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Photoshop Tutorial – Flower Face Effects

so today we have some fun editing tricks by using photoshop, I hope you enjoying this video 🙂 Let’s get started!.. first, create a new Solid Color (black) layer. duplicate the Model and drag it on the top. let me rename the layer as Model. select the Pen tool (P) we start to make selection on the face parts, see how it works. right Click & hit Make Selection then OK select Marquee tool (M), right Click & copy it via Cut and we got this result.. now, I will make another one using the same technique. then it will look like this 😀 next, double Click on the Model & choose Bevel & Emboss and refer to the following settings * hiding layers * Drag the Flowers and drop it onto main project using Move tool (V) I will drag it to the bottom of the model Ctrl+T to resize it . press enter or Ok when you done! duplicate the layer & drag it on the top of the model load the selection, press Ctrl & Click on the model layer then adding a layer mask Ctrl+I to invert . use the Brush tool (B) with White, we will restore parts of the Flowers create a new layer on the top of the Flower, & use the Brush tool (B) with black. and paint it as follows . * reduce the Opacity * Ctrl+J to Duplicate layer & Ctrl+T to resize it and do it like the previous technique and it look like this 🙂 * restore the hidden layer * Ctrl+T * restore the hidden layer * Ctrl+T to select it Double on the skin part & next, choose Bevel & Emboss, do like so .. oops.. I will reduce the Dept . now, select the Model layer, & create a new adjustment layer – Hue/Saturation. clip to layer below, & bring down the Saturation all the way (-100) and increase the Lightness just a bit making Group of skin part layer create a new – Hue/Saturation, clip layer below. and do like the model layer * let me fix this layer edges * last step, press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+E to merge visible I will add some textures to this project, see how it works 🙂 and we done 🙂 thanks for watching & liking 🙂

92 thoughts on “Photoshop Tutorial – Flower Face Effects

  1. Great tutorial, but I HATE the pen tool. It's so counter-intuitive, and I find it SO hard to work with. It took me a long time to get the contours right on the face. I need more practice. Fabulous effect, really love this one.

  2. This was fabulous and enjoyable to watch but I just wish someone would do these things, and with written instructions, using Photoshop Elements.

  3. Again nice job. I really like that you slowed down from some of your other video's, and the little explanations really helped me follow along. thanks for sharing your talent !

  4. Hi! I'm from Vietnam…I love PS and my friend highly recommended me to subcribe your channel…thanks alot rafy A
    You're awesome!

  5. As a vector designer,i read some comments below that you can't use pen tool.Well just practice and you'll learn how much u need it.You will use it in every project

  6. Great video but I cant' get the flowers keep the color, when I desaturate the skin parts flowers get desaturate too. I try to follow de order of your group but I can't get it right. Please Help!!! Thanks!!

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  8. On my version of photoshop which is the latest, i cant seem to find make selection ok, which then stops me from doing the other steps 🙁

  9. hi, t=nice tutorial
    I can not make a hue saturation for the face parts layers alone
    once I make hue saturation at the face parts group, it just reduces the hole saturation of all layers below it

  10. I can't get the black shadow effect with the brush! Can someone please help me out?? I try to paint it on and it doesn't show up!

  11. Hi! Inspired by your technique I did a horror story in Photoshop. Thank you! Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kAS7ZbwsLU

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