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Prescriber Choice | Medications with No Fillers, Dyes or Preservatives | Kayal Dermatology Marietta

This office strives to provide the
highest quality of care. To accomplish this goal, we are constantly looking for
ways to improve our service. The goal being optimal outcomes and satisfaction
for you. One area that we have made significant advances in is medication
selection and delivery. We have contracted with an FDA facility to customize drugs
that we dispense from our office at the time of your visit. Customizing your
medication allows us to provide you with clinically significant benefits. We are
able to remove fillers, dyes, preservatives, and agents that can cause
allergic reactions. We can alter the potencies to stage your therapies. We can
even select the route of administration to provide optimal delivery of the
active ingredients. Ordinarily, these customizations would come with a
significant price increase. However, this office is providing this service for
less than the co-payment on commercial drugs from the pharmacy. That is correct,
we cut out all the middlemen that drive up the price and offer this premium
service without the premium price. Nothing is billed to your insurance, this
will help to reduce the ultimate burden and can work to lower your premiums. As
always, you as the patient have the right to choose. This video is intended to be
an informed consent. Please let us know if you prefer to receive customized
medication at the time of your visit or if you would prefer to try your luck at
the pharmacy. Thank you, we appreciate you as a patient.

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