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Pig Face | Short Film | Crypt TV

(birds chirping) – Pig Face, final scene. Wide shot. A rundown shack rots in
the middle of nowhere. The door slowly opens. Hanna James emerges,
bloody, bruised and broken. Hannah makes her way
toward the open field. (unsettling music) Wait. Grindhouse style. Action. Pig Face bursts through the door. He grabs an old rusty
pipe hanging on the shack and follows behind her. Hannah knows, but she’s
got no fight left in her. Hannah stops right in front of the camera. Cut to low angle. Hannah drops into frame. She falls to her knees conceding to death. Camera pans up to Pig Face, he raises the pipe over Hannah’s head. Pig Face rams the pipe into her skull. He pulls the rusty pipe from her head. A Zoe Hoffman film appears on screen. Roll credits. (thwacking) (thudding) (birds chirping)

100 thoughts on “Pig Face | Short Film | Crypt TV

  1. Те кто русский переходим на мой канал
    Вот ссылка на видео.

  2. Crypt TV I love your video's. Can you, your crew, and the people who wrote/directed these give us insight on how you come up with or the origin? I like how you guy's do these, the mind's behind this are brilliant.

  3. This is brilliant. Also you have to admit, you were happy with the out come. No one likes that person doing the camera hand thing.

  4. This is so scary and it’s creepy and it’s I would not go there and it’s so crazy and it’s so crazy and it’s so sad and it’s weird

  5. "Boss, you know that Camera girl who can put her fingers together to open a miniature portal into another dimension while she's planning out our movie scenes? She did it again…"

    "God damn it, Rachel!"

  6. This shit is why I love Crypt TV. Someone has a neat idea for a spoopy 2-minute film, and yall give it a platform. Bravo!

  7. Was the motion she was useing with her hands a way to see into the crypt TV univers, but what she didn't know is that they could see and effect her but only threw that motion? Is that why it only got her threw the fingers

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