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Paternity Denial Forced Woman to Drop Out of School (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Thompson v. Smithbey.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Ms. Thompson,
you claim Mr. Smithbey abandoned you
and your children, forcing you to drop out
of nursing school and leaving you to struggle
as a single mother, is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. You’ve come to court
seeking paternity tests for both of your children,
Legend and Radiance. THOMPSON:
Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE:
Additionally, you are suing
the defendant for child-rearing expenses in the amount of $2,000. Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Smithbey,
you say you are not Legend or Radiance’s father because you’ve heard another man has been
taking on the daddy role, is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. So, Ms. Thompson,
why are the results of these DNA tests
so important? Because my kids
deserve a father, and not only that, I’m tired of struggling
with my kids. I need help
so I can finish school so I can
take care of us better. JUDGE LAKE:
Why don’t you help out
at all, Mr. Smithbey? I actually do, Your Honor. We were never really
in a relationship, and I do take care of them. I do what I can
for the children, you know… JUDGE LAKE: So, you say
it wasn’t a relationship? No, it wasn’t. What was it for you? Just a sexual relationship,
basically. And so, it was just sex, and that’s enough
to make two children. And the children
are just gorgeous.So, when you see your
children, that affects you?
THOMPSON:Mmm-hmm.What do you feel as a mom? I’m hurting.
Not only for my kids,
but for me, like… He’s saying
we was never together, but he was living with me
in my home. His clothes was there,
he had a key to my house… That’s not true, You Honor… I was taking him
back and forth to work and everything… Were you staying
at her house, Mr. Smithbey? SMITHBEY: At one point
in time, yes, I was. I stayed there
for a few months, on and off. All right, so, let’s,
for the sake of the children and understanding
the circumstances surrounding each, let’s treat this as almost two separate cases. THOMPSON: Okay. All right,
let’s start with Legend. Legend is two years old. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Take me back
to the circumstances surrounding Legend’s
conception. We had sex,
which was May of 2013. The 11th and the 12th,
both those nights,
we had sex. And my son was supposed
to be conceived on May the 12th. So, it’s no doubt in my mind that Mr. Smithbey
isn’t the father. Do you remember having sex
with her on those days,
Mr. Smithbey? Yes, ma’am, I do remember
having sex at that time,
but at the same time, she tried to hide
the whole situation,
so I was like… Explain. You said
she tried to hide it. SMITHBEY: Yes. Like, she… No, he was hiding me because he had a girlfriend
at the time. They had a baby
in between my two kids.So, I wasn’t hiding him,
he was hiding me.
SMITHBEY:That’s not true.
I was in a relationship
with someone else
at the time… Right. So you were hiding me. She told me not to
come around while
she was pregnant. I couldn’t see her,
I couldn’t see her while she was pregnant,
so that’s why I felt like
Legend wasn’t mine. Tell me specifically
what that… SMITHBEY: Like, I would call
and text,
ask, “Can I see her? “Do you need anything?” He knew why. Saying that his family members
knew where I stayed, he also popped up
to my house several times while I was pregnant
with Legend. SMITHBEY: That’s not true,
Your Honor. I came over once,
and actually,
someone was there, that’s when I felt like
maybe he was the father because he was there
playing the father role. How did you know that person
was playing the daddy role, if when you came, they left? THOMPSON: Thank you. SMITHBEY: Because, I mean,
the way… When I came,
he left, like… Like she told him,
“Okay, go ahead and leave,”
like, once she’d seen me. For what reason,
I don’t know. THOMPSON: No, he got up
and left on his own. We also was outside
on my porch. Legend was already born. JUDGE LAKE:
You say Legend was born.
Yes, he was.JUDGE LAKE:And you say
she was pregnant
when this happened.
She was pregnant,
from my understanding. THOMPSON: Yeah,
with our second child. And I was trying to see
if she was pregnant. I haven’t seen her in months,
like, she was hard… JUDGE LAKE: Were you trying
to hide from him? No, ma’am. At first,
I wasn’t really hiding, but I told him
that I didn’t want his help because… I didn’t…
Look what’s happening now. He’s denying my kids. JUDGE LAKE:
You were feeling like,
“Look, if you don’t
wanna be bothered,
“don’t come around.”Right.So, you do admit
that you were kind of pushing him away. SMITHBEY: Yeah. Yes, because I didn’t
wanna go through this. JUDGE LAKE: But you were
interpreting that to mean that you must not
be the father. Like, “Why would you try
to hide “all of this from me
if I’m the father?” I was not necessarily
hiding that. He knew I was pregnant. SMITHBEY: That’s not true. She would get mad at times
and tell me
I’m not his father. THOMPSON: When?
When did I ever tell you
that you were not Legend’s father? She would tell me
not to come around. She would tell me
“You’re not the father,
don’t worry about it.” You’ve never told him
he was not the father? No, Your Honor. SMITHBEY: Yes,
she’s told me that at times. When I wanna
move on with my life, those are not your kids, when I wanna be up under you,
those are your kids. You love them
and you love me, and you stay with us
and everything. We’re a family as long as
he’s getting what he wants. When I don’t
wanna be with him and I wanna go
and do my own thing, “Oh, those are not my kids.
I need a DNA test.” So, you believe he’s using
the children as pawns. Yes, Your Honor. So, when Legend’s born… He doesn’t come around
and treat this… THOMPSON:No, he was
actually in the hospital,
and I asked him
in the hospital,
did he want a DNA test,
he told me,
“No, because I know
this is my son.”
JUDGE LAKE: Were you
at the hospital,
Mr. Smithbey? Yes, I did come there
to see them, yes. Thank you. JUDGE LAKE:
But you didn’t sign? I did not sign
a birth certificate. Why is that? Because I felt like
he wasn’t mine. I mean, she… So why didn’t you take
a DNA test when I asked? I asked if you wanted
a DNA test at the hospital. …but you want me to sign
the birth certificate. I asked him,
did he want a DNA test? JUDGE LAKE:
Did she ask you about having
a DNA test at the hospital? No, she didn’t. Yes, I did. And from that moment,
once Legend came home, is he in his life,
Ms. Thompson? Not for the last
past couple of months. They haven’t seen him. And it’s not my fault
I haven’t seen them. She told me to stop
coming around. So, if you don’t want me
to come to your house, I’m not gonna come there. You told him
to stop coming around? Because I don’t want
to be with him, because he don’t want
to be faithful to me. I don’t want to be with him. I don’t want him
to come to my house, because when he’s around,
it’s only something sexual. I want more out of life. I don’t wanna be with a man
and just have sex with him. (EXHALES) Oh, goodness. And this is upsetting
because… You want your family. Mmm-hmm. (STAMMERS) I love him…
I can’t say love, but I did. But obviously, he don’t care
as much as I care. And now, you potentially
have two children with him. Yes. Mr. Smithbey, she says
you won’t be faithful to her, you won’t be with her, but you keep potentially
making children with her. You’re having this ongoing
sexual relationship where you’re making children. Not necessarily, Your Honor. That ongoing
sexual relationship been stopped a while back ago,
you know, and I just try to play the best role I can
in their life. But I can’t deal
with somebody that wants to be drama
in my life. The bottom line is,
at first, you were interested in having
a relationship with her. Not really, I mean… Right. Sexual relation… It was always
a sexual relationship, and plus,
I was in a relationship with someone else,
you know, so… (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) The whole time, though. The whole time we’re supposed
to have been together, he was still
with this person. How is this affecting Legend?
He’s two. THOMPSON: Yeah. He… So…Does he think
you’re his dad?
He knows that’s his daddy.
SMITHBEY:Your Honor,
I brought evidence
to show you that
Legend is not mine. JUDGE LAKE:
Oh, I’d like to see that. Is this the exhibit? SMITHBEY: Yes, ma’am. Right here,
as you can see, this is me, right here.
This is Legend. As you can see, my family,
we have broad shoulders. Forty four inch wide. THOMPSON: Your family. This is my shoulder,
44 inches wide. My other children,
they have fourteen inches
wide shoulder. THOMPSON: No, they don’t. Legend is 8.5-inches wide. He doesn’t have
broad shoulders at all. So, therefore… THOMPSON: He’s two. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) That’s why I feel like
he’s not mine. THOMPSON: He’s two.
He’s two. He’s not ten. Broad shoulders
run in the family. JUDGE LAKE: Jerome, I think
this is the first time… (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) …someone has presented
shoulder evidence. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) What you’re saying is that, in your family,
there is a body structure. SMITHBEY: A certain
body structure
that my kids have. And your other children… THOMPSON: Does not have that. Yes, he don’t. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. None of them does. He has mostly girls anyway. Also, the ears,
as you can see, he doesn’t have ears. I have big, Martin,
Dumbo ears. THOMPSON: And he has those.
Look at… In that picture right there,
on that picture, yeah. On that picture he does,
of course. They look just alike. My son just got big eyes, and he’s really going off
the color. SMITHBEY: I’m not going
off the color. I mean,he doesn’t have
my skin complexion…
See what he’s saying.
You don’t see any resemblance
when you look at him.
SMITHBEY:No, not any.THOMPSON: It’s just
them eyes and his skin,
that’s the only thing. He has big eyes.
I don’t have big eyes. Your other family members
have big eyes. I don’t have any big-eyed
people in my family. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) So, none of your people
have big eyes? Nobody has big eyes
in my family. Okay. Ooh. Okay. We’re going nowhere fast. THOMPSON: No. And yet, who does he think
his father is? Him. Mr. Smithbey.
It’s his father. That’s who he calls “Dad.” JUDGE LAKE: It is? Yes. So, he calls you “Daddy”? Yes, he does. He does. But at same time, she has
someone else playing… THOMPSON:
Who is someone else? Well, does he
ask for his dad? I know Legend is missing him
because he also said, “I’m gonna tell my daddy
on you,” whenever I do something
to him. He’s like,
“I’m gonna tell my daddy.” So, I know that. All right,
let’s move on to Radiance. When you found out you were
pregnant with Radiance… THOMPSON:
He told me I was pregnant. We was having sex
at the time. SMITHBEY: That’s not true. At the time
we were having sex, I didn’t wanna finish
the act, because I didn’t wanna
get pregnant again. He told me,
“It’s too late for that “because you’re
already pregnant.” SMITHBEY: How will I know
she’s pregnant? I’m not a doctor.
I can’t tell if
she’s pregnant. When she got pregnant
with Radiance, we weren’t even
having sex like that at all. Barely, not even
really having sex. I was still confused.
I didn’t wanna have sex… So, now,
you were in a daze… THOMPSON: Right. Mr. Smithbey? I wasn’t in a daze.
I’m just saying we wasn’t having sex. And then,
we were using protection. We weren’t having
unprotected sex,
come on, now. So, when I went to the doctor
they confirmed I was pregnant. When I came and told him,
he said, “I already knew that,
I told you was pregnant.” SMITHBEY: Exactly.
So, I guess I’m just
a psychic pregnant reader. Come on. THOMPSON: Well, I don’t know. JUDGE LAKE:
So, you didn’t say
any of these things? I didn’t say any… I was just living
in my own world. SMITHBEY: It’s got to be
a dream or something. That couldn’t
have been reality. Okay, so, when you say you weren’t intimate
too often, Mr. Smithbey,
during that time, were you also
with someone else? ‘Cause you say
you were intimate… Yeah, that’s why
he’s trying to say that he wasn’t intimate
with me like he was. Because, I mean,
I had just got out… He told me he didn’t know
how to break up with her, how to tell her
about my kids, because he didn’t want to
hurt her feelings, but wasn’t thinking
about mine, and that’s not fair to me. Oh, so, you’re saying
that he expects you to sit around
and wait for him. If you can’t… THOMPSON: Right. He has said that before when we were
supposed to be together. “I’m gonna get it together,” “you just got to give me
a little more time.” “I’m gonna be the person
you need me to be.” And he’s like, “Why should I
have to wait on you?” When I’m the woman that… I’m being the woman
that I’m supposed to be. SMITHBEY: I wasn’t
with Ms. Thompson. It was, like I said, it was a sexual relationship,
ongoing… I was trying to explain
to both… JUDGE LAKE: So, you were
with Ms. Thompson. You had a girlfriend,
but you were with
Ms. Thompson. SMITHBEY:
Okay, yes, I was. All the time, we stayed
around the corner
from each other. Maybe three blocks away. Not all the time. Oh, my goodness. So, you’re denying Radiance,
too, now. Of course. So Legend is here
and you’re denying Radiance? Yes. He wanted to sign
the birth certificate. Yes, for Radiance. If you wanna sign
the birth certificate… Him being there
and everything. Oh, my, do you all agree
on anything? That’s what I’m saying,
we can’t, obviously. What are your doubts? SMITHBEY: My doubt, I mean,
she doesn’t really have
my features at all. I have broad shoulders,
all my other kids have
broad shoulders… JUDGE LAKE: Now you’re back
to the shoulders. Back to the shoulder thing,
and the ears.
That’s another thing. Is she in your exhibit, too? THOMPSON: She has your ears,
she has your eyes,
she has your nose. She has all that,
everything of you she has. Your skin complexion.
Your skin complexion. There’s another part too… Well, look,
hers is 7.8 inches wide. THOMPSON:
Her shoulders look broad. Not broad at all. She doesn’t have
broad shoulders at all, so that’s why
I feel like she’s… “Broad. Not broad.
Not broad.” SMITHBEY: Yes. THOMPSON: Oh, she
about to cry. And she got the ears, too,
on this picture,
on this exhibit. She got the ears,
she got the ears
on that picture. Whoever made that exhibit,
’cause they put the ears
on both kids. SMITHBEY: Yeah,
but they… (LAUGHS) (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Yeah, they did. Um… No really. THOMPSON: She’s sad. Well, it is sad because
it’s a product of a sexual relationship with
no commitment. No, I thought I was
being committed. He just was lying to me
and making me feel
like I was the only one. I was really thought
we was together. So I’m not understanding,
I wasn’t having sex with
any other man, period. SMITHBEY: That’s what
she’s telling me, that’s what she’s
telling you, Your Honor. Well, how do I know?
You come to my house, you pop up
whenever you feel like
you was… Caught him couple of times
looking outside my window. To see my kids,
I came to see my kids. I can’t help if, at least
in other things. But you’re saying
he’s not your kid! You can’t help, if at least
in other things? SMITHBEY: Yeah, I can’t help. Mr. Smithbey, did you
really just say that
in this court room? I mean, come on,
it’s a two-way street,
that’s all I’m saying. It is a two-way street
but you can’t tell me
you can’t help it. THOMPSON: Right. I mean,
you are helping yourself every time you come
over there because you know you can. Ms. Thompson, you are suing Mr. Smithbey for $2,000 dollars for
child rearing expenses related to the raising of
Legend and Radiance this far. Yes, Your Honor. First, I want you
to understand I cannot rule on
the child rearing expenses until it is determined
if or if not the children are his
biological children. I also have expense reports
for the kids as evidence. JUDGE LAKE:
Let me see that, Jerome. You’ve submitted
receipts to the court. Clothes, food, milk,
medical bills. THOMPSON: Yes. Activities. Baby needs…
Totaling $2,000 per child,
is that correct? THOMPSON: Yes, Your Honor. You’re suing
for half of that, which is $2,000? Yes, Your Honor. All right, I think we need
to go to the results. JUDGE LAKE:
These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and they read as follows. In the case of
Thompson v. Smithbey,
when it comes to two-year-old
Legend Thompson, it has been determined
by this court… Mr. Smithbey, you are his father. In the case of
Thompson v. Smithbey,
when it comes to
17-month old
Radiance Thompson, it has been determined
by this court… You are the father. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Smithbey, you are the father. I told you I saw the ears. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) That’s all I gotta say. No, really,
these are your children. And I can see,
Ms. Thompson, that… What do feel?
Relieved or vindicated? To be honest, just that
I was falling for
the wrong person. Because you fell for a man
that doesn’t want you. And now you have
his children. Mr. Smithbey,
now that you know
for certain, what do you plan to do
to help raise these children? Get full custody. THOMPSON: (SCOFFS) Wow. That’s what I’m gonna do,
that’s what it’s gonna be. JUDGE LAKE: All right. Sounds good. So it sounds you all
are gonna spend
a lot more time in court. SMITHBEY: In court. Exactly. THOMPSON: No, I won’t. But until that time, Ms. Thompson,
you were suing for $2,000. Yes. Which is half of
the child rearing cost
of both children. I am awarding you
that $2,000. Thank you. So my judgment is for
the plaintiff. Thank you. Moving forward,
let me give you
a news flash. That girl loves you
and you know it. That’s why you go over there,
stay when you wanna stay, have sex when
you wanna have sex, ’cause she’s just your
own personal 7-Eleven. 24 hours, 7 days a week. And it’s not fair because
you know it. You’re wrong.
And Ms. Thompson, they don’t sell
self-esteem at
the convenient store, babe. That’s done, though,
it’s done. Sometimes you have to let go
to grow. We have counseling
and resources for you. I wish you the best of luck. Court is adjourned.

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