy Hale is best known
for: Pretty Little Liars and her eyebrows. While the show might be over now, this makeup-free
photo she shared on Instagram is proof that her eyebrows aren’t going anywhere any time
soon. Jenna Marbles Whether you follow Jenna on Instagram, YouTube,
or both, you’ll know she’s not afraid to experiment with some wild and crazy hair colors and makeup
looks. But she’s also not afraid to poke fun at herself,
which she did with one of her earliest YouTube videos, which starts off with a rare look
at her sans makeup. Katie Holmes She’s is usually very put together, but in
2005 Katie Holmes was seen sporting some serious cold sores while shopping in Hollywood. A good reminder that even the most glam and
successful celebrities are imperfect human beings, just like us. In 2012, Holmes and Tom Cruise split. Judging by the bags under her eyes in this
photo, taken in 2013, the breakup took a bit of a toll on her. We’ve all been there, Katie. Thanks for watching! Click the List icon to subscribe to our YouTube
channel. Plus check out all this cool stuff we know
you’ll love, too!

100 thoughts on “Stars Who Are Unrecognizable Without Makeup

  1. Hard, very, very hard to believe. You can absolutely tell that a lot of the unmade-up women have natural makeup on!!!

  2. priyanka is NOT beautiful at all, she's so plain looking with ugly teeth that I dont know why people make such big deal about her
    mariah carey is NOT ''perfect''
    I hate katie holmes, she's just ugly to begin with

  3. wow that was lame!…. majority just looked exactly like themselves only without all the smokey eye make up… woopty dooppty

  4. most of these ladies look more natural and beautiful without the heavy make up and stuff..they just don't know it…sad… every one puts a facade for the public just for some type of approval…sad ..be your self..be beautiful from inside first,and it will eventually exude on the outside.,??

  5. these "without make up " shots are not real. They just have less make up on and look more natural. These people are so fake as if these shots are not heavily edited

  6. they all look better without make-up, except the last one…. Madonna looks AMAZING without make-up, she is so much prettier without makeup, makeup ages her in a huge way…but most of these that you say are not wearing makeup ARE WEARING IT!!! THEIR MAKEUP WAS DONE IN A WAY to appear all natural … the last girl is seriously scary looking

  7. Majority of females are ugly without makeup. They put on makeup to make stupid dudes believe they look like a 10 everyday

    Without makeup. A female wouldnt even post a pic on social websites in shit. In some of them pics yall shown them bitches still got on makeup

  8. Oh come on! That picture of Mariah Carey is at least 10 to 15 years old!! She doesn’t look like that now, she’s at least 50lbs heavier that the “no makeup” pic (which by the way, has been filtered).

  9. Wow, why did you do katy Holmes so dirty? The thumbnail and she was the last one you showed and also the worst. That was kinda mean.

  10. "Priyanka oozing with natural beauty???" Seriously you guys should see her pictures from the pageant and before she started acting in films….She looks like a completely different human now…she didnt use to look like this…people in India are well aware of this fact that she is fake as fuck when it comes to her looks and her "new acquired complicated accent" but the only thing… she no doubt is a damm good actress

  11. There are a lot of girls around the world without makeup and they are so much prettier than some celebrities with makeup

  12. The fact that women are doing this list is a conflict of interest. How can you call somebody physically beautiful if they have to alter the way they naturally look. That's exactly like a dude stuffing a cucumber in his underwear and then pulls out a "baby carrot". The hypocrisy is mind blowing. Women always looking for a "real" man but wear makeup, wigs, fake nails, eye lashes, lip and ass injections, high heels and use filters to alter their appearance completely. How can a sane person actually believe themselves or another person is beautiful if you/they have to literally mask what the truly look like. Just calling bullshit on all women who ? this list and don't wake up and just start their day without makeup

  13. only their husband know the real face when they wake up in the morning..and belief me in reality they are ugliest…

  14. That is NOT Mariah Carey without makeup and it is NOT her without Photoshop. She is not a ‘natural beauty’ without lots of help. She also looks bigger and older in the photo of her that is supposedly more polished.

  15. I look like a dead girl without makeup but today I’m saying yolo and going to a water park WITHOUT A DROP. My face is so white it doesn’t match my body and it might look scary to people tbh but I’m so done with this bullshit ?

  16. Everyone looks different after makeup and before makeup. Priyanka chopra alwyas look bad even before and after makeup. In India she is Ugly for Americal she is good looking…lol… And by the way they apply nude makeup. Celebrity will never go without makeup..

  17. I’ve worked in the beauty industry for many years and nobody that looks good with makeup looks bad without it. You have to be naturally pretty to pull off makeup. Makeup isnt for everybody. If you wear it for the heck of it, cool! If you wear it thinking it will alter your appearance! And somehow go from Amy Schumer to Margot Robbie, you’re wrong! Even plastic surgery can’t do that! What makes folks think makeup will?!?!

    these ppl that look drastically different online in their before and after are using surgery, filters, photoshop! Makeup alone doesn’t alter appearance drastically.

    makeup was not intended for the ugly and the hard faced. Wendy williams is as ugly with makeup as she is without. Someone with soft feminine features like Beyonce looks good without it and with it.

    also poorly applied makeup doesn’t suit anyone. So of course a person with horribly applied makeup looks better without it.

    When we oggle at someone’s makeup skills we are really noticing how the makeup suits that person’s complexion, face, features, etc.

    Sarah Jessica Parker wears makeup but not one person has asked to do her look or compliment her. But ppl oggle at Kim K or Charlize Theron. Makeup is nothing without an attractive face. I’ve seen many females wear makeup, and alot of them don’t get noticed at all. The makeup just sits on them. Making them look cringeworthy. We have a misconception that makeup is some miracle worker, but it’s not. Makeup actually shows your true beauty. I remember sitting with an older relative of mine that has very high standards for looks. We watched a special on some village that was saved from the Taliban. The women were now free from Taliban rule. There was this group of women the camera zoomed in on! Wow! They were poor women who can’t afford makeup much less wear it! Their faces were so attractive my eyes strained from staring at them. My picky relative said this: This is how attractive they are without makeup, can you imagine if they wore makeup?!?!?

    My relative isn’t a makeup artist! But she knows beauty when she sees it.

    A similar thing happened when a friend of mine was walking near the Halal food/middle eastern/southeast asian store. There was a woman who walked outside and only had on eyeliner. My friend swore that every man on the whole street was in amazement! Her eyes were so wide and lovely! Her lips pouty and full… she was a stunner!! Men of all ethnic backgrounds were trying to sneak looks, many just outright stated at her.

    Eyeliner!! She was wearing eyeliner!!! How many gals wear eyeliner?!? Alot! How many get that reaction? Not so much! Makeup only draws attention to features you were naturally blessed with!! I can’t go and put eyeliner on and think I will look like her! It won’t. Im not her and I don’t have her eye shape! Every makeup artist wants to rip their hair out when someone brings in a magazine or holds their phone up to a girl online and says: “ make me look like her”

    what I also noticed is people doing things that are not suitable for them. We all have different eyeshapes, lip shapes etc! Makeup is not one size fits all. People follow what they see on Instagram and try to transfer it to their own face. We are not carbon copies. If I took off my clothes and gave them to you… they might not fit! And if they do, it wont fit as well as if you would of went to the store and picked a pair for yourself. Makeup is personal.

    Below is a photo of Wendy Williams with and without makeup and Nawras Sattar,Arab makeup artist before and after! Only one of them looks good with and without makeup. The other looks just as unfortunate with or without makeup:

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