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What’s up you guys welcome back to my
channel so for today’s video I’m extremely excited because we’re gonna be
organizing you guys no I just I come alive when I organize and I love
organizing it’s like my therapy to be honest I’m gonna be organizing up my new
makeup vanity slash filming desk so a lot of you guys if you keep obviously on
the vlogs and Instagram stories then you know that I just recently purchased a
makeup desk so that I can use going filming but what’s great about it is
it’s also gonna store all of my everyday makeup so this is the filming desk that
I am talking about I actually got it from impressions vanity these knobs
right here I actually did change them they don’t come with the desk also can
we just give a huge shout out to this little cutie right here because my skin
has been looking absolutely incredible since I started using this I’ve actually
updated my skincare routine and this has been like a huge staple so I’m
definitely gonna do a skincare routine it’s super soon so if you guys don’t
know what this is this is actually the for you know a UFO mask device can get
90-second mass treatments which is incredible because your skin can look
bomb but in less time because I do hate how long mass takes but with this little
guy it just gets the job done it also uses heating and cooling and pulsations
to really get the job done so I absolutely love that it’s just it’s bomb
calm and I love the little sand that it comes with so that I can display it on
my makeup table it’s great because while I’m getting ready and prepping to do my
makeup I can get a mask of done in 90 seconds with this device so I love that
that’s why I kind of keep it here sometimes I keep it here sometimes I
keep it in the bathroom but either way it just matches my decor perfectly too
because it’s such a beautiful design but yeah we’re gonna be organizing these
drawers today you guys and I love how this vanity table has three drawers
because I’m gonna be able to organize all of my like favorite everyday makeup
that I kind of love the most and have it easily accessible in here most of you
guys know my if you’ve seen my video organizing my entire makeup collection I
have all of my makeup literally stored in here these up here are temporary I
actually have a walk-in closet back here all of these are new products and new PR
and makeup that I need to try so in the future that will be going in the makeup
closet and it will more sleek and clean these drawers I did
get custom-made so in this drawer right here I actually keep all of my everyday
makeup so while I’m getting ready I find it’s more organized
rather than me like funneling through all of the drawers to find lips and then
eyes I just have like all of my favorite products here and this is the drawer
that I tend to use the most so a few of these products are new and it’s because
they look so good that I just this is where I keep new products but these I
just got in PR recently as well as the amrezy palette this NARS palette I just
got it in PR recently and like I just can’t wait to try them that I had to put
them in this drawer just to really remind me like hey test these out I
actually tried both of these today and they are a bomb but yeah so that’s why
these new products are in here but usually I don’t have new products
all of my like favorite everyday makeup is in here so I’m pretty much going to
be transferring this into here and organizing it I do love how this vanity
table actually has a glass top so you can see inside the drawers it’s a little
bit off for me to like have a vanity table that shows what’s in the drawers
but because everything will be perfectly organized I feel like it’s gonna look
really good and then in the future if I decide you know I don’t want to see
inside the drawers anymore I could always get back painted white glass
which looks really pretty because it’s like a frosted white glass and this is
from Wayfarer these I get questions about a lot like I get lots of questions
about the organizers for my brushes and my setting sprays these are actually
from Amazon this is also from Amazon also can we just say hello to the newest
addition to the studio I just hung up this Mir yesterday with my dad and also
I put this console table that I got from Wayfarer both things are from Wayfarer
actually this was from all modern because I found it cheaper on all barred
modern but yeah I absolutely love it so sleek and clean I’m going to HomeSense
tomorrow to look for some decor okay check out organizer heaven back here
like Hello okay so here are all the organizers that I bought I did buy quite
a few because the thing with these drawers that kind of made them a little
bit more challenging is that they are very slim drawers and I think the ones
that I absolutely love that mainly are these ones and I’m glad that
I actually bought four I bought these from Container Store and then this one
is absolutely perfect this is actually an acrylic serving tray or like decor
piece but I was like I could totally use that as an organizer because in this
drawer over here I’m planning on putting all of my eye palette actually just all
palettes in general so since I’m going to be storing palettes in here I wanted
to have more of a big organizer and not one that kind of was divided
this one’s from Amazon and then these are really great they’re actually very
similar to the drawers that I have up here this is from Muji
these are from Amazon and this is from Amazon so what’s great about these is
the drawers you can take them out and it actually does I don’t know if this would
fit here oh would you look at that and these I got from Milani oh this actually
fits as well pretty cool so these Milani actually sent me so to
be very honest because I don’t know where you can buy this I think what I am
going to do is do face products eyes and lips and then palettes okay so here’s
what we’re working with these are all of the products that’s going to be going in
the vanity desk okay so one thing I am going to be doing that I forgot to
mention is I’m gonna put these little like I don’t know if you guys can really
see it these little like rubber feet on the bottom of the organizers because one
thing I hate is when you open the drawers and like all the organizers move
around I’m gonna go ahead and do this but there’s resistance and it does not
move yeah so there’s definitely resistance now like it does not slide so
that’s perfect see as you’re opening the drawer the organizer now stays in place
first thing I hear are my hooda Beauty powders which I absolutely love pound
cake and sugar cookie so I think for these what’s good about these they
actually fit right there maybe you’ll do that okay I’m
actually really happy with this drawer so far so here is the face drawer we
have primer as foundations concealers and there’s still so much more room even
if I can figure things and move things around like I could put this here like
there’s still so much room and then we have kind of highlights or just cheek
products so bronzer and highlights and one blush over here favorite
highlighting cream and I love how I can stack two of my favorite colors from the
hood of Beauty tan tours and they actually just fit when you close the
drawer so that was pretty cool how that worked out and then I have my k’kaw
Beauty contour stick that fits perfectly there my favourite highlight stick and
then my two Hooda Beauty loose powders pretty much appears all powders so
moving on next we are going to do the lips and eyes section so this section
will kick keep all of my favorite lip products as well as like brow eyeliners
mascara that type of stuff okay so I’m actually glad I was playing around with
the organizers because I kind of like how I did this so I put the same long
one from the first store in here this one is from Container Store
again I actually got these also from solutions actually which is pretty cool
because they have like sections I think inside the little squares it would be
perfect to put lipsticks because that’ll actually just fit perfectly okay so I am
done organizing the second drawer how good does that look you guys I’m
actually really happy with it so I decided to make the entire bottom all
lips so that lipsticks over here because it fits perfect in the little square
then we’ve got glosses up here and then lip liners I can put a few new lip
products that I want to try in here and then back here I decided to put all of
my eye products and lashes so these are not my everyday lashes these ones
because these are actually all new ones that I really want to try these are my
go-to everyday lash empty kiss number 11 I’ve been using them for the past like a
year and a half but lately I kind of like want to just try a few other new
ones since I haven’t tested new lashes in a long time have my favorite lashes
for days by bold makeup underneath there and then mascaras and eyeliners brow
products and then like accessories so like lash glue scissors sharpener and
then my little brow powder though yeah I feel like that looks so good these are actually all of my old school
makeup geek shadows that I just still love and they actually are
what’s a called rebranding and they’re re-releasing all of these so I’m really
excited for that to get that in PR but for now I do this still have my little
old school make athief shadow so I’m excited to keep that here because these
are just classic like go-to favorite highlighter like literally I am what the
day I run out of this I will literally cry I think it’s actually time I give it
a good wipe because is so messy I think I’ll actually separate cheek and
then I palettes like this so I actually love this benefit put my
face on it which I just thought was funny but this is actually a really
great palette I love this blush and love these bronzers so yeah you know what
this little square is perfect for a little eye shadow palettes like this
from NARS look how gorgeous this is so pretty
I love this one too so I’m gonna take little ones over here so I think I’m
gonna need to cut down on the action of us because we’re kind of running out of
space and I really love this color pop new palette that I really want to try so
yeah I’m gonna have to cut down because I feel like I don’t really need all this
I think the one thing I am probably gonna get rid of is maybe this BH one
although it is really nice because it is such a big palette I don’t really reach
for it too often I kind of reach for like these like smaller kind of ones so
I think I’m going to get rid of that and then that way I
and keep these in here and then that fits really nicely ok so we’re finally done organizing how
amazing does that look like I feel like everything that looks so pretty and for
now honestly I kind of think it’s so pretty and glam and just a really nice
touch that you can see the makeup through the glass ok so fun question let
me know out of all of the drawers which one would you say is your absolute
favorite which one do you think looks the best which one speaks to you let me
know what your favors I don’t know like for me I kind of want to say that this
drawer is my favorite only because of this section like I feel like this looks
so bomb honestly I love how everything is organized I can’t even choose I think
they all look really good but let me know what’s your fave drawer one two or
three so that is it my makeup filming table is finally done being organized
and I honestly I’m so happy with it I love it I feel like it looks so pretty
I’m excited to share this video and share it with you guys so you can see
how I organized because I know a lot of you guys that have this vanity table as
well and the drawers are quite slim so a lot of you have messaged me saying you
found you had trouble like finding organizers for it so I’m excited I will
link all the organizers that I used and found even the ones I didn’t use incase
you guys want them in the description box down below so yeah I hope you guys
enjoyed and that’s pretty much it I feel like the next two makeup organizing
video is probably gonna be in the future when I do some drawers in my makeup
closet we have a makeup closet right there in the studio so once I do that
then we’ll do another makeup organizing video cuz I’m gonna make that like my
new makeup closet and like extras and all that stuff and kind like storage
makeup so whatever anyways hopefully you guys enjoyed this video and yeah I’ll
see you guys in my next one bye guys


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