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VIDEO, again we will just talk about papayas, and know that, that you
be a man, a woman, or even young teenager, young girls, children, this
is just for you. Know that this tree which is neither bad nor
female, has exceptional virtues; really its virtues are undisputed, know that it is
both a food but also a medicine, all parts of the papaya, have
properties, the hollow stem is rich in vitamins A,
B, C, D, calcium phosphates, iron, protein, sugar.
when you give a deconkoktion of the rod to a child who pees in bed, then
he is quickly cured of his pain, when you cut anywhere in the
papaya, it cries of white sap, which is rich in papain, it is an enzyme
which will promote protein digestion here, be it meat, eggs,
milk, bean. Know that the sap and seeds you
are excellent dewormers, effect when you have intestinal worms,
you must take dry seeds of papayas you crush to get it
a powder and you take it every morning on an empty stomach, and after the seven days of treatment,
all intestinal worms will be neutralized, others will go out in the Seles or else
will just die inside. My loves when you hear, my son has
hurt here, my son hurts here, my daughter hurts over there, give it that, don’t neglect it anymore
those things that are simple, easy, convenient, that surrounds you and that saves your life.
The virtues of papaya are indisputable, yes I promise you, this is called
pinworms, three-headed and roundworms you know what it is, what you need to do,
For 7 days, take in half a glass of water 5 to 8 g of fresh latex. In Herbal Tea
number 2 if you don’t have access to the sap I advise you
To transform dry seeds into powder papaya, take in boiled water
sweet for 5 days or a spoon on an empty stomach in the morning and for the child
half a dose of course, this will definitely drive away intestinal worms.
No longer put the papaya seeds, when you eat it you can even
crunching some fresh seeds is super good for you my loves although that
heat and bite, but you know all that that is good for health does not pass easily,
know that you should eat papaya at less once a month, it’s super important
for your body, because papaya is a good natural depurative which brings more to
your body more than you can imagine, For you who is in Africa; jaundice,
the liver, malaria how Treat this? Just boil some
green leaves, + papaya roots, add 4 lemons,
An unripe papaya and coconut roots if you have it, if you don’t have it
no big deal you need a drink two once a day for a week, whatever
what you got is going to cut it clean. you who have Anthrax, boils,
just take a piece of papaya green, apply on the desired parts
of treatment, Repeat this every day until complete recovery.
Now you suffer painful Rules, you have the possibility between several
herbal teas, also know that without even passing through herbal teas you can just
layers on the green leaves of papayas, either you lie on it or you
put in your underwear, it will relieve quickly.
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all notifications of our new content Here we go, as another remedy against
painful periods you can also make
boil the green papaya leaves and if you have access to henna leaves
so I advise you to boil with it, you can also add them, my loves that
cut it very quickly and straight away, well on these leaves alone are enough to make
treatment, you will need to drink 2 glasses beer a day of leaves and seeds
of papaya so you mash the two of you extract the juice, you put in a
stone glass you add a little water and you drink, really this will ease
menstrual flow painlessly yes it will clean up you will see all that
will come out of your body Know that you who have dry skin,
your who have dry skin, boils, the panaris, then at which you can apply
the papaya latex directly on it, grind the papaya roots with a
little almond and palm nuts if you suffer from constipation my loves
make a poultice on your belly, make papaya cures from time to time to
cleanse and protect the body you will see that it will do you a lot of good, remember
not boil papaya roots, of course wash them well in advance, drink
with sugar and honey, take a half glass 3 times a day during meals, For you who suffer from bronchitis, for
your children with cough, impossible to treat, also asthma, you can
use this for them is a few things powerful Here it was for this interesting
video, really so I really liked it talk to you, don’t hesitate if you
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  1. Bonjour coach, pouvez vous m'expliquer comment utiliser la papaye pour arrêter le pipi au lit svp. Ma fille a 8 ans et continue de faire pipi au lit. J'ai tout fait sans resultat

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