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Paruthiveeran Tamil Full Movie

Paruthi village welcomes you
all to the temple function. Pongal is cooked.
Keep it down. Offer Pongal to God. Please pass that coconut plate. – Give it to them.
– Sir, take it. Please give this inside. Oh my Goddess! Please offer sacred ash. Landlord of Vaigai Seriyanoor
is wanted near the temple gate. Rasan A yyandi of Kalkurchi is requested
to come at the temple gate. Muniaachi, where is uncle?
Finished shaving head? Yes. Gone to take bath. Today I’ll get good collections. Uncle, come on…
join them in dancing… Who is Oyilapuram Ochchi? Your wife & children are crying
in search of you… It seems you left them in anger. Come immediately to the
announcement room. Your wife says never come in future
if not now. Am I right? Where is SI? – He’s near the Pongal cooking place.
– Okay. Police have besieged the place.
ls any Minister on a visit? Are you missing it? A small group of men are
enough to create trouble. Now a big crowd is here. We don’t when you cousins fight
and when you get close. It’s a big tension to end this function
without any incidents. Finish the function without any fights. Why are you getting irritated? They are playing cards behind the tent.
Go and have a look. Sultry beauty. Ravishing beauty. Sultry beauty. Ravishing beauty. Ignite my passions in Madurai town. Ignite my passions in Madurai town. Fresh succulent stimulant greens. What? I’ll cook stimulating energetic
tasty food for you. Handle me with care. I’ll cook stimulating energetic
tasty food for you. Handle me with care. 44
00:04:17,513 –>00:04:22,826
– Grandma, have you started?
– Hey, make it fast. Don’t delay. Hey, where were you? Hey Somam, come to me. My fiance, say hello to me. Hey Somam, come to me. My fiance, say hello to me. What’s the matter?
Showing off in English? I’m excited after seeing you. – It’s going up and down…
– What? – My breath…
– Be careful, my dear. Be careful darling.
It may lead a nasty scene. First stop your romantic advances
and greet the public. Welcome to ladies & gentlemen
Welcome to village elders. Welcome connoisseurs of art. Accept my humble greetings,
may everyone be entertained. I bought Marakonam sandalwood. Apply sandalwood paste
and enjoy the song. Chew betel leaves and enjoy. It’s exotic betel leaves from Veraganur. I bought it from there.
It wasn’t mouthful too. I’m your beloved son. Yes, I’m your beloved son. Hey Selvi! I’m your suitor,
may I buy bangles for you? – Hey, don’t want…
– Come on… Half sari is superb! Paramasayanam is my native place.
I was to perform in Singapore. Paramasayanam is my native place.
I was to perform in Singapore. Fear of war has forced us
to perform here for you. 73
00:08:00,402 –>00:08:00,743
Are you going upfront to have
a closer look at eunuchs? Greetings sir. What’s this nasty in a temple function?
Did you arrange all this? – It was me.
– Shall I tell sister about this? Our Godfather! Leader of Devars!
Hail Ezhilmuthu Ramalingam! An epitome of Mukkulathors comprising
of Lord Murugan’s devotees. Hey Sevvalai… Come here… – What?
– Why are you moving suspiciously? – Nothing.
– What nothing? – I said nothing, why are you searching?
– Do you hide something? Behave properly. Go. We went around the place many times. You said your man will be here.
Where is he? He will be here only. The man in green dress? Didn’t you find any better man? He followed me, but took to heels after seeing
my dad’s moustache. It would’ve scared him to death. Where are you going? You carry on…
I’ll be back now. Let’s go…let her meet her macho man. – Sir, look who’s coming?
– Hey, come here. – Where are you going?
– Silly question! To offer prayers. Look at the face of a devotee? Why sir? Shouldn’t we pray to God? Are we untouchables?
Stop joking, sir. Check and send him in. – Hey stop…wait, man..
– Hey, Didn’t hear sir’s call? What do you have? – Nothing sir.
– Do you have a knife? Sir, please leave me…
Sir, don’t suspect me always. Leave me, sir. Sir, I’ve nothing.
Sir, please leave me. Sir, why are you holding my brother?
Leave him sir… – Hey, move away. Sir, why are you troubling him? My brother is innocent.
Leave him, sir. Sir, please listen to me.
He is a good man. Leave him, sir. – Oh my god!
– Why are you pushing down a child? – Don’t stand…keep going…
– Where is your father? Sir, trust me. Leave me, sir. – He has nothing, sir.
– I say leave me. Get lost, teasing us. Hey, why are you standing there?
Go… Keep going…don’t stop, keep moving. – Are we here to be with you?
– Keep going” Brother, why are you standing here?
Let’s go. Haven’t you gone yet? Hey Mangayee… Your son and grandson have
stabbed the wrestling master. What are you saying? Yes. Police have arrested them. – Bloody sinners! Have you started
it again! -Come fast. They will not let you live peacefully. They will make you run from
pillar to post with their crimes. Is the temple function going on well?
Or any violent clashes? A small group is enough to brew trouble,
now people of 8 villages have gathered. How can there not be trouble?
It’s routine every year. Is it new? We have arrested two people for
stabbing incident. Greetings sir. Have you registered the case?
Where’s the Inspector? It’s a temple clash. Uncle, ask them to offer us a tea. – They are starving us.
-What? Feeling hungry? – Oh my god!
– What are you looking at? Hasn’t Inspector come yet? You beat us severely, didn’t you?
Got any idea of offering gruel to us? Wait. Inspector will get you something
from the temple function. Despite heavy presence of Police,
you’ve fulfilled your challenge. We are from a Warrior’s family.
Am I right, uncle? He would’ve killed me
in last year’s function. You would be celebrating
my death anniversary today. What if he had died today? Next year celebrate his
death anniversary! – Isn’t it son?
– You’re right. You will never reform.
Spend your life jails. Why did you bring him here? He hid a knife inside merry-go-round.
He’s the weapon supplier to them. – What supply?
– Weapon supply- How is it? Keep this knife along with that knife and
lock him up along with them. Sir, how did you manage
to find the right man? Clever man. He got promoted as SI after working in the
team that hunted down Veerappan. I was hoping to repay
my loan in 2 days. You’ve arrested me spoiling my livelihood.
What’s the connection between me & them? No criminal will admit his crime.
Keep quiet. – I want to see my grandson.
– Wait… I’ll talk to them… You give me way… Why did you arrest my son
and grandson? What did you do? There is a new law to arrest
temple devotees, isn’t it? Instead of arresting them for stabbing
a man. Do you want us to cajole them? Stop asking such stupid questions. We’ll talk to them once and leave. Are you recommending? Look, come here with a lawyer.
Constable, send them out. – Hey, clear them off. -Arrest the
old lady first for drug peddling. They are going wild because
this old lady bails them out. They marred a temple function
with a stabbing incident. The attitude of Paruthiveeran and
Sewalai is unbearable. Are you applying Sandalwood paste?
Make it fast… Don’t know when this cold war
will come to an end. – He’s the only man to do this right…
– Hey, go that side… Go out & play I’m going to change.
Go… make it fast. You will never allow us play. Uncle, supplied to Maridevar, Nallidevar
and Mokkapaiyyan. Who else then? Uncle and the wine shop owner. – Give them 2 large pieces.
– Get two large pieces. Idly is getting cold. What is she doing? She’ll then rush to school. Hey Muthalagu… Can’t you hear me? – Why are you playing it inside home?
– Don’t beat me. You didn’t create any problem
under influence of liquor, did you? – No uncle.
– Don’t unnecessarily get into trouble. – Don’t want to have breakfast?
– I’ll eat this. Come on let’s go Can they go scot free after stabbing
my brothel’! We’ll avenge it. – We’ll settle it now. Going to school?
– How do you feel then? Okay, go carefully. He’s on our side,
he’ll not give up on us easily. Why are you going this side? Follow me silently.
Need to explain you everything. – Uncle, are you fine?
– Yes Hey Ponamthinni! Why did you come
here instead of seeing the victim? You were complaining to me, right? Now tell him. Uncle, isn’t there a solution to
their over bearing attitude? You want us to sit like women
without any reaction, right? Did I say so? You are his brother, aren’t you? You go and stab them. If you can’t do it,
hire men and attack them. You’re saying as if I’m stopping you. You always stand by the clan.
What happened now? This is what I am. Brother, we are taking leave. Why leaving without having food? It’s getting ready. Okay then… – Okay uncle.
– Okay brother-in-law. What? Serve coffee to the guests. Though cousins are fighting each other,
I think blood is thicker than water. Don’t insult me for your enmity
by saying that. Don’t blame us if anything
happens to them. We will take revenge on them. Don’t say it. Do it. Why are you going this side
instead of school? You want to go to school? Go… Give my bag. You will never reform. – Won’t they put fans here, uncle?
– Hey sit down… You want me special instructions?
Get up… Go. Sir, I’m no way connected with them.
Please release me. Hey, shut up! Did you hide the knife
without any connection? Mani, bring that knife. Sit here. Sit properly. Give your clothes. Where is the weapon supplier? – He is inside.
– Bring him here. Sir, why are you calling me?
I want to go home. I say come out… Sir, I’m no way connected with them. I belong to a respected family.
Don’t invite trouble. – Shut up and sit.
– Oh my god! You’ll face the consequences
of your action. Shut up! Sir, why are you bringing him here? He isn’t fit to sit near us. – I hid the knife in merry-go-round.
– What? Is it you who hid the knife? Hey fool, why did you deny it
for two days then? Didn’t I tell you it was me? He has accepted it, hasn’t he? Hey you get “P! Why didn’t you accept this yesterday? – Sir, shall I take leave?
– Take him inside. I’ve to inquire. – Still, you’ll get nothing.
– Go inside man. Uncle, give a pose. Give a smile, don’t frown. – Hey, get up…
– That’s all? Get in. Get in. – Hey get inside…
– Return my dhoti. Are you trying to steal my new dhoti? They will not spare even a loin cloth. – See you then…
– Happy journey, dear. Hey Karuvachi, stop…won’t you? I say stop… What happened to that girl? Hey, you can’t catch me… I’ll definitely catch you… Inky pinky ponky…
father has a donkey… Donkey died… father cry… Inky pinky p0flKy—… – What is on your forehead?
– Blood. – Clear it off.
– I can’t. – Take hot water.
– I wiped it off. – What’s in your stomach?
– Cat. – How many cats?
– 1000 cats. – For me?
– Nothing! Hey, what are you doing here? Your mother is in search of you. I’ve informed my mother.
You mind your work. Hey, all are going to town…
Make it fast…they’ll leave. Why are you pestering me?
Mind your work. Hey, I say go… Hey fighter cock! He’s not interested,
you go with them. You mind your work.
Come on, lets play. Hey, I say get up…
sitting like a stone! Go… What are you looking at?
I’ll kick you! Go… Bloody spoilsport! Come on, lets play… I hate you! Get lost. I won’t play with you.
Get lost! Why you hate me?
Why will you not play with me? No answer.
Take off your hand. Hey Karuvachi, stop… Oh my god! Please rescue me from him. Oh my god! Please make her talk with me. Hey wait… Hey wait. Your fiance is
calling you, isn’t it? Reply me and go. Hey, don’t cross your limits.
I’ll beat you with slippers. I’m ready for that. You stop first… Hey, tum this side for a moment… You scoundrel… You dirty face! I’ll inform this to my father…
– ls your father so fearsome? You’ll never forget me in life, right? Hey Muthalagu, you can never forget me. His son is a wastrel like him! Look Sevvalai is there. Let’s rip out the boy’s skin.
Such atrocious behaviour at this age! – You’ve come with an army, brother-in-law?
-Don’t call me as brother-in-law. I don’t want to have any
relationship with you. Why are you creating trouble? Where is that scoundrel? Who? Your brother’s son! the rogue loitering around the town. Why do you want him? He has kissed an innocent girl. You both left the house
to teach him this? Hey, don’t accuse. He would’ve done it for fun. Would he do it wantonly? What else then? Didn’t you hear him?
Let’s take leave. Hey Ponamthinni!
Have you come for this? – Wait here.
– Okay. You got to have a status to play
such things with our girl! Are you and your mother trying to
rejuvenate the relationship with us? You will never leave
your cheap mentality. Hey, are you inviting
trouble voluntarily? If it continues, I’ll not care that
you’re my brother-in-law. What will you do? Will you cut off my head? Take out your sickle. You brought for talks and
picking up a bloody fight with him. Doesn’t he deserve that right? Trying to give them hints about rights. Ask him to call him out. Sevvalai, call him…
Let’s ask him. He wouldn’t have done like that.
He is very innocent. Let’s inquire him. What’s this? Why did you get angry on me? I’m not of such type. I knew that you had done this. All village elders are here. Whatever they ask you, swear on God
and say ‘no’. Come on.. Wait uncle.
I’ll finish eating and come. Getting smart with me? Come on I say. Come on.
– Clear your doubts, gentlemen. What did you do to her? Tell me, what did you do? Stupid! He will never reform! Giving stupid looks! Hey, open your mouth… He may afraid of you.
Small boy, isn’t it? Uncle, why should I be afraid of them?
Yes I kissed her. What can you do now? Hey, he accepted his mistake, didn’t he?
Good boy. Let’ s clear the place. Why are you sporting that big moustache? How dare he says ‘Yes’… I’ll kill you… Bloody fighter cock at this young age. Hey, I’ll definitely kidnap your girl,
it’s my challenge. Hey, you should never even dare
to turn her side. I’m not joking. Someday, I’ll definitely
kidnap your daughter. Wait till then. – Head or tail?
– Head. Shit! Take it. – Head or tail?
– Head. No tail. – You’re lying.
– You’re lying. – It’s cheating…
– No. You’re only cheating. I saw you changing the coin.. I didn’t do like that.
– Get lost, you scoundrel. Get lost, you blacky. – I’ll not spare you alive if you call
me ‘scoundrel’. – No way! Return my toy. I’ll go home. I can’t give you.
What can you do? You dirty dog! Oh my god! Help… Muthalagu fell into the well…
Come fast. Somebody please help me…
Shit! No one is here… Help…help… 2 of us are inside the well. Somebody help us… Isn’t any elder man there? Please help us… Help… Help… How come they are inside? Make it fast… What happened to that girl? Lift them up… Rotate it…rotate… What happened to her? This girl and that boy
were inside the well. It’s enough. Drop her down. Is she breathing? Yes. Lift her up… Girl, you’re alright now…
Open your eyes and see… Get up…open your eyes… Open your eyes…breathe… Girl, open your eyes… That’s it… take a breath… She is fated to live long.
She won’t die now. This well not take lives. Let’s drop her home. Why are you playing with her? He has done a good job. Full credit goes to him only. Why did you come here? Will you accept me as your friend? Hey, won’t you accept me
as your friend? I won’t. Hey please, accept me as your friend…
Please… Hey, won’t you talk to me? – Will you always be my friend?
– I will. Promise me that you’ll not ditch me?
– I swear, I won’t. Will you be my friend even
after you grow up? Oh sure! You will get married and go to
your In-law’s place, right? Then how can you talk to me then? Till I grow old like granny,
I’ll be with you only, okay? – Really?
– Yes. – Promise?
– Promise. 430
00:29:32,960 –>00:29:37,960
Two innocent young hearts
are falling in love. Both of are flying in air. Desires are taking deep roots. Two innocent young hearts
are falling in love. If it rains in dry & arid lands,
coconut shells will become umbrellas. If dowry is carried on
the toy carts. Guests will come on
butterfly driven carts. Two innocent young hearts
are falling in love. 439
00:30:42,697 –>00:30:45,371
No one taught them. Never attended any classes. It’s a tale never told
by any old woman. It is omnipresent naturally. Foundation for developing relationships. Love is life of the youth. Love is God’s command. It is the gift of world. Wow! Love changes the
outlook and persona. Two innocent young hearts
are falling in love. 450
00:31:46,861 –>00:31:52,004
Two innocent hearts are
turning against the tide. He has turned a grass
into her toe ring. And the girl is resting on his shoulder.. They enjoy sharing a feast in
the forest forgetting the world. Will they find a resting
place in a nest? Oh my God! At this young age! Two innocent young hearts
are falling in love. Both of are flying in air. Desires are taking deep roots. Two innocent young hearts
are falling in love. You’re becoming mad by writing
his name like an imposition. Mind your work. Why are you beating me? – Is your boy friend freed or not?
– He is king. Today he will be produced in the court. Get up. Drop down your loin cloth. Uncle, won’t we be freed today? Can’t say anything now. Today if we don’t get bail, we may have to stay here
for 2 more weeks. Oh no! – Had your tea?
– I had. Do you want bun? No. You have it. Why are you doing like this? – If I die, what will you do then?
– Stop blabbering. Won’t you allow me to eat peacefully? Is my worry blabber to you?
Arrogant fellow! They will call us only at 2 p.m.
Give him money. Atleast let him get us biryani. Adjournment is over,
why are you still here? My bail application is
coming up today. Is it? Will you get the bail? Or shall I send my lawyer for help? Section 326, 341! – It won’t be a problem.
– Don’t shout. See you then.. Says bye as if he’s going to Dubai! He is also like us only. He’ll stab blindly. Why did you stab there, son? If we stab in chest
he’ll become a hero, uncle. I aimed at him rightly,
but he suddenly turned. Please be quiet. If they hear you,
your bail order may get cancelled. Order tea for him. No need. Can you please be quiet? Hey look there. Just now I warned you. Hey Old, why don’t you advise him? I may go to jail before
getting them out on bail. Hey, can’t you keep quiet? Are the accused present here? Yes. Two accused are present,
your honour. Paruthiyur Police. – Take it.
– What is your name? – Sevvalai sir.
– And your name? Paruthiveeran. Crime no. 11252006. I grant bail to both of you in this case. You must sign everyday in the
Paruthiyur police station. The arrack quality is not good. Yes uncle, even Vadai is horrible. That’s why we must brew our own arrack. Uncle, I have a wish. What is it son? I feel very bored visiting the same
Kamuthi Court & Madurai jail. Look at me! We must commit a big crime and visit Madras jail at least
once in our life time. Why such a desire? No matter what crime we commit,
the news comes in a page corner. Our photos get published rarely. But the police surround us. If it is in Madras, they will take us in a van, TV media will interview us, and uncle I can say good-bye to you also. We can become famous in just a day. – You have told me, right?
– Yes. – You have told me, right?
– Yes. – You have told me, right?
– Yes I have told you. Forget about it. We will commit something big
in the next 6 months. Okay. – Now have your drink. -I’ll go
crazy before making you understand Taste pickle. Get me another glass of arrack. Uncle look! Have you slept? Get down. What brings you here? We are here to offer prayers to God. Is she here to light the lamp? How dare you bring a girl to my place? Go. Leave this place. Why are you leaving? Come here. We gave her the money. – Money? How much?
– Rs. 100. Rs. 100? Isn’t it too much? Okay, you just pay obeisance. I will offer the prayers. – Sir…
– Go away. Just get out. You come inside. You look very innocent. Will you sleep with anyone who pays you? Girls get strangled and dumped in wells. – Is it?
– Don’t you read newspaper? Looks like you are very innocent. I’m the lone king of the forest. Colourful roses decorate my garden. I’m a play bOV- And girls beautify…still here? Since you have finished.
We will take care of her. We pinned all our hopes on her. Go. Inform me whenever you bring girls here. – Let’s share the joy.
– Okay. Go. – Sir.
– Yes. – Inform us whenever you
bring girls here. -What? – Inform us whenever you
bring girls here. -Oh Sure. You are getting smart with me. Get up. Fully drunk! Get up. Is it you? Thank God! I thought someone else. You are so scared,
why do you stab others then? I’m not scared. I am very alert. I can see that from your face. You commit some crime & go to jail. Should I wait for your release? Who asked you to wait for me? – Go & study.
– Where are you going? – Leave my dhoti. I’m not wearing brief.
– Sit down. I said sit down. You are a goon to others not for me. – Sit.
– Leave it. I said sit. Planning to escape? But I won’t leave you. Leave it, I may get stripped. Tell me whether that woman
is looking at us or not. Why should I check that for you?
Wait…I’ll check. Yes. She is looking at us. She will tell your father. I know what she will do.
You sit down. You stabbed a man
in the village festival. What if his men
had killed you there? – Leave this world. Is it a big deal?
– Am I here to see you getting killed? You can’t die so easily. You must marry & live with me. Don’t you’ve to get the stick for all the
crimes you’ve ever committed. You are talking too much. Leave it. You wanted me to promise you. – Now, don’t you need me?
– I do that everyday. – What?
– What is your problem? Leave my dhoti. I am not joking. Don’t ever think that I will marry
someone else and have children. I sworn to God that I’ll show
my nude body only to you. If my father, mother or
you try to alter it, I will die. Say something good early morning
not about death. Go. You disturbed my sleep to tell this. Go I say. Her friends are married and
have children now. But she’s roaming like a lone cow. Earlier she used to listen to parents. But now she decides on her own. – Don’t taunt me.
– Why should I? Tell me, where are you coming from? That woman must have told you everything. Do you want to hear from
the horse’s mouth? Your words and actions aren’t right. It is your good time that
he is not at home. – If he knows this, he’ll kill you.
– What will he do? You & the villagers are scared of him. How dare you say that! – I will kill you…
– Go ahead. Why are you shouting so loudly? She is not helping me at home. You don’t even question her. From fetching water to washing clothes, I do every thing. She is shouting at me. Then why are you shouting like hell? Your ego isn’t satisfied till
you comment on me. Muthalagu, come here. Do you know, your mother
came in the morning? I know. What is the problem at home? Nothing. I heard that your mom and
you had an argument. She came to see you today. She cares so much about you. She would’ve come to check whether
I am in school or in the forest. You are a school going girl. He spends most of the time in jail. How could you fall in love with him? – Aren’t you ashamed to fail
4 years for him? -Why should I? If you don’t like me,
I won’t come to school. I’ve studied enough to become his wife. – Why are you so rude with
everyone for him? – Rude? I would have been dead
when I was 8 years old. If he wasn’t there to save my life. I must give myself to him. You old man! Take it. Staring at a woman’s photo! They are here again. Prepare 2 cups of tea for us. Special or ordinary? – Special.
– Uncle, how are you? – Tell me.
– You’re very affectionate today. – Come, let’s go.
– Why so early? Let’s go. – Let me finish my tea.
– Come I say. – How was this!
– Great. Though you both are relatives,
he is a respectable man in this village. Teasing him in public place. Atleast respect his age. Sewalai, you are with him always.
Can’t you advice him? He never listens to me. I told him to reform before some dog
starts advising you. But he doesn’t care. Since you have told me today. Am I your scapegoat for today? Drink tea & leave the place. – Let your owner say that.
– Who? Douglas brother. Douglas…? I hired him yesterday only. Are you the owner of this shop? Give him respect. – He felt pity & hired you.
– What can he offer me? Is this what you tell everyone
in the village? – How was that?
– Great. You might have said that.
Get out. – Happy…?
– So, you are not the owner. Get lost. He said that to me. Now I know he had lied to me. What do you want me to do? You boozed last evening
and asking me now? You are coming to
Sakthivel temple tomorrow. I will be waiting there.
We will offer prayers together. Why should I pray? I can’t tell you all that.
You are coming. Okay. I will come. If you fail to come on my birthday, I will go wild. Please do so.
He is irresponsible. How is your mother?
Does she know that you are coming here? She doesn’t know. But she is fine. Why don’t you come home & see her? Why should I come?
Should I come & see her? – To hell with her.
– Okay. You don’t need to come. Don’t let him sleep till 10 O’clock. – Send him on time.
– Am I singing a lullaby? Get up. She has come for you.
But you are still sleeping. She has no other job. She told you to be somewhere. – Didn’t you go?
– I’m going elsewhere because of her. Don’t act. You fight with everyone in the village. You beat others if they
say anything wrong. But she shouts at you so much,
but you never say anything. – You have a soft corner for her.
– I can’t go after her. It is not good for a guy like me. Are you such a good man? You kissed her when you
were just 10 years old And daringly accepted it before elders. Now acting innocence? If you like her, take her away. We don’t know when we will get killed. How can I desire to live with her? – What would happen to our goal?
– What goal? I mean the TV, interview,
Madras jail. Looks like you won’t take me there. How could you go back
on your promise? She is after you all the time. She will forget me if I chase
her away a couple of times. Poor girl! She is tormenting me. You call her a poor girl. In fact I am the poor soul. Earlier she was very black. But now she has turned bright. If you have money,
you can make crows also fairer. Don’t say things just like that. Will you become fair if you get money? Do you know how fair I was as a kid? The hot sun made me dark. Dash. Don’t leave him. Good. Good. He is calling you. Why would they call me?
Will he get his daughter married to me? Hey you… They are calling me. What is your problem? What do you want? Drawing out knives will not
make you a fighter. You need to have guts to be
brave not any weapon. You are right. Tell that to him who
was stabbed on buttocks. They called me to say this. May be they are you friends. They are blabbering
without even drinking. We didn’t get you on the other day. We would have cut your balls. Leave me uncle, let me finish it
once for all, group is not strength. They are provoking you wantonly. You have been here since morning. Who are you waiting here for? I am waiting to your husband. We had planned to go to
watch a film in town. Now not came? Tell him to come quickly. What? Waiting go to a cinema? Today’s youth are not trustworthy. You may do it, my man is
also not a gentleman. What happened to you? Sitting lonely, talking and
shaking the hands. Was it like that to you? Nothing, I’m practicing music. You know? I don’t know? I know only my jobs. How long you will you be like this? Shouldn’t you become like Susheela? Why should we try to be like her? How told this type.
You come, I will teach music for you. I am very tried. I can’t learn music. Shut up, I was yearning to learn music.
Let’s try to learn music. Mother come on, I will teach you. Now all of you, You listen to me,
how can I sing and repeat it. Don’t make any mistakes. Why is she scaring us? We can’t sing that. You sing. – Listen.
– We can’t sing. Sing. – What is she singing?
– Some shit! Sing. – You sing.
– I’ve work. I am going. How could you leave us here? Looks like no body is worth to sing.
Watch out now! I will teach you this song once. Will you sing properly, old woman? I will prepare a dish from tamarind, …prepare coffee from poisonous milk Drink it. You will feel music
in your tongue. You don’t need musical pipes. I will teach you the
musical notes for free. A idle girl has many husbands. Only a marriage can control
your mischief. Is it rush of young blood?
We have had our share long back. 810
00:53:49,816 –>00:53:54,458
I’ve a great knowledge about music. Do you have the interest to learn? Careful with your ear rings. I will teach you this song once. Will you sing properly, old woman? I will teach you this song once. Has this girl gone mad? Singing songs to all those passing by. If you don’t come and
wish me on my birthday… Uncle has come fully prepared. I wonder where he is. He has opened the bottle
to lessen my work. Very affectionate uncle. Will he get intoxicated? We give this to bulls.
It is very strong. I should at least leave this for my uncle. Where did he go? It is very good. He will ask me for his share. Who kept this here? Who are they? Why are they walking upside down? Are they coming from circus company? Don’t pull my hand. Caressing me with flowers?
Who are you? What are you doing? – Shut up.
– Okay. I will listen to you if you
say anything with love. MUTHALAGU Make it fast. I waiting for you but
you never thought about me. You will think about me every moment. What’s the point in thinking about you? Come face to face,
why are you compromising for a fight? Uncle, I will buy arrack
tomorrow for sure. Tell them to stay there. Let’s go out first. Let them live as they wish. I can’t watch all this nasty stuff. Take your hands off.
It is not nice. Call her. Hey Muthalagu, come here. Can’t you hear me? Come here. What? Where were you till now without
going to the school? Didn’t I go to school? I went to Angayarkanni’s
house after school. Why are you lying? Who told you that I didn’t
go to school? Your father. Why do you ask me when you know it? You scoundrel!
How dare you speak like that? What’s making you to go after him? I will kill you. Why are you insulting us? You act as if you know nothing. Why are you beating me?
Have you gone mad? Are you trying to rebuild
the old relationship? It is you & your family who do it. Get your daughter married to someone
or kill her. I don’t care. Why should I suffer
because of you both? You old woman! Die. How many times to tell you
to perform her marriage? But you never listen to me. You wanted an educated groom. Now you feel the heat. Where are you going? Come here. What will you do?
The same blood runs in my body too. Why are you beating her? You bitch!
How dare you speak like that? Don’t beat her. You better die. If I walk on the shit by mistake,
I will cut my leg. But you want to bring the
stench to our home. It started from your family
and it is still haunting me. I was careless when people told me. But today I saw her with him. You complained about him when
he kissed you as a little girl. I was very happy. But today… If this had happened in
someone else’s family, I wouldn’t be able to bear it.
But you are bringing him into my family. Stop going to school. If you go to school…
I will kill you all & go to jail. She is not listening to us. Why are you crying? ls someone dead?
Serve me meat. – Why do you behave like this?
– Serve some more. I said more. My body needs strength
to take his beatings. Stop looking at me. Come on. Let’s play. For me…? Do you have money? I am your uncle.
Asking me money? Relations don’t matter in gambling. Won’t you lend me money? Borrowing & lending is not
in gambling. Sit aside. Put it down. – It’s alright.
– Put it down I say. Throwing weight on me? She tattooed on your chest. It was he who bought the liquor bottle. – You’ll pay for it.
– What? I didn’t do it intentionally. You got drunk because it was free. Have they sent you out? Do you have money? It is in the locker.
But I don’t have the key. How can I have money
if I am with you guys? – You want money, right?
– Yes. Get him. He has lot of money. He is a pauper.
How could he have money? He does have money. – Hey Douglas…
– Yes. Come here. Say it from there itself.
I am busy. Do you have money? Yes. I do have.
What’s bothering you? How did you get money? I borrowed it for interest
to buy a cow. Cow? For what? No one can spoil my business.
I am the owner. Only I should spoil my business. – Just find out what it is.
– This is our last meeting. What is it? Today, you will buy a cow. Tomorrow, you’ll buy land, build a house
and become village president. You will contest elections, become
an MLA, Minister and then CM. But should we remain pasting
your posters all our life? You will go in a car. I was just going to buy a cow. But you are talking about my posters! What do you want? Can’t you see them playing cards?
Why don’t you also play? – I have lot of work. Leave me.
– Come. You are planning to make
me your scapegoat. But I am very clever. Sit down. You Play- Why rope? Stupid question? To tie the cow.
I can’t put a cow in my pocket. I have lot of work. Make it fast. How much will money will you stake? How much do you want? You are the king of knives.
I am the king of cards. If I start to play all the jokers
will be mine. Play. Is Rs. 200 okay? – As you please.
– Cut this card. Go & get me a drink boy. – Let’s have it after winning.
– Is it? Okay. How can I finish game
if I’ve 13 jokers? Can I get you a soft drink? Get me a beer. I will win.
Just wait. I will finish it off. Show. Game over. Shall I get you a soft drink? Okay. You play. I will get back what I lost.
Now I put Rs. 500. Did you see Paruthiveeran & Sevvalai? You take bribes from them
and set them free. I wonder how many are going
to suffer because of them. What are you talking about? They are on top. And they have lots of money.
Go and take your share. – What is the rope around your neck?
– To commit suicide. Go. Would they apply turmeric powder
to money to buy a cow, uncle? Where should I search for you? You’ve become too arrogant. Won’t you come and sign
properly in the station? They are shouting at us. Since you take bribe from us,
take their stick too. Give that to me. Why didn’t you come to
the court last time? You are coming to the court tomorrow. We have to recall the warrant. You have taken all the money. Take it. What is this for? Is this your hard earned money? You can’t have all the money. Give it. How dare you take money from
a policeman’s pocket? I’ll wear his uniform
and take a photo. No, uncle,
he is just a constable. I will get the clothes of the Inspector. – He is too heavy.
– Lets make pickle out of him. He removed my dhoti
in front of everyone. That’s why I want to
remove his clothes. But you promised me to
get me Inspector’s uniform. Do we have to lift this pig? Here is the temple.
Let’s shave his head. Do anything you want.
But first, let’s put him down. He must be around 150 kgs.
Put him down. Uncle… Just one minute. When he insulted you by
removing your dhoti, – we were quiet.
– Yes. When he looted money from us,
we kept quiet. But today, he slapped me for
taking money from his pocket and insulted our entire clan. It is a great insult. Enough of keeping quiet.
Come out. Where is your knife? Take it. …cut it.
– Yes, my lord. The judge felt pity on us. Even the Goddess of justice
felt pity on us. Both my relatives & neighbours forgot us. – Uncle, I have cut it.
– Is it? Leave me. Run boy. He has cut
the police man’s ear. – You know this?
– What? Your nephew and your brother
have cut a policeman’s ear. – What are you saying?
– Yes. It is true. They did this to him when he went
to tell them to come to the court. Is it true? So, they will not reform. Not only that, they are on run. Police is interrogating your mother. Why don’t you go & see her once? There are still many issues unsolved. Are you planning to send me
out of this house? He is already furious on them. If we surrender to the court,
we needn’t have to go hiding. – It’s all because of you.
– What? You should have beaten him.
But you cut his ear. It was you who told me
to cut his ear. But trying to put the blame on me now. When did I tell you? You spoke like the King Kattabomman. Trying to blame it on me. I know you very well. It was so hot that I blabbered.
But you cut his ear. Looks like we won’t see Madras Jail and will spend all our lives
in the jails down south. We will find someone for that too. Police are coming to catch you both. I can hear that boy’s voice. Is it? Police are here to catch you. Uncle, they are here.
They beat us to pulp. Run. Run. Don’t get caught. Uncle, don’t get caught. Run. – Do you think you can catch me?
– Stop throwing sand on me. Stop. What are you doing here with
a deaf guy to guard the house? Do you know this? Sevvalai & Paruthiveeran have
surrendered in Manamadurai court. You’re busy cutting your hair
when I am so serious. Why are talking about
those dogs with me? They can’t come out so easily.
The case is very strong. It will take 6 months
for them to come out. Why don’t we find a boy and
get Muthalagu married now? Do you understand? Say something. Only today you have given
me a perfect idea. Find a boy in your side. Let’s conduct her marriage in 10 days. What did you consume? Come & see my grand daughter. Muthu, what happened to you?
You scoundrel! See what she has done to herself. Did you fix the alliance to kill her? Get lost. Even you were with him. I don’t need your help. I will take care of my grand daughter. What I’m going to do? Somebody help me. – Did you scold her?
– Why would I scold her? Put a knot around her waist. Open your eyes, dear. Please save her. You already took 2 lives in
the name of caste. Do you want to kill her too? I think your wife will beat you for
losing all your money here. I am warning you.
Finish off with this game. – Keep quiet.
– Play… – Wait, why are you in a hurry?
– Here is the money. The business is going down everyday. Count it & keep the arrack inside. Looks like you have brought
back most of the stock. Am I going to a town
to sell for thousands? How can I do business
when I’ve a competitor? – Who is the other guy?
– Sivanandi. Why are they selling in our area? Did you sell in their area? Why would I do that? Joker & show. The game is over.
Keep the money down. Where are they doing the business? Go & tell your brother.
He might just walk away. Can’t you keep quiet? Why ruin my living? Go & mind your work. I think you’re poking your nose
into unnecessary things. For brewing arrack and
doing business for her, she killed our own men. If she hadn’t done it,
I would’ve done it. Our own men…? Who came to our rescue
when we were dying in hunger? Where did these men come from? We can’t live abandon all our relations
and lead a solitary life. We need someone by our side. Why do it for her? Let’s brew attack behind our house
start our own business. Our house? The place you are sitting,
your clothes, the food we eat, – Everything is her mercy.
– Don’t keep repeating it. I don’t need her mercy. And I don’t want to
live such a life either. Now you are talking with lot of pride. When you married her, your mother asked for 13 sovereigns
of gold as dowry & got it too. I borrowed money from
that lady for that too. You sold that too. Let caste & relations be with you. I want to be faithful to the one
who gives us daily bread. I know only that. – I don’t care about anything.
– What I mean to say is that If the victims’ families come to me…
– Send them to me. I will handle them. You don’t have to be my mouthpiece. No matter whatever I tell him,
he doesn’t listen to me at all. He doesn’t even respect me. Has she mesmerized him?
He is always seen in her house. Why blame him?
Let’s send them both to hell. Don’t do anything stupid. It is we who have lost men.
Don’t we have any honour. – We can’t leave her.
– I didn’t stop you. Do anything you want.
But our men shouldn’t die. Tie her legs. Hold her head straight. Have courage.
All the poison has come out. She is safe now.
Wash her face with water. They killed my sister
when she was alone. Police, even you have a hand in this. – We will take care of him.
– Don’t create any problem. – Leave him. Go slowly.
– Listen to me. I will kill them.
Give me the knife. Why are you shouting? They killed my sister. She wasn’t scared of anything.
Why do you cry? She was like a man. Let’s make her death procession,
a grand one. Hey Go…go man. Though you are from an upper caste, you joined hands with
these low caste people, and performed her last rites
in front of the villagers. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? Just mind your work. Okay?
Advice someone else. Why are you so rude with him?
He is also from our caste. You make all our caste men
as our relatives. There are 12 cases pending
against you. If I start digging your past,
you will be in jail for life. Is it okay? I spared you because
we belong to the same caste. Leave this shit.
Let’s do our own business. He has agreed to co-operate. To hell with your caste! You couldn’t be faithful
to her for a day. A girl has lost her parents & crying. Still you are obsessed by caste, right? What do you mean by caste? Is it being a traitor or a pimp
or running for your life? Our caste men are not used to that. Why are you telling me to do that? Since she is dead,
you feel that everything is over. I am still alive. Get down. Careful. Tell them to stop there.
Let’s go out first. Then, they can do anything at will.
I can’t see all this shit. Why have you done? Many were living in Chellatha’s mercy. When I saw her daughter’s stranded,
caste meant nothing to me. You could have told me
about this, couldn’t you? I would’ve told you.
But I feared you’ll not accept. So, you knew that
she wouldn’t agree, right? Then why did you do this? You feel proud of yourself for being
the bread winner of this family. Or did she bring you here saying
that this is your house? – Stop shouting at me…
– Don’t talk too much. Didn’t I tell you that this
will happen one day? It is not nice to hold his collar. Let’s go. You don’t have to leave. I never liked my mother’s activities. I never liked to live there.
So, I came to live with you all. If you don’t like me,
we will leave the house. – Come. Let’s go
– Don’t go. No mother.
We came here to live together. But now, we won’t live here. She lost her parents. If she hurts her with words, I will be forced to
make Sithamma a widow. Take this money. – What will I do with it?
– This is our last meeting. Don’t ever come to see us. Let the so called “Shit” be with me. Mother… Kaluvadeva, you solve everyone’s problem. But why did this happen in your house? Stop being a caste fanatic.
Try to be human now. I fixed a boy for your daughter. They’re coming on Friday to see her. What happened?
Is she fine? Say something. I only ate the seeds. I knew I would die
if I consume everything. I am not mad to die so soon. If I die, you will lose your honour. If you lose your honour,
you will also die. I don’t have all that. I want to give myself to him.
That’s all. If you try to stop me,
I will become pain in your neck. What are you talking? Stop being a pimp- Stop. If you step on the shit,
it would be nice to say to cut your leg. But it is impractical. Instead wash the shit away. You don’t have 5 pairs of legs, do you?
To lose a pair! You just have a pair of legs. Let’s not create problems.
Have patience. He has come out on bail. Didn’t you hear me? You both are mad. I should beat myself with slipper
for telling this to you. Does he know about the things
happened in my house? – No. Why? Didn’t you tell him? He won’t listen to anyone now. He will be busy for the next 2 days. Go & see. You will understand. Stop looking at me like that. Who is that? Wow! Our Douglas! When did you join them? But you won’t let me live, will you? What will you do with them? Their singer has eloped
with the dancer. That’s why I joined their troupe. – Do you know to sing?
– I’ve learnt singing. Is it? Is that a sunflower on your head? What’s that shining on your cheeks?
You look very sexy. Tell your troupe members
to sing & dance for us. You’re a pain.
He never allowed last to sing. He was tortured us the entire
night to catch the mike. Now you too? All are very tired. Will they listen to your explanations? They will not let us go without
singing & dancing for them. Uncle, stop talking, ask the
beauties to sing & dance. My son has ordered, if you go
without performing I’ll kill you. – Get up…fix a drink for me.
– Come, they’ll not let us go. There is a tamarind tree
giving us cool breeze. In my birth place of Madurai,
every man is leader. 1259
01:27:06,644 –>01:27:11,644
United like bullocks under
the yoke of a cart. Got trapped with a rogue. Hey, stop it…l say stop it… I asked you to sing a song…
teasing me? Hey, come here…you also come here… Form a line.. Shake your waist well while dancing. If you touch sensitive places,
I won’t spare you. Look, how she is feeling shy! Hey, beat the drums… Oh beauty queens!
You’re our life partners! Would you like to be our partners
or concubines? You’re my young lassie. Shall! use you as side dish
pickle for my liquor? Mind blowing beat! Oh young boy!
Acting smart in this deserted forest. My legs are paining by dancing
all the last night. My legs… What if your legs pain after
dancing the entire night? Don’t act too smart with this hero. I’m not acting smart, my dear. Don’t blame me like a fool. – With many floors and a chest
like window. -Well said, uncle. You’re my young wife I stealthily
look through the window. – Wow! Hey, Oldie, I’ll marry only you! – Don’t say like that I’m feeling shy.
– Yes! Hey stupid! Are you also
wishing for wife? On the forehead… Come on… Putting dot on the forehead
and wearing a silk sari… High noon, on the oneway path… I don’t know the reason of your going. You are the king of lies. You will cheat me after
raking desires in me. How can we believe your words & actions? Oh my dear! You’ve a beautiful coiffure. You jump like deer on the path. We find it difficult to read your minds. Hey you stupid little brat!
Get lost. Hey you stupid little brat!
Get lost. You are twaddling & wasting your time. Don’t talk to me.
I’m going to thrash you out. Don’t talk to me.
I’m going to thrash you out. Oh my dear! Come closer
and try to understand me… You can’t hate this lovable man. If you understand us,
you can’t hate us. What Mr. Piper!
Why are you simply watching us? Why can’t you play the music? Will you play it or shall I? 1309
01:32:47,918 –>01:32:53,527
– I’m dead! – They are down.
Let’s run. Help our sister. – Give me my slippers.
– Who is that? – Get lost.
– They almost killed me. Scoundrels! Are you happy now, son? It was superb uncle. Great fun. Why are you sleeping in hot sun?
Come, let’s go home. I didn’t feel the heat. Stop. You donkeys! Aren’t you ashamed to get
drunk and dance in hot sun? This was just for fun. We were in jail for a month. We were rejuvenating ourselves. Are you his uncle?
You’re like a goon. What did you do for him till now? Did you ever give him good advice? – Did you ever send him for any work?
– What? Did you teach him to respect
those who love him? What did you do for him? – I’m doing everything right.
– What right? You will know about life only
when you have a family. You remained a bachelor. Do you plan to make him
also remain a bachelor? Who are you to ask all that? – Forget it. it might be unintentional.
– Stop it. I’ve told her many times.
But she never understands. Am I after you? Why are you torturing me wherever I go? To hell with you. Hit me. Hit me as you like or even kill me. That’s why I am still alive. I need all this for loving you. My father beats me for meeting you. And you beat me for coming to see you. What do you want me to do? Tell me. Shall I die? Hereafter I won’t pretend. I will die for sure. Get lost. I will be happy. Then why the hell
did you save me that day? You could’ve let me die. I was foolish to have saved you. You’re torturing me
from that day onwards. When I am not interested, leave me. Why are you talking like this? Am I torturing you? I think about you and
I want to live with you. I can’t tolerate you all the time. Are you showering your love on me? Are you the only one to show
love & affection on me? Get lost. If I also die, you will become an orphan. I love you so much.
I want you. Why don’t you understand my feelings? I want you. I like only you. And I want you. Forgive me if I am wrong. Leave it, Uncle.
She is a mad girl. Don’t take her words into account. Let’s go…let’s have a drink and come. Come on. Will you come with me or not? You shouldn’t have beaten her. Did he beat her also? What do you think of yourself? Are you both supporting her? Since your master beat you often,
I stopped you going to school. Do you know what that man had done? He sent us out to protect
our family reputation. I’m just your paternal uncle. She has parents and wealth. She considers you as her world
ignoring everything else. He won’t understand it. Don’t bother about anyone
and die alone. I don’t feel for abusing me.
But her love is true. Hey, what happened to you?
Why aren’t you talking with me? You left the place without informing me.
I was searching for you. I’ve come now, haven’t I?
Talk to me… Do you know one thing? Yesterday in the forest,
I saw a fist sized ant. Get lost, you liar!
How can you see a fist sized ant? If you want, come and have a look. Repeat what I say.
You shouldn’t change anything. Yes, tell me. How can I sleep here? It’s your room, isn’t it?
Won’t you’ve mat and pillows? What is this? How can we sleep on floor? You can sleep anywhere. Shit! I’m not able to remove it. Hey, where are you going?
Come here… It’s alright even if you don’t pay me. Hey, wait. Brother, I know that you’re a bravo. But this needle doesn’t know it, right? Hey, it’s paining. Tattoo it slowly… That’s all. – What man? It’s very painful.
– It’ll be like that only. That day, she tattooed it
gently, painlessly. Such a tough man,
talking about flowers? Softly? Brother, anywhere on your body wouldn’t
have pained you that day. It’s over…I’ll tattoo it
without pain… Tattoo is finished – Yes finished.
– What finished? Tattoo Paruthiveeran Muthahgu. – Where is that?
– What? Make a tattoo of heart with
an arrow piercing it. – You have to pay more.
– First make the tattoo. What ever you do,
your match isn’t mind blowing. Hey, I’m going to give you nicely. What are you looking at?
Only her name is beautiful. But you are a handsome guy, aren’t you? Hey, do what I say, man. I told her many times not
to prepare pulses sambar. Hey, what is this? What? I saw something on your chest. Nothing, go. Show me. What’s all this? Is this how you
treat a grown up boy? Looks like you might even
remove my dhoti? Why are you getting so irritated? Do you have money, old woman? If you ask money I’ll burn your leg.
Get lost. – Wait for me.
– Why? I may have lot of work.
I can’t take you everywhere I go. Better be at home. He wants to come with me. You brat, come. Let’s go. You used to curse me always.
He won’t be like me. – He will come up in life.
– What do you mean? Watch my words.
He will come up in life. – He is following us. Talk to him.
– Just keep walking. Don’t turn. Walk. She is deaf old lady.
How could she hear your whispers? Stop hissing like a snake.
Hey Muthalagu… Keep quiet.
Don’t I know to call her by name? We should not call any girl
by her name in public. Love is very tender & soft. Go & call her. Muthalagu…Muthu…Alagu…
Hey Muthalagu… – You blacky stop…
– Blacky? I will hit you. He wants to talk to you.
Ask him what? What? To hell with your stupid gestures. He wants you to come to temple. Let’s go. Why are you making gestures? My eyes speak boy.
But she is not clever to hear it. She is anyway 9th class fail. What is the matter? I didn’t slap you intentionally. My uncle brought me up as a child. I got angry when you abused him. That’s why I slapped you.
But crying is of no use. Talk to me as you did earlier. Hit me if you want to. Hit me. Not here. – I won’t cry like you.
– What do you want? You don’t have to feel all alone.
Even I’ve got that feeling. Aren’t you drunk, are you? Do you think I will be drunk always? Even I’ve gone mad. Now a days I hear only
love songs on radio. Neither liquor nor beer
can intoxicate me. Even arrack couldn’t make me sleep. But when I close my eyes,
you fill my dreams. Who else will come in my dreams? – Superb! I never saw you talking
like this before. – Get lost. You send me away when
your work is done. What? I didn’t mean that. There is something else. Look. An arrow piercing my heart. Take a good look at it.
Is it nice? Lie on my chest. What’s happening? Looks like what I never wanted
to happen will happen. This is nothing.
Let’s advice them both. Are you afraid of your brother-in-law? They are our children.
They will listen to me. Keep quiet. They respect nobody. What happened to that wrestler? We are different from that wrestler. They can’t be rude with me.
We are different. Even senior police officers
were scared of me. Leave it. Why are you shouting at him? We will deal this matter differently. What different?
Will you go to the police? We must try to solve the
matter immediately. I am talking to you. Come with me. Stop dancing. You go to jail often. – She loves you. I agree.
– Who? I mean Muthalagu. Her parents are against your love. What should you do now?
Better leave her. Can’t you find a better girl than her? What is he saying? He brings trouble with him. What has he come with now? Give me due respect. Respect for you? I know about your family. You dig the graves & take the
money thrown inside. You are talking to much. I am not scared of your brother.
You are nothing to me. – Have patience.
– You can’t say anything you like. Better be careful, my boy.
He will dig your grave too. What are you talking?
I used to play with your heads. Played with heads?
Did you attain puberty then? Want to fight with me?
I will kill you & go to jail. You don’t know me.
I mean what I say. – Just listen.
– Don’t try to provoke me. I will slit your throat right here. Oh my God! You are shouting too much. Will you kill my uncle when I am alive? Why are you hitting me, son-in-law? Son-in-law? Am I married to
your daughter? Get up. – Why are you beating that boy?
– Get up. You little brat! Come here. You go around the village with a
cloth on your shoulders. Go. Don’t come alone.
Ask your elders to come. Only today I expressed
my love to her. – Leave me. I will go away.
– Sit down. Rap his head. It’s paining. No…leave me. Stay put in the house.
But you don’t. You always poke nose
into other’s matters. That’s why they rapped your head. Add salt to it.
Only then blood clot will be removed. I advised you not to go to them. Why do you want to get
insulted by them? They have hit him very hard
on his head. It has swollen big. Leave it. Stop crying like a child. Atleast you advice him. – He’s crying since afternoon.
– Why should he cry? – Be brave. Wipe your tears.
And eat this fruit. – No, thanks. I didn’t feel bad because they hit me. They made a boy rap my head. I still can’t bear that. When I think about it, tears fall. We will do something to cool you down. You won’t come to ask for my hand. You hit the old man who told
you to forget about me. Beating them is no solution. Marry me. Be patient. We fell in love just now. You can’t expect everything
to happen in a jiffy. We must find an auspicious day, and an auspicious hour
for our marriage. When will that happen? Will my father wait till you marry me? Look, be it 5 or 10 years. I’ve to
refuse all the alliances & sit at home. Don’t dream that my father
will perform our marriage? If you really want to marry me,
I will give you an idea. Implement it. – What?
– Kill my father. Kill your father…? Though educated,
you’re still a caste fanatic. One rogue is enough for a family. It won’t be nice if police comes
home looking for you also. Okay. You be the only rogue in family. I have another idea. – But you must have guts to do it.
– Tell me. Sleep with me & have a child. You are talking too much.
Do I look so cheap to you? I will kill you. What is your problem?
Making love or making love to me? Do you think I don’t know
your nocturnal visits? I know everything about you. Still I love you & but buried
everything in my heart. If you go there after marriage,
I will break your legs. You want me to marry you, right? I will think about it & tell you.
Now you leave. Why are you in a hurry? Do you feel guilty on knowing the truth? It’s getting late.
Your father will be looking for you. – Okay. I’ll go. You mind your work.
– Go. Get up. Why are you following me? Is your house this way? Go. You are going alone. I will accompany
you till the bank of the river. What if something happens to you! I don’t need your sympathy.
Get lost. Don’t be so proud. Will you leave or not? Just because I love you doesn’t
mean that you can dominate me. People are scared of me.
Do you know that? – I know. Go.
– Get lost. – Better go.
– Don’t be too stubborn. – What will you do?
– You can never be reformed. – Still standing there?
– I am not following you. Don’t go. Wait. Find out what it is about.
Listen to me. Stop day dreaming.
You might fall into the pond. Go home. Oh my dear! I’ll teach you the
pleasures of love. Come to me. I’m eagerly waiting for you here. Come to me leaving behind
your shyness. Come on, my girl! 1616
01:55:55,705 –>01:56:00,705
Oh my cherry fruit!
I’m going to imprison you. Oh my god!
He is killing me with his looks. He gave me a love potion. I’ve become a slave
for your true affection. I don’t care even if you kill me. I’m here to die by your order. Oh my god! I’m losing my control. I’m slightly walking away
from my modesty. You’ve the fragrance of poison. Your affection is killing me. You’ve taken root in my heart. Oh my god!
My dhoti is slipping away. Now a days, I’m becoming a coward. 1630
01:58:03,666 –>01:58:08,666
Like a toad inside the stone,
shall I hide inside your beard? Like your shadow,
shall I stay with you in this forest? 1633
01:58:46,675 –>01:58:51,988
When ever I see A yyanar’,
I remember only you. How come this hotshot girl
has become so soft? I’m a fresh flower. You’re my fragrance. Oh my black thunder! Your single touch turns
sickle into sugarcane. Oh my black thunder! Your single touch turns
sickle into sugarcane. I’ve become slave for your true affection. I don’t care even if you kill me. I’m here to die by your order. Who is that ringing the bell? – Hi!
~ Hi! All these days I’ve lived a useless life. But when I knew that a girl loves me, I didn’t want to wait. I’ve decided to become a family man. When I was in jail you fixed an alliance.
She consumed poison and… I felt very sad on hearing the news. We will make sure that it
doesn’t happen again. So, forget about finding a groom
for your daughter. If you still do so,
I will break open your head. How dare you seek my daughter’s hand? Does a rogue like you need a wife?
Get out. Stop shouting at me.
Won’t you look at my face after marriage? So, please don’t shout. How are you? What do you think of yourself? Don’t show your heroics here? Don’t underestimate your patience.
Throw him out. Ask him to come inside & talk. You old woman! You don’t know
what is happening here. Just get inside. Get out. – Muthalagu, get up. Get up.
– What? Come with me. See who is here? How dare you come to my house? Do you want to go back alive or not? You & your wife are planning
to chuck me out Just like you chucked my parents out. I am not like my father
to give up things. You sent my mother out who came
here to live with you all. Scoundrels! They died because of you people.
Don’t cry. No. Listen to my final decision.
Your daughter is my wife. – No one can change that.
– What is he saying? – Why is he here?
– Get lost. He has come to take revenge. He plans to take all that his mother left
by marrying my daughter. Who wants your money?
Tell me how much you want. I will earn it for you.
But give me Muthalagu I’ll go away. You think there is no one
to question you. We are still there. Not only your knife,
our knives too can take lives. Who is stopping you?
Stab me, you idiot! If you’re a man. – Don’t fight.
– Let him beat them. You are dead. Why are they fighting? Why are you men fighting? – I will kill you.
– Leave me. Why did you push me? Come & stop their fight. Don’t you like me doing
this sweet business? – Why did you say that?
– Go away. Veera, don’t kill him.
Listen to me. Don’t kill them. What happened?
Somebody tell me what happened? – Did you hire men to beat him?
– Leave me, old lady. – Why did you come to this house?
– Leave me. Why did you come here? You sent him here and now
putting up an innocent face. You people wanted to bring down
my honour and you’ve done it. Better take him away. If he stays here any further,
I will kill him. Kill whom? He will rip you
apart if I tell him to. How dare you talk like
that to me? You dog. I will bite your throat if you call
me like that. You bitch! You want her. I will kidnap her
and perform your marriage. Kidnap her if you can! – I will kidnap her.
– I will cut your legs. – I must kill you first.
– Get lost. Beat & throw him out. How dare you challenge me
in my house? Hey Muthalagu! What will you do? – What’s there to talk?
– Wait uncle. I’ll not do anything. I was keeping myself away from you. But you came closer & wanted
to share your life with me. Now you’ve possessed me fully. If you give me lame excuses and
try to ditch me for your parents, I will kill you. I am not joking. I will chop you
into pieces. Mind it. You people are the witness. If I don’t get you, nobody will. You gave me the plan to
elope & have a child. Why aren’t you saying anything now? Did you think I won’t come? You may or may not come for me.
But I will come for you. Let’s go. Even though I stay away from them,
my bad luck still haunts me. Give me sweet for Rs. 10.
I want to eat now. Are you happy now? Go. They have dared to attack
Kaluvadevar’s house. They are uncontrollable. If you had called me, I would’ve dragged
him to the streets like a dog. You lost the chance when
he came to your house. But now you have come here
to lodge a complaint. What were you both doing? Couldn’t you do anything? How can we? Everyone was trying to stop us. I was not in the spot. If I was there,
things would’ve been different. Keep quiet. Stop joking. Do I look like an eunuch? – I know what you did.
– What do you know? Why are you fighting among yourselves?
Sit down. – You sit there. Put some chairs there.
– No thanks. What do you want me to do now? Do something so that they should
be in jail for 5 years. That’s all. Write the complaint. Write the complaint, uncle. He has threatened to kill
you all & insulted you. Instead of beating them to death there, you went to police & lodged a complaint. We came to your house regarding this. If you had agreed,
we could have killed him. Don’t mistake us for digging the past. Even we have our own vengeance to take. Where will we go & complain? Leave it. Don’t dig the past. Inspector is upset with him.
He will put him in jail for sure. They won’t interfere in our matters. Even if you put him in jail,
he will still create problems to us. – We must sacrifice him.
– What do you mean? I will kill him before the
police catches him. We can’t let this continue. You will kill him & go to jail. The situation was the same
on that day too. What do we get by killing him now? I will kill him, go to jail and
will be back in 3 months. Tell him to perform my marriage
with his daughter. Let’s go. Everyone has seen her with him. Will you hide that & get her
married to someone else? I am not educated. It was the teacher who spoilt my studies
fearing I’ll become brilliant. Trust me.
I will take good care of her. If I couldn’t save my honour
and the caste, there is no point in living. I am scared that I may lose to him. Finish him off tonight. – What are you saying?
– I know your foul play. If you put him in jail & get me
married to some idiot, do you think I will live with him? I won’t. Are you so thick skinned? Won’t you understand
what I am trying to say. L am going- And I won’t come back. I am only taking 2 pairs of
clothes to wear. It was bought from your
husband’s earnings. I will send it back when
he starts to earn. Have you gone mad after
he came here? Go inside. Why are you torturing her?
Let her go. What do you think of yourself? I will tell my husband
to break your waist. How could you leave inspite
of me telling you? Leave my hand. Go inside. Leave my hand. Go inside. Listen to me. I won’t care whether
you are my mother or not. How dare you! Just go inside. – Don’t kill her.
– I will kill you in one blow. Be good. Are you trying to scare him? Is your son-in-law a big shot? Don’t we know him? My brother Marudhu was a noble man.
He might have spared him. But we won’t. If we’ve to kill your daughter’s husband,
so be it. That’s her fate. Keep quiet. Don’t try to be heroes.
These issues can’t be solved in a day. I wonder what he is planning there.
And here she is with a knife. Don’t shout. I will kill you too. You challenged that you will kidnap me
and perform my marriage with him. Since I’ve come here myself,
do I look so low down to you? I will go away if you want me to.
Police will be here any moment. They will put your grandson in jail. And I will be married to someone else. And you will die before
he comes out of the jail. And he will come out of jail,
find me & chop me into pieces. – Am I right?
– Keep quiet. Why are you quiet? I tattooed her name on my chest.
I can’t spend my life in jail. If he’s quiet even after all this,
I think he is planning to kill us. Let him plan. Why are you talking like this old woman? We have to live and
she is here for that. She loves you so much.
Take her away somewhere. Marry her in a temple & live with her. If you keep her here, will her
father accept you as his son-in-law? Do you want to live in peace or not? Yes, I want to live but not in fear. Looks like you will make me a coward. Let them come.
We will handle it. Why should we be here with so
many problems around us? Let’s go somewhere else. Earn what you can.
I will run the family. You wanted her.
She is ready to come with you. Go somewhere & live. I am sure you people will
make me a coward. – Let them come.
– Sit down. – Sit down. – Listen to me.
– Sit down I say. Gets angry for everything. What will you do? Should we go to jail & let
the old lady and she to suffer. Will her father spare us? Don’t be so foolish.
Make a wise decision. I’ve taken the right decision.
I will stay here & solve all problems. Being brave is not enough.
One must be clever enough. You want to live, don’t you? Go somewhere for next 3 months. I will go to jail on your behalf. Let the old lady live on her own. After that, we can live together. She has come for you. You have never made her
happy in anyway. Go. Get up. Get up. Will you get up or not? – I was supporting you…
– Get up. – Why are you asking him to get up?
– Hey Oldie, you shut up! Are you going to get up or not? You always find faults only with me. Okay I stood up.
What do you want now? Hey, what’s this? Uncle, bless me. Oldie, what’s all this? Hey Veera, ask her to get up.. Bless me, uncle. Bless me. Hey, bless her. Be happy…get up… Will you please get up? Hey, till now, I haven’t asked
anything from you. Please take her somewhere
and live happily. Where did you go? Why are you shouting now? Hubby, Muthalagu has left the house. What do you mean? I stopped her,
but she didn’t listen to me. She also raised hand on me
to cut my neck. Hey you mad woman!
What rubbish are you talking? I mean to say that she left the house
to live with that rowdy. Go and bring her back immediately.
She may start living with him. What? It’s not fair on your part. Better send back Muthalagu. – Who?
– Hey, we know everything. Better send her back. Or else you may have to
face its consequences. What will you do? He doesn’t know to protect her daughter. Did he send you here to find her? Hey, if she isn’t inside,
why are you hiding our way? Move. We will have a look. Come inside and search for her. Hey, why did you allow these
street dogs inside? I say get out. Why the hell they are here for? Did you find her? – He has hidden her somewhere.
– Trying to act smart?! What are they looking for? Hey, did you all gave a send off
to both of them? Hey, we have seen many like you. Let’s see how long you are going
to play pranks with us! Hey, what the hell are you talking? Hey, will you take off my head?
Will you? If you’re a man, stay here.
I’ll come back with men. Hey, you can nothing to us. You scoundrels!
We won’t spare you alive. I’ll rip off your ears! – They will be here only.
– Let’s go… We will be here only.
Dare to fight with us. Why are you talking to them?
Come inside. Ignore those dogs. Get me a red checks sari
and a matching blouse. You hate to come out of the house,
isn’t it? How did you come now? You love me, don’t you? Can’t you come silently? – Keep on talking…I’ll take leave then.
– Okay… come on… – Tomorrow what we are doing is…
– Started again? I want a red checks sari
and a matching blouse. You wear a silk shirt and dhoti. If we have money,
let’s get a golden auspicious thread. Else, it’s okay I’ll manage
with a yellow thread. – You will.
– Won’t I? I also know to run a budget family. Hey, keep quiet. Listing out things as though
you’re going to work in Japan. Why shouldn’t I list out things? One more thing, You shouldn’t trouble me more. 2 children are enough for us.
I won’t give birth to more children. No problem.
I will go for another girl. No chance!
I’ll kill her on the spot. Hey Yellow shirt! Stop… Hey, get inside.. How to reach Paruthiyur? Hey, she is sexy, isn’t she?
– Hey, shut up. First let’s finish our work.
Enjoy later. Hey, don’t forget to keep up
your promise. – Didn’t you see a light?
– Yes. There is a road closer to it, isn’t it? – Why are you getting down?
– Go straight. It seems we should turn that side…
Come backwards… ls Paruthiveeran a strong man? Why did they call us to kill him? Couldn’t locals kill him? I’ve also not seen him.
But heard a lot about him. He and his uncle have
committed many crimes. They even cut a cop’s ear. Really? Didn’t you tell me that you
will come to my house? I don’t want to make your place a mess.
That’s why I called you here. What did he do to bring us
here at this odd hour? I’m not in trouble.
Problem is with Kaluvadevar. Now if we put it in action,
we can solve our problems. – Don’t worry. Shall we finish him now?
– Hey, that’s not an easy task. That’s why I’ve called you here. I’ll give you whatever you ask for. But Veeran shouldn’t live. You’ve told me, haven’t you? Leave it to me.
I’ll definitely kill him. What do you mean? Yes. They are planning to
kill Veeran before dawn. All have besieged our place. They had just informed to the police.
That’s it. Nothing will happen to him. – Don’t blabber.- He says it confidently. Why can’t you take him seriously? What are you talking? What he said is right. Getting released or not
from jail isn’t a big thing. Once if he dies,
we can’t bring him back. Everyone seems to be an outsider. They are all strangers. Don’t take this lightly. Your brother-in-law & his men
are hell bent to kill you both. Before dawn, someone is
going to get killed. Look, you both protect yourselves
from this danger. All are marching towards you only. I doubt it must be your dad’s plan. I hate to run away from home in fear. Hey, stay here. I’ll be back now. Hey, where are you going? Didn’t you listen to them? Do you want me to leave
my uncle and mother? We have decided to leave the town.
Let them also come with us. So, will you leave me here and go? How can I take you inside the town? You be here. I’ll be back now. – Hey, listen to me…
– Lock the door. Don’t know when they left the place. But they were discussing something
in the evening. Later, Veeran and
that girl left the place. Afterwards, Muthucheran’s
grandchildren came here. They fought with each other. They also left the place. Then the little brat and Douglas came. After that, don’t know where
Sevvalai and Old woman have gone. Don’t know? Hey come here… Do you’ve any idea about them? You’ve cheated a family together. Veeran and Sewaiai are making
our lives miserable. Okay you go… – What happened?
– They aren’t here. May be they would’ve
gone out of the town. You kill them before police finds them. Don’t spare them alive. Brother… Why did you stop the vehicle? Brother, get down. There is a girl in Muthu’s house. – What?
– Yes brother. She is very sexy. Did you see nicely? Somebody would’ve bought her here. She is alone, boss. You could’ve fixed her up, couldn’t you? You are master in that.
Make it fast, boss. Nothing less in asking this! Come on, boss…
don’t act too smart. How is she? Will she look like our Shanthi? Come and take a look. – You will go speechless.
– Really? Why are you comparing
this girl with that lady? Where are you going? Why did they come here? Don’t shout.
Stop the vehicle and follow me. – Why are you calling them?
– Let them come, if they want. They won’t get down unnecessarily. Hey, where are you going? Hey, come without making noise. – There is a girl inside.
– Got them? We would’ve missed the chance. Hey, take us also. We’re also
starving for the past 15 days. You’ve come, haven’t you? – Hey, I’ll go first.
– Why you always first? – Where is she?
– She is inside. Come on… Hey, who are you? Why did you come here? What you said is right. – She is sexy, buddy.
– What? Hey, Is she really a call girl?
Questioning us?! Can’t you judge her by look? Why should she stay alone
in this room then? He’s right. Let’s finish the deal. May be she got scared of us. Don’t hesitate because we are 4 people. You demand money according to it. Am I right? – That’s why I called you here.
– Money? You dogs, I’ll thrash you. First get out of here. Now will you leave this place or not? Hey, without knowing about her,
why did you call us here? She seems to be an arrogant girl.
Let’s go. You womanizers!
How dare you think me so cheap! If Paruthiveeran comes to know about this,
he will never spare you alive. Hey, they will be here only.
Catch them. Now will you leave this place or not? Hey, wait. I’ll take the tyre and go. Hey, take that tyre. I say go… Showing sickle to us? Thinking yourself to be a beauty queen? – Hey, hold her…
– Lift her… If your leg is paining,
let’s take rest and go. Hey, see who is coming… – Two persons are coming…
– Close the door and come… Make it fast… – Hey, they may knock the door…
– Shut your mouth first. Mother, sit here for sometime. Oh no! How long do you want me to run? – My legs are paining.
– Little more distance only. – Let’s take some rest and go.
– Why are you standing? Sit. Why should we run away getting
scared of those scoundrels? Where did they go? A girl’s voice is heard inside. Oh! We have landed in a wrong place. It’s nothing. You keep quiet. Hey, I’m hearing some noise from inside.
Take a look… It’s nothing. You first clear
the place. Get up… – Why are you making me do sit ups?
– Don’t make noise… – Come on.
– Suspects everything! Hey…what are you doing here? Come let’s go… Check whether they are gone. She is unconscious.
Seems to be severely injured. She is acting. Why are you crowding the place? Stand outside. I’ll call you after finishing it. Hey, go… – What’s this, man?
– Nothing wrong, go man… What man? – I’ll take a first chance.
– Take it! – No.
– Get lost! Hey no…please leave me… Please leave me… Please leave me… Hey, don’t leave him. Catch him… Hey, why did you do like this? Why did you do this to me? Why are you behaving like this? I’m an innocent girl! I’m going to get married tomorrow. Please get out of here… Please go… Tomorrow is my marriage. Tomorrow is my… Superb item! Veeran, where did you go? Rescue me from them. Come fast to rescue me… I’m not able to bear it… Muthalagu… – Veeran, come soon…
– Hey, Muthalagu… Hey, Muthalagu, what happened to you? Tell me, what happened? Oh my God!
Tell me, what happened to you? Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh no! Muthalagu, what happened to you? Tell me, what happened? Oh my God! Muthalagu… What happened to you? Veeran, have you come? Didn’t I tell you not to leave me and go? Didn’t I tell you? Now see what they had done to me! Who did this to you? Tell me… who is it? It seems they’re your friends… You people used to come together here.
They told me… Oh my God! I’m not able
to understand anything! Don’t know which bastard
has done like this to you! – Veeran, no…
– Why? Why Muthalagu? Shouldn’t I touch you? It’s paining, dear… It’s paining, dear… I begged them many times to stop it…
They never listened to me. – It’s paining me, dear…
– Oh my God! Oh my God! It’s paining, dear… Are you a bravo? – Are you a bravo?
– No! – They had taken revenge on me
for your sins. – Forgive me… Did I wait for this? Get lost! Why did you come so late? Oh no! How am I going to
face these people? – People will think me so cheap.
– No, they won’t think so. Listen to me… You are my dear, aren’t you? Get up… Veeran, you bury me somewhere. What? You bury me somewhere. Oh my God! It’s all my mistake! Muthalagu… Muthalagu… I’ve promised God to show
my nude body only to you! If you or my father or people
try to change my mind. I’ll die! You did as you said! How can you die when I’m alive?
Get up… Get up… Why did you leave me alone? Get up… Hey, what happened? Door is locked.
I have a doubt… Let’s break it… Hey, come out… If we come inside,
we won’t spare you alive. – Why are you simply talking?
– Break the door. Hey, what happened? Door is locked. – I doubt he will be here only.
– Break the door. Hey, come this side .. Show the torch inside… This side? It’s latched from inside. Come this side… Hey, move… I’m hearing his voice.
Take a look… He’s inside only. See properly. Someone is inside… Hey, someone is inside… – Hey, it’s him only…
– He is here only… Hey, show the light… Come fast… Come fast. He is here only. What have you done to my daughter? Hey tell me, what have you done
to my daughter? Hey, will you get her married
to another man? Hey, will you marry another man,
when I’m alive? I only chopped you into pieces. If you want, go and marry now… Marry some other man… I won’t spare you, if you cheat me. Didn’t I tell you? I won’t allow any other man to marry you. Didn’t I tell you? Hey, won’t you get me married
to your daughter? Come on…
Come and collect her pieces… Come on I say… Oh my God! Break the door… Save my daughter… Didn’t I tell you? Will I spare you, if you cheat me? Oh my God! He had cut
my daughter into pieces! Didn’t I tell you many times
not to love this rogue? Did you leave the house for this? You can’t marry any man other than me. Kill him… Didn’t I warn you
not to love that scoundrel? Muruga, come fast… Take my daughter quickly to the hospital. I’ll kill you… I’ll kill you! Hey, I’ll kill you! You shouldn’t stay alive… Die… Kill him… Burn him… I think they have the man. Hey what happened? Who are you taking to? He has killed Muthalagu. Go and take a look. Muthalagu… Muthalagu… My dear Muthalagu…

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    He is an entitled arse.

    This movie is set in old times.

    Hero and heroine are childhood sweethearts.

    Hero is a criminal. Not heroic.

    Hero slaps her not when they are in a relationship. It's before that. She is after him Nd he didn't like her talking about his godfather. Am not justifying the slapping but it's before they get into relationship.

    Also it's not a happy ending. He is kinda punished for what he is.

    Even the heroine says, the results of all your sins has fallen on me to the hero.

    The movie doesn't glorify even the last act of murder for pride. It is just depicting how regressive our society is towards the victims.

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  10. சமுத்திரகனி சார் அடையாளமே தெரியலை! செம்ம

  11. Same story…..my love..I have attempted 6month jail….but sweet experience ma…😍😍😍😎

  12. எத்தனை முறைபார்த்தாலும் மீண்டும் மீண்டும் பார்க்கத் தூண்டும் படம் பருத்திவீரன் B.S பாரத்

  13. இது என்னடா கதை எந்த ஊர்ல தேவன் குறத்திய கல்யாணம் பன்னுனான் அமீர் ஒரு முட்டா புன்டை இந்த ஈன டைரக்டர் பயளுகளுக்கு இதான் வேலை

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