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Skincare Routine to Remove Millet Seed Acne AKA WhiteheadsㅣWishtrend TV VS Acne

hello everyone welcome back to a whole
new episode a Wishtrend TV versus acne the last episode was about fungal acne so if
you guys haven’t checked it up click the link right here. today’s match is gonna be
Wishtrend TV vs. millet seed acne we’re gonna teach you how to distinguish them
from causes and treatment and recommended ingredients and products if
you have any other skin care needs you can always look it up on Wistrend TV and
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it’s hot. round one: fact check on millet seed acne. today we’ve invited a very special
guest who often gets millet seed acne come on in nice to meet you! so please tell me
about yourself hi I’m DoE I’m an actress and I’m 24 years old nice! an actress so do you know what a Millet seed acne is? maybe like this? oh
yes yes almost there almost there millet seed acne is a tiny and hard
millet white seed that is clogged inside your closed pores you can’t really see
the pores but it’s bumpy and gives you a little texture you know so do you have
any concern with Millet seed acne? I…it’s my daily basis with millet seed acne
really I’m gonna give you three pop quiz to see if you know the facts right, you
ready? Ready, GO! number one! is Millet seed acne same with Milia? what do you say? no! yes the answer was NO Millet seed acne is basically a
white seed with sebum and it couldn’t be secreted inside your skin so it breaks
down around your foreheads cheek and chin it’s different from milia because
Milia is a one millimeter cyst of dead skin cells that breaks down around your
eyes Sure I have it Oh you do? number two they turn into pustules when you leave them on I’m not sure…
yes? yes yes yes so do you know why they turn into pustule acne? it’s because if you don’t nip the buds of Millet seed acne the sebum
under the pores can pop off to your skin surface and can be oxidized so when you
leave them on for a long time they can get infected by germs and that’s the
cause of pustule acne number three the final question! are Millet seed acne and
whitehead the same? no no? really? yeah! are you sure?
actually the answer was YES Because Millet seed acne a.k.a. whitehead a.k.a tiny
bumps so basically they are the same now that we know our enemy right let’s
dissect the cause of them round two causes of millet seed acne millet seed
acne is caused by soooo many reasons among them we’re gonna deal with two other
causes cause number one Millet seed acne caused by overproduction of sebum you often get overproduction of sebum in summer during hot summer when sebaceous
glands under your skins are stimulated the sebum overproduces then the cycle of
sebum productions that matched your skin turnover goes off as a result Millet seed
acne breaks down disappears and then breaks down again in this case simply
using non comedogenic products won’t be a much of a help it can backfire and
worsen the dryness underneath your skin and end up increasing the sebum
production even more number two millet seed acne caused by
dryness as you might have guessed your skin tends to get dry during the winter
time the dryness can delay the skin turnover so dead skin cells pile up on
your pores and clogs them which can develop into millet seed what do you
think that causes your Millet seed acne? let’s try out skincare routines that can
eliminate your causes round 3 millet seed acne skincare routine so tell me what
skin type are you? oily but dry, dry but oily okay let’s look at the skincare routine for oily skin types first of all as we all know we have to relieve our dryness by drinking water so
there’s one for you, here’s one for me cheers and second you have to apply skin
cares that can maintain your proper moisture level and lastly use chemical
exfoliators. we will recommend some skin care routines for you guys for cleansers it’s best to use product that can control sebum production like this
one that contains charcoal you could use some scrubs from time to time use a
product that can control sebum and exfoliate dead skin cells and of course
to something that fits your skin type on exfoliation episode of teen beauty
Bible we dealt it with in details so click the link right here and you can
get some advice prep your skin with softening toners chemical exfoliating
agents can get rid of dead skin cells and sebum inside your pores not just
the surface so they help the pores to not get clogged and also get rid of
already built up impurities in your pores and we will also give you skin
care tips for dry skin of course the trusty old drinking water
it up so what do you say! again~ and also, we recommend you to use rich moisturizer
for dry skin you have to use products that can hydrate you enough but also not
contain too much more obviously you shouldn’t make your dry skin drier
cleansing products that contain green tea can keep your skin moist after the
cleansing as you have dry skin it’s essential to moisturize enough it seems
basic but moisturizing enough can make millet seed acne so much better in a short
time so you don’t necessarily use exfoliators round 4: bonus tips to
clear millet seed acne so keep your hands away from your face that’s a big no-no mm-hmm
wipe your phone screen regularly with an alcohol swipe. Did you know that? I have to do it today
mm-hmm starting today and lastly keep your makeup tools super clean please
do do you keep your makeup tools clean? ah…it’s my secret actually we have a video about
that so go check it out last but not least it’s hard I know but
do not ever extract your Millet seed acne without a dermatologist If millet seed acne is not fully developed yet
and you can’t see with your eyes completely do not ever ever try to extract them
so if you promise to follow all the steps round one to four you can have a
very clear skin so pinky promise? okay I promise so what do you guys think was
today’s episode helpful if you have any questions leave a comment down below and
we will answer that as soon as possible we will be back with a stronger and
better episode on wishtrendtv versus acne so until next time mmwah

71 thoughts on “Skincare Routine to Remove Millet Seed Acne AKA WhiteheadsㅣWishtrend TV VS Acne

  1. im having HORRIBLE acne on my forhead. i moistirize. exfoliate. use acne patches. ANYTHiNG to get rid or acne and breakouts but nothing fixing! help please🙇

  2. What would you like to see in our next episode of Wishtrend VS Acne? Leave a comment so that we can reflect your opinions!


    Yesterday and today, my apartment had a heater on for way too long that caused it to get warm. And when I woke up I got like these itchy pimple that turned into whitehead. While whiteheads does not look appealing, I know it goes away on its own unlike blackheads which are really hard to remove.

  4. rokheeeeee 😍✊ been missing you a lottt ! ❤ i almost cant recognize her at the beginning of the video, she's so gorgeous 😘

  5. HOOOOO ROK-HEE 💕💕 i was like " wait why her face is look like rok-hee?" Then i read the comment. YEAH THAT'S ROK-HEE 😭💕

  6. How do I stop touching my spots on my face! I always find them then can’t stop touching it and it causes bruises or big scabs that are very prominent. And it’s always red and bleeding, help!

  7. This has been my main skin concern, so this has helped so so much<3
    (at first I didn't even know what the bumps were hehe)

  8. Do overly moisturizing can cause acne ? So I have a fine skin..not sensitive..but oily.. and I live in hot humid country. I have been always use aloe gel only ad my moisturizing step..but then I try to upgrade it and use the Supple Preparation All Over Lotion..since I thought it’s a light cream..but after a week, acne occurs all over my face and neck.. I wonder if it’s because I overly moisturizing my face or is it just some ingredient that didn’t suit me. PS : I never have sensitive skin or any effect towards any other products so far, just wonder what’s the causes. Thanks.

  9. oh my dear goodness i have been waiting for something like this. I dont get blackheads as much as i do with these bumps and ive been wondering how to remove them properly. Thank you so much Wistrend!!!

  10. So what will I use since I have combination skin…. and this seed is the one that is small but it’s really hard and white? Coz I have lots of them my husband even joking that we have plenty of rice to cook coz this one on my face is really hard and when I try to extract it I get a really hard and white color thing it really looks like a rice …

  11. Finally this is my acne type!!!! Ahh thank youuu edit: when she said never to extract milliseed acne by yourself… ive dine it so many time and i have bad scars

  12. I get tiny pink bumps first which turns into acne the other day. I have dry skin and I don't get acne that much but these days they started to pop up out of nowhere. Can you please tell me which type of acne is that and how to cure them.

  13. Iam insiya!!Iam come from Bangladesh!!I am 24 but I feel like I am 30. What do I do now ?? I have a lough line too !! Eyes are gone! Looks like I have 2 kids! Please tell me what i do please please please!!! My wedding next month. My skin is swollen.

  14. Unni, notice us~
    I'm going to follow these steps maybe from next month and put my review here.
    Thank you WishTread TV for amazing work content! Support you all! 💖

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