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Skin Care for Men : Washing Your Face in Men’s Daily Skin Care

Hi, this is Rin from Major League Trim on
behalf of Expert Village. In this clip we are going to be talking about another step
for daily skin care for men. This step that we are going to be going through is cleansing
the skin. Right now I’m using clinical care skin solutions it’s not the only option, there
is a few. But when you are going to use just a basic cleanser all this is going to do is
just clean the skin. Make sure it takes all the oils off the skin that way your skin is
nice and fresh for the next steps. Just going to make sure it covers the entire face, there
is no specific way to put it on just make sure it’s covered. Again the pores are already
open because of the steam from the previous step. So the skin is cleanse to put it on
and then take it all off, that is the very first step the steam is what opened it and
now the skin is nice and clean and your ready for the next step.

44 thoughts on “Skin Care for Men : Washing Your Face in Men’s Daily Skin Care

  1. so the steps are
    1. wash
    2. exfoliate
    3. moisturize
    4. *mask once a week
    men do those three everyday for healthy face skin?
    how bout shaving issues?

  2. wow u are dangerous, are u sure ure an expert?? WTF. The guy has open pores on his face and your goin to apply a cleaner to his open pores that where done from steam? U might look decent but u aint that smart.. sad.

  3. you do not exfoliate everyday. Its once a week. However Wash and Moisturize twice a day (am/pm)

    Exfoliate helps gets rid of pores and dead skins so it makes shaving more pleasant and less risk of folliculitis while shaving.

  4. also I would like to say to all the douche bags making sexist comments. Grow the fuck up and get a social life. Maybe one day you'll all learn how to talk to woman and finally get laid instead of relying on your right hand that you named Suzy. Seriously.

  5. i completely agree foxyworth21, ShockWaveITG, about those assholes makin sexy comments, and foxy i wanted to ask you, i have a oily skin and i use lakme matte effect cleanser, toner and face wash, and lakme moisturizer, im in india so we dont have products especially for men what do you sujesst i do, its really important tome coz im a model, im really embarrassed, my face looks like a freaking toad

  6. nice advice, but to the men who are making sexy comments, please stop, women are annoyign when it comes to sex, hence why i like being bi, because men are much better

  7. exfoliate means using a special substance to remove dead skin cells from your face to reveal fresher smooth skin… whether its a cleanser wit special type of beads in it, a brush, or through shaving

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  9. on a daily routine in the shower while my face is wet i use a face wash. then as i dry off i pat my face off and ash my face. i wet my face and use clearasil. then i use an exfoliant. i then use a clinique toner on a daily basis. i notice i still have acne . whats wrong?

  10. is an exfoliant enough to clean your face , or should you use a face cleanser along with an exfoliate? and if so in which order should you use them?/

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