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Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation Skincare Routine | Ambi Fade Cream | Mario Badescu

like this should be cleared and these
products we’re not cheap like hmm i’m not impressed
I’m not impressed at all hello sis I am your girl rocky welcome to my channel XO Rocky I am so happy you’re here today I have a Nubian goddess series video for
you and if you don’t know my Nubian goddess series is about me on my quest
perfect skin make sure you hit that subscribe button and also turn on your
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subscribe button and it let’s jump into this video okay so if you’ve already
seen my fall slash spring skincare routine video you know that I was going
to be switching up a lot of the skincare products that I was using I have been
doing a lot of research I had been watching a lot of new estheticians and
things like that and I just felt like my skin care routine needed a little bit of
updating so I recently got a lot of new products pretty much the majority of the
things in this video weren’t in my last skin care routine video but
unfortunately I have to say I haven’t been that impressed with a lot of the
products that I have let me just show you really quickly what I will be using
in today’s video so to cleanse I have the Mario Badescu acne facial cleanser I do
like to follow up my cleansing with the towels I do have my towel handy after
cleansing I do always go in with a toner and right now I am using witch hazel after
I’ve toned my skin I do like to go in with my spot treatment and as you know I
am obsessed with this Ambi Fade cream after my spot treatment I do like to go
in with my moisturizer and I have the Mario Badescu buttermilk moisturizer and
I also have the Mario Badescu honey moisturizer I’ve only used this for
about a few weeks so I’m not gonna include this in this video because I do
need to use it some more to give you my thorough opinion on it during my
moisturizing I do go in with an eye cream and I have the Mario Badescu
hyaluronic eye cream I also have my Noxzema pads so let’s
get into this video the first thing you want to do before touching your face is
wash your hands and tie your hair up if it’s down okay so we’re gonna start with
our cleanser I have the Mario Badescu acne facial cleanser you can use this
cleanser to deep clean pores so oily congested skin feels exceptionally clean
formulated with salicylic acid in a soothing blend of botanical extract like
aloe chamomile and thyme this daily face wash boost exfoliating properties that
help break down impurities and encourage a balanced healthy looking complexion because it doesn’t foam or suds up I do
have to really work it in with my fingers I’m not a big fan of cleansers
that don’t feel like they’re setting or cleansing this is like a gel cleanser
and it’s not a foaming cleanser it’s not a sudsy cleanser it’s not soapy at all
which I just personally don’t enjoy and now for my favorite part after
applying the cleanser with my fingers I do like to go in with the hot towel and
apply that towel to my face initially and then work that towel into my skin in
a circular motion and remove any of the excess cleanser from my face and after cleansing I do go in with a
toner for my neck I like to go in with my
Noxzema pads I like to go in with something a little more exfoliating I
like to get every single speck of dirt off and as the toner still damp on my
face I like to go in with my spot treatment and if you don’t remember I had a really
bad setback so I have like so many spots and so much hyperpigmentation skin so
all this my spot treatment has a lot of work to do I do have a review of this
spot treatment on my channel so if you want more information on it make sure
you check that out and then after my spot treatment I go in
with my moisturizer Mario Badescu buttermilk moisturizer rejuvenate and
replenish in with this daily moisturizer lactic acid and chamomile combined in a
lightweight formula that softens and smoothes skin gentle resurfacing
benefits help reduce the appearance of dry fine lines wrinkles and uneven skin
tone and then after my moisturizer I go in with my hyaluronic eye cream I like
to just dab my eye cream right into my orbital bone and when I do a light
circular motion very light pressure I try not to disrupt this very delicate
skin I know most people use their ring finger do what you want to do boo okay so if you’ve seen my fall to spring
skincare routine you know that I love oils now for the summertime I do not use
oils in the heat my skin can get a little bit oily and I do not like to
have oils on my skin during the summer but during the winter fall in some of
the colder months in the spring I like to really lock in that moisture with
oils but overall for the products that I use the majority of them I haven’t found
that I was super happy with I feel like my skin looked way better in the fall in
the spring when I was using products that I just felt worked a little bit
better for my skin after doing research I found that chemical exfoliants were
really beneficial for the skin so I wanted to dabble in that and I also
found that Mario Badescu was a really popular line for skin care so
that’s why I chose that line overall I don’t think I’m gonna stick with it I
don’t have acne prone skin but this cleanser had really good reviews I
thought it would work well for me in the time that I was using it I had a really
really big step back and my skin broke out so much on both sides and I felt
like great I have an acne cleanser anyways this is gonna really help me
bounce it back and it didn’t my skin just kept looking worse I like I always
have a new breakout you know it’s like how am I breaking out this much and I’m
using a cleanser that’s made for acne and I’m still like breaking out like
crazy it doesn’t give me that sudsy effect like it isn’t foam on my face or
create any bubbles it’s really like just a gel and I like to feel like it’s like
a soap that’s stripping away all the dirt and cleaning out my pores so I’m
not a big fan of this cleanser I’m almost done with it so once I do finish
it it’s not going to be a repurchase I am going to move on to a cleanser that I
feel like suits my needs a little bit better
I do like to use most of my skincare products for about three months before I
give an official decision of whether I like it or dislike it and it has been
over three months and I can say in all sincerity that no I’m not using this
cleanser it’s not for me I don’t like it okay and I also had some other cleansers
from this line I tried out it was like a orange or it was like a orange cream
cleanser there was an enzyme cleanser there was an AHA cleanser and there
was like a seaweed exfoliant cleanser I tried all of them and I returned those
other ones this is the only one that I kept this is the only one that I thought
was like a little bit decent so I do try to give my products a fair shot and I
try to use it consistently but if my skin just reacts quickly and I’m just
like nope this is not happening and get rid of it I’m not I’m not continuing to
use it if it’s not gonna work for me so yeah moving on thank you next
so this toner I have been using for over a year I
really like this toner and it’s for sensitive skin I don’t have sensitive
skin but I do feel like it just helps with the hydration like there are toners
that are more so they pick up any left over dirt or oil or debris that your
initial facial cleanser did not get and that is exactly why I like to use that
not seeing my pads on my neck I can use this toner and then go over the toner
with this and I can be my pad and I’ll see like dirt residue on the pad which
is how I know like okay I need an astringent cleanser toner because I just
I can’t do these like nonsudsy cleaning not I I kind of I need it just
a little bit of stripping like don’t take all my moisture and oils and all
that but you know get all the dirt please I use this on my face and within
a week my face like literally had so many bumps it was itchy and now I have
all these left over hyperpigmentation marks on my face now my neck responded
really well to this I really like the way that it picks up
all the dirt and residue off my neck because I do have some fine lines on my
neck and I find that the dirt will kind of get in there so I need to get it out
looking good on her so I use this to really like cleanse everything and make
sure you know my neck stays nice and clean I do feel like there is um I do
feel like in the black community a lot of times our face the neck will be
different shades so I do have a video on how I like really thoroughly cleanse my
neck and get in there to help prevent my neck from getting darker than my face or
you know the rest of my body so if you haven’t seen that video make sure you
check that out for my moisturizer I’ve been using this Mario Badescu butter
milk moisturizer now this has lactic acid in it which is a chemical exfoliant
and like I said I was doing research I found that chemical exfoliants were
supposed to be really good for getting all the dirt and debris and oils out of
your pores and really just making sure you have clear skin my skin looks
horrible I had a cleanser that was made for acne skin it didn’t help my skin
when I had that huge breakout in the the cleanser has salicylic acid which is
supposed to really draw in all the dirt and oils and impurities that are locked
into your pores and like pull them out and then I’m using this moisturizer that
has lactic acid which is more of a gentle acid and it’s supposed to help
really lock in the moisture and all of that and I just felt overall like my
skin kind of had a big downfall like it declined significantly from how it looked
in the fall and the spring the summer time my skin with a F and I just you
know I don’t blame the products completely I do know I had a bad reaction
to the Noxzema pads but I don’t feel like the products helped aid my skin in
recovering which is pretty much what they’re claiming to do so rejuvenate and
replenish skin no it didn’t happen I have my spot
treatment I love this spot treatment I have a video on how I fade my
hyperpigmentation in which I use this for over 30 days I have a review on this
specifically where I go into detail what it does and how it works for my skin so
I really enjoyed this spot treatment and I also have the Mario Badescu hyaluronic
eye cream now this is the star of the show this is the one product that is a
staple project to me now like the way that this has brightened my eyes and
like my inner tear duct and my under eyes this product is a best seller for a
reason this eye cream is the truth if you haven’t tried it this is the one
product that I would highly recommend besides the ambi and the noxzema
pads for your neck this is my skincare routine and a lot of these
products I’m not gonna be repurchasing but there are a few the staple products
would be the toner the noxzema pads for my neck the hyaluronic I cream
and the ambi fade cream those will be staple products the other products I’m
not going to repurchase and also like I did mention I do have the honey
moisturizer from Mario Badescu and I haven’t used this enough to know whether
I would repurchase this or not so I will update you on this like this should be
cleared and these products were not cheap like I’m not impressed I’m not impressed at
all but I hope this video was helpful I really hope you learn something new
please comment below ask me questions and like this video share this video and
subscribe to me because I’d love to have you seriously I would love to have you
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