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12 thoughts on “NO7 Laboratories 🆕 Rescuing Skin “Cica” Paste Mask Review

  1. BOOOOO TO NOT BEING CF no7. The DR Jart Cica or Make P:rem are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better imo. Thanks for saving me £££ Sarah xoxo

  2. Thank you, it is so helpful to check your channel when I am shopping for skincare! I appreciate all of your reviews and hard work!

  3. No7 are cruelty free! It explains on their website and they don’t test on animals either 💖 xx

  4. Thanks for this GREAT review, like always. I'm on my way to Target here in a littke while and was thinking about picking this up (the Cica paste) but now I'm not going to. I was hoping it would be a redness correction lotion like the Dr.Jart cica products. By the way, what do you have on your eyes 😯😯❤❤

  5. FWIW the ophtipogon asiatica (even the INCI list can't spell it right) is a significant antioxidant. The only research I have found – so far – has been in vivo (on a petri dish, not on skin), so who knows about stability and bio-availability (gee, I sound smart!).

  6. I know I'm late to the party but the instructions you gave for using the cica-paste are slightly wrong? The product says to leave on the skin for around 5 mins then massage into the skin till it disappears – then wipe off any excess. Also, this paste is mainly to help reduce redness, and it does this very, very well

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