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Hi there Skincarer Welcome back to CareskinMD! Back with me, Jennie! And today we’ll discuss about basic skincare routine YAY! This is something that you guys should know about especially for those of you who are beginners and have been wanting to buy skincare products so what do you actually need? I will explain it here However, before that, don’t forget to subscribe, like and share it to your friends Cause they will love you for it, well i would Okay, there must be a lot of you guys who just wanted to use skincare are confused because there are many advices that can be contradictory to one another because there are many advices that can be contradictory to one another So what are the skincare products that you should use? is it the 10 steps of korean skincare? or, the one I mentioned in IG story seven layering toner method? is it necessary? So let’s go to basics The only thing that you really need is only 4 the first one, cleansing. The second one is exfoliation the third one, moisturize and fourth sunscreen However if your skin already have certain problems that you want to solve then you may need to use other skincare like serum or essence because they contain active ingredients that are high in concentration so it’s function is to solve and to treat your skin problem. However, there are also a lot of you guys who doesn’t really need to use serums However, there are also a lot of you guys who doesn’t really need to use serums yet It is like an addition in your skincare routine if you want to take care and you want to invest more in your skincare because just by exfoliating, it actually already solving a lot of your skin problems Okay, let’s discuss each one of them The first one is cleansing it is really important to cleanse your face especially in Indonesia because it is very humid you sweat a lot and there’s air pollution everywhere, cars everywhere so it is very dirty and it all stick to your skin you want to cleanse your face twice a day. When you wake up and before you sleep because you don’t want to leave all that dirt when you’re sleeping as it would clog your pores Later we make another video that explains more about cleansing and how to choose the right cleanser for your skin The second one is exfoliation Exfoliation is really important as it can act like a treatment or a step that can treat or solve your skin problem A lot of people that uses toner first then exfoliate or exfoliate first then toner so is toner important? Before i have explained in our IG story that toner is not necessary Toner actually functions as a double cleanser Toner actually functions as a double cleanser so it could cleanse your skin extra making it cleaner, it is a double cleansing method or if they have active ingredients Active ingredients are useful and are the ‘actives’ that could be beneficial for your skin thus you are more aiming for the ingredients (actives) However, if you already use the 4 skin steps it is actually already enough Is it toner first then exfoliator or exfoliator then toner? It is actually not that important the certain steps to your skincare method it is not really influencing or changing in your skincare thus it is up to you guys, however you want to apply it BUT for sunscreen it is better if you use it and apply as your last step for sunscreen it is better if you use it and apply as your last step Exfoliating is very useful because they make your dull skin become glowing because exfoliators, especially chemical exfoliators are very great they can peel the dead skin cells and thicken the living skin in the inner layer hence your skin will automatically look brighter and more plump and of course they can also be used for anti aging If your upper parts of the skin is peeled it could also remove the dark spots so it is also useful for you guys who have post acne scars or other scars that cause black spots in your skin However, you need to take note if you have sensitive skin because exfoliator can be quite irritative as they function to peel off the superficial layer of the skin thus for you guys who are easily irritated it is better you exfoliate 1x/week but if once a week is tolerable and you want to increase it’s frequency it is not wrong, but look at your skin condition so you need to frequently see your skin condition and know your skin For those of you who have resistant skin or stronger skin you can use exfoliator 2-3x/week, this is also depends on the exfoliator itself if you use toner as your exfoliator some people can use toner’s everyday as it is lighter so it depends on the type of exfoliator that you use and the percentage of the exfoliator and others that i will discuss further on the next occasion The third one is also very important because it is also present in basic skincare routine is moisturizing. TIP: YOU CAN CHOOSE MOISTURIZER WITH ACTIVES TO TREAT YOUR SKIN CONCERN! Moisturizer is very important in your skincare routine especially for those who have dry skin to preserve your skin’s elasticity and flexibility it could also function as your barrier it could prevent the formation of wrinkles If you skin’s dehydrated it is easier for fine lines to appear and wrinkles are easier to form that is why people with dry skin are more wrinkle prone than those with oily skin Hence it is really important for you guys to hydrate your skin for those of you with oily skin also must use moisturizer The last one, also very very important and it is actually already classified from FDA as drugs for your skin and is very safe to use well, because they function to prevent skin cancers and other skin diseases/problems is SUNSCREEN, which is the last step in your skincare routine Sunscreen should be recommended by all doctors because they are the only anti aging that are very proven and beneficial not only they prevent but in some researches also states that they can reverse aging so not only for people who haven’t have any wrinkles to use sunscreen but also old people, young people adults, children, everyone should use sunscreen not only for your face but your skin (body), especially with the global warming and thinning of the atmosphere in this era your skin (body), especially with the global warming and thinning of the atmosphere in this era so it is very important and use it the right way, correctly don’t forget to watch dr. Charlene’s video on sunscreen if you haven’t if you don’t use the right way then what’s the point of using it, okay?! that’s all for today’s video I hope you find it useful and understand also use it the four steps routine because it is very useful and beneficial for your skincare Okay, don’t forget to subscribe like and share it to your friends Bye-bye Love, Jen


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