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Hey guys, it’s Kaykrizz and welcome back to my channel today’s video is a very special video It’s going to be a makeup tutorial for the upcoming Qatar Airways Cabin crew interview days if you don’t know yet already Qatar Airways is going to Manila this September 24 2017 and if you are planning to go And you would like to know how I do my makeup if I was going there just keep on watching So we are starting off with this flawless face foundation Primer by Absolute New York I like this one because it is parafim free It’s all organic Primer Is very important to make your makeup last very long, that’s why I use a Primer And next we are gonna use this fit me concealer by Maybelline. I’m in the shade 20. I like using this Concealer cause the Coverage is good and also it is very light and it doesn’t crease that much I like using a damps sponge to blend it all in and That is all actually You can also use this for everyday but since we are going to a Recruitment we’re gonna use another fit me foundation Okay, I’m using an Foundation brush for this one because of its great finish of the brush if you use a foundation brush, it’s like Airbrush finished Here I’m using the Coty airspun and in the shade Translucent to bake our face so baking is a new technique that is used here in the makeup Community this will give you that “Walang gulas Look” How do you say this in English well, it give you a very flawless look and also it helps sets in the foundation and the concealer It helps sets in in your scheme, so usually people dig under their eyes only But I like to take my whole face so that my makeup will last longer And now we are going for the eyebrows I’m using this designing eyebrow pencil from face shop I’m in the shade great brown and this is a technique I learned from the makeup class that we created so you should start to the side of your nose And I’m measuring that the highest point that is from the side of your nose to your pupil And then measure as well the ending which is the side of your nose To your side of your eyes and then where the side of pencil should be the ending of this spot So I’m just drawing My eyes are my eyebrows right now and I want to fill them up with Anastasia dip brow pomade because the finish of Anastasia is so much I don’t know I like it smoked so much more natural for me But if you don’t have much budget yet going for a pencil on this step will surely suffice I just like using this one because I really like the Anastasia dip brow and to finish my eyebrows routine in I’m using the gimme gimme brows by Benefit for the Finishing touches. It’s a gel report And then now we are using a concealer to give our eyebrows a clean look This is very important this Helps your eyebrows stand out on your face, Because the area around it is clean Yeah, so now I’m just using this concealer brush to blend all the concealer in my face and So it will not be obvious that you put a concealer just blend it all in And now let’s go for the eye makeup So I like using this Maybeline blushed nudes eyeshadow palette for my base I like to use the shimmery white one just a Basic eye makeup for this because I would like to emphasize this makeup look on the lips so I just want to have a basic eyes shadow look and Then on the outer crease I’d like to use this brown eyeshadow from eco, and I put it this way cause this complements my chinky or chinita eyes So I just like putting it outside there because this makeup is highly pigmented, and then I’ll just blend it all out And then right now I finish blending it, so I’m gonna use this shimmery white again Shadow for the under the eyebrows and now to accent on my eye makeup I’d like to use this pink shimmery eyeshadow with a wet brush so that I will put it on the middle part of my Eyelids so this will give my look That very shimmery Look, but not Overdone so on my waterline I’d like to use a smaller brush. Eye brush so that I put a water under my eyes I’m using the pink shimmery shade for this and Now let’s go on for the eyeliner, so this one is from Lakme and I really like to use the black eyeliner especially for Middle Eastern Airlines that I am applying for and Going with a Liquid eyeliner as well because this is very important This is the Arabic style makeup And you have to make sure that you do this on your makeup because it it really defines your eyes and Arabic recruiters really likes this type make up because this is basically what you’re going to do on your Work as a flight attendant, so now. Let’s just dry it up and Let’s move on to the contour highlight and brush right now I’m just taking of our baking and just finishing it see so it’s very nice So I’m using the Douglass contouring palette, and I’m using the light brown shade over my hairline So that I don’t look like a ghost okay, so that my makeup blends out and also I’d like to use this Contouring shade on the side of my cheeks after I finished my hairline I’m Also using this I’m contouring brush, it’s very effective so yeah, I also put the Contour shade on the side of my cheek just to give it a little bit definition And this is what it looks like and now we’re using this Mac powder blush in the shade thing Just to cover all of our cheekbones and to also blend it out to the continuing Makeup that we used earlier So I like to Do my face like this, So my cheekbones standsout and then when it looks like it standsout I will cover that area and also try to smile To put some blush also on the apples of my cheeks and put it all over my face So this is my ELF baked highlighter I like using this ever since I’ve discovered and then using this highlighter brush p an brush so put it on the apples of my cheeks and Also on the sides, it’s important to put it on the sides so that your makeup is Three-dimensional it’s not just on the front Okay, so this is a really nice technique. I learned and also put a highlight on your nose bridge on your Forehead Chin’s and your Cupid’s bow Now let’s do our nose line So nose line is life. Especially if you’re Filipino, and I’m just using the shade naked from the Naked palette Urban Decay Naked palette So I like putting it from the end of my eyebrows the beginning of my girls to the tip of my nose Just so ever so lightly and then blend it out with the highlighter, and then it all together So it doesn’t look scary, but it’s there now I have forgotten to do my eyelashes, so I’m just curling it with my shu uemura eyelash curler and You could definitely use falsies if you want to or false false lashes But I don’t recommend it because it’s not allowed if you are already working as a flight attendant So I just curl my lashes and use this Maybelline falsies mascara To hopefully make that falsies its effect. I like using most of the product on the lower part of the Eyelashes so it will not fall down. when it is too heavy it might falldown I’m giving them a charge on her a flip through her lashes more So I also like using the product on my under lashes, so it gives my eyes a very Defined blue or awake look so theres mascara on top and bottom. If there are errors i usually use cotton buds to clean i up For the lips I’d like to start with a lip liner, I’m using eco comfort lip liner This is very nice and very creamy and I use it to line the outer you can go just to put an outline on my lips and as well as Put a lip liner all over the lips as this is a great Technique to make sure that your lipstick last so much longer Than it would ordinarily will And For our lipstick. I’m using Sephora in the shade muj This is a really nice color it reminds me of the Qatar Airways Uniform that’s why I like it and that’s why I chose it for this makeup look So I have a 3d effect I’d like to use the white shimmery eyeshadow in the middle part of the lips to make it more defined or 3d and Here we are if you have a makeup setting spray you are done, and this is the final look One last tip if you are going to apply for the Qatar Airways open the interviews is that Forget about your competition because you are there on a mission make sure that you focus on yourself Focus on your preparation be aware and be present And if you want to know more about how I was able to get my job as an International flight attendant you want to know my secret I would like to recommend you to check out my book This book is ready for takeoff. I written it myself because all those days that I was applying for the Job position it has been a lot of failures And I’ve learned from them and all the lessons that I learned I written all on this book right here So this book will help you prepare physically emotionally psychologically Mentally you know prepare for the questions. That’s going to be asked and as well as Spiritually, so if you’re interested in out make sure to check out my book. It’s on Shopee.ph my Shopee shop is called kaykrizz and it’s also available on my website MissKaykrizz.com, and if you are not in the Philippines. You can check it out at amazon.com So that’s it for the tutorial guys I hope that this has helped you a lot and I will see you guys on the next video Check out my book, and we will fly with you soon. Bye

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