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Snake LUNGES at My Face!

– Snake, snake, snake! That is the
four-lined rat snake. They have a tendency
to be rather bite-y. (dramatic jungle music) Japan. A location the Brave
Wilderness crew and I have long dreamed of exploring. On our first day in
country, we headed out toward a remotely wild
place that is well known for having a high density
of animal activity. And while Japan is often called
the Land of the Rising Sun, upon our arrival,
we found ourselves smack in the middle
of typhoon season. So instead of witnessing
the sun, we were welcomed with the obstacle of
persistent rainfall. This is a pretty crazy bridge. – [Man] Oh man, it’s wobbling. – You know, if we didn’t
tell you this was Japan you may think this
is Costa Rica. Wow! – Look at that.
– How about that? – Look at that view. Wow. – [Nathaniel] What
do you think, Mario? – Pretty high off
the ground here. – Bridge is a little
unstable, guys. – Yeah, let’s not shake it. (laughing) Let’s not shake the bridge. Quite a ways up
right now, I’d say well over a hundred feet
on a suspension bridge in the middle of ancient
Japanese forests. You can just feel the energy
with this rain coming down. It feels like Costa Rica,
but this is Japan proper right here, guys. Alright, we’re heading
further up the mountain to see what we can
find in this rainstorm. Alright, guys,
let’s keep moving. Whoa! It’s tough to keep your balance. A little bit of rain
wasn’t going to stop this fearless band of
animal adventurers. So we pressed onward
with the hopes that eventually
this rain would end. If anything was going
to slow our progress, it was the inevitable
curse of jet lag. Here’s one thing you
guys may not realize about life on location, is we
have been in Japan officially for just about 48 hours, and
it’s a 13 hour time difference. So right now, in the
United States in Ohio, it is 3:15 in the morning. And that means that it is,
I don’t know what time here. But my math skills
are a little off, and you feel like
you’re in a trance. Jet lag is a very real thing, especially when you’re out
hiking in the wilderness, and trying to keep your focus,
even hiking is difficult. Alright, I’m falling behind. Let me catch up with the guys. Despite feeling displaced,
this rugged wilderness was the perfect place
to search for animals. And the good thing about rain
is that eventually it stops. When it does, the animals
come out from hiding and begin to hunt amongst the
freshly saturated terrain. Alright, guys, so we have made
it sorta up to this clearing. Check this out. There’s a road. Goes all the way
down that direction. Sorta goes up toward
that next mountain peak. Snake, snake, snake! – [Man] Got it? – Wait, wait, wait,
wait, let me identify it. Marty, what is that? That’s a rat snake right? – [Marty] Rat snake. – [Nathaniel] Got its
tail, got its tail. – [Man] Got it? – Yep. Had to think for a second there. Hold on, let me put
this GoPro down. Alright, hold on,
hold on, hold on. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I got it. Alright, come here,
buddy, come here. That is a four-lined
rat snake right there. Oh, hold on. – [Man] Oh man, that’s
a good sized snake. – Yeah, that’s a good
sized snake for sure. Now, they can be pretty feisty. There we go. Hi, buddy. Oh look at that! That’s our first snake
of the trip right there. Whoa, whoa, whoa. No biting, no biting. There we go. Oh, look at the tail,
look at the tail going. Defensive mimicry right there. That’s so crazy because
there are no rattlesnakes in this area, no
rattlesnakes in Japan period. And let alone, this rat
snake is using its tail as a sign that hey,
I may be venomous, you’d better back off. Alright guys, let’s back
up just a touch here. Let me get up on the trail. Yes, how ’bout that! We got above the rain and
managed to find our first snake. You got that? Alright. How’s your lighting there? – [Crew] Perfect. – Wow, perfect! Hanging out right on my arm, that is the
four-lined rat snake. One of the coolest constrictor
species here in Japan. And actually one of the
largest snakes that you’ll find anywhere here in Japan. One of the largest
snakes; they can grow up to close to seven
feet in length. What a beautiful snake. Look how calm it’s being, too. Now, because this is
a nonvenomous species, they have a tendency
to be rather bite-y. So sometimes they will
strike, but that’s not a bite that I need to be
concerned with. They do have a slight
anticoagulant in their saliva, but their primary means for
catching and killing their prey is to actually
constrict around it. Now this snake– Whoa, I see you puffin’ up your
head into a triangle shape. No no, no biting. This is actually great,
the snake is staying completely calm. I see you, this is great. You’re making it
very simple for Mario to get the B-roll shots. Now, when they wrap around
their prey, what they do is constrict down
until that air, until that breathing,
is cut off. Once the prey suffocates,
then they have the ability to swallow the prey down. And look at that, perfect
strike pose right there. Looks as if it may just lunge
out and bite me in the nose. Now where does that
name come from? Four– Whoop, ooh. – [Man] Man, that was close. – Well I’ve got it just
positioned so that I know it can’t actually reach my face. Like I was saying, where
does that name come from, the four-lined rat snake? You can see those four
distinct lines that run down the length of
the snake’s body. And here’s something
that I really love, makes it very
easily identifiable. See that little black
band just behind the eye, makes it look like
a raccoon mask? Or maybe a ninja mask? Whoop, there you go. These snakes are incredibly
fast, incredibly cunning. Now they hunt after small
rodents, but they’ll also eat things like small
toads, frogs, lizards, and will even go up into
trees to rob bird nests of their young or of eggs. Wow, what a beautiful snake. Very smooth, very streamline,
just like the black rat snakes that we have in the States. And of course this is
also related in a sense to the fox snake. Wow, what a great find. Now like I said, we just
got above the cloud line, so the rain has died back. And this snake is not afraid
to be out in the rain. In fact, this is perfect
for this snake to be out hunting for amphibians. A lot of small newts,
frogs, toads will all be out right now hunting
amongst the rain. – [Man] Yeah, we’ve
seen a lot of frogs crossing the trail. – Right, which makes
the perfect opportunity for this snake to get its meal. What a handsome creature. Alright, well let’s
place this snake right back onto the path, let
it head in that direction. And see what else we can find. – [Man] Let’s do it. (peaceful music) – [Nathaniel] Wow,
look at that slither. The four-lined rat snake
is one of the most common reptile species one can hope
to come across in Japan. Their calm demeanor
and nonvenomous nature make them a wonderful
snake to interact with, especially for our first
animal that we encountered on this trip. Yet danger always
seems to find us. And as predicted, with
the passing of the rain, came the emergence
of the animals. Stay tuned for the
heart racing conclusion as I managed to find, catch,
and dangerously handle one of the only
snakes in the world that is both venomous
and poisonous. Careful, Coyote, that is
one toxic combination. And don’t forget,
subscribe, then click the notification bell so
you can join me and the crew on our next wild adventure. (animals roaring and howling)

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