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Naturkosmetik Haarpflege & Hautpflege für Männer | Rahua, ARgENTUM, FYI, Dr. Alkaitis, Whamisa

Hi, I’m Justin, and today we’re gonna
be talking about men’s skincare. So something I really
enjoy using at the moment — and really every day [morning]
and every night — is the le savon lune from ARgENTUM. It’s a face wash [cleanser], actually. And the whole brand uses a patented fusion of silver hydrosol — which is a pure form
of colloidal silver — and DNA HP which is an extraction [a polymer] from salmon
milt. For those of you who use hyaluronic acid, or products that
have hyaluronic acid in them, hyaluronic acid is able to retain 1000
times its weight in water — whereas DNA HP is able to
retain 10000 times its weight. And that’s what makes ARgENTUM
such a luxury brand, so to say… The products
are really high quality, high-grade. So
it’s pretty large, almost looking like a bar of soap.
And I’ve been told that they’re going to be making smaller ones
soon, which is really good. But it is for the face.
It contains no soap, and all you have to do is just
wet your hands a bit, you then lather it up… and you’re just cleansing
your face with it. After using it, I always
feel like my skin is super soft and really plump, and ready for the next
part of my routine. And the smell, which… they have a particular perfume coming from a
perfumery in France, that is patented also.
It’s just — I wish I could give you the smell
through the camera. I can’t, but you should really, really try
it. So one of the first products that I was using when I started
out at Amazingy was actually from Whamisa Skincare,
and it’s the Organic Flowers Toner – Refresh. Whamisa’s products use natural
fermentation in them, which gives them a really,
really distinct smell. It’s very floral, and something
that I also appreciate in the morning — and it’s super hydrating to my skin, which
I feel is really good because in the mornings, my
skin is always super dry. And another product that
has been saving my skin — especially as we’re transitioning
from fall to winter — has been the Squalane
from FYI Cosmetics, a relatively new brand
with Amazingy. And this is non-comedogenic, which means that it’s not
clogging up your pores, and it’s offering an incredible amount
of hydration — which you can either use alone, or for
instance with your daily moisturizer, or your nighttime routine. I use it also twice a day,
pretty much — just a couple of drops enough. It’s already pretty…
it’s lightweight, but it’s really easily distributed. It doesn’t have a smell, glides across the skin, and it’s just — it’s really
adding that extra boost to the products I already use… which is nice. It’s also really good for the skin, for your cuticles, for your hair
— it’s really multi-purpose. Another product which I maybe using a little bit avant-garde, but it’s the Soothing Gel from Dr. Alkaitis — a completely
organic brand, and I think one of the
first at Amazingy. I use it actually as an aftershave, because I have super super
sensitive skin and I use a single-blade razor… and
almost every time I’m shaving, I get these
little red bumps on my face — especially here, in this area — and
the Soothing Gel really feels like it addresses those points. The Soothing Gel is a
product that’s normally used to treat inflammation or slight
redness in the face, and it’s just really helpful
if you’re experiencing blemishes or redness pretty frequently.
I know this is a video about skincare, but actually hair
care is something that takes me just as long in the morning —
I don’t know if you can tell. I am getting my hair also
dyed pretty frequently, and bleached, so having really rich and effective products is
helpful for me in my routine. And that’s
why I’m basically always and exclusively using Rahua. Their products feature the
powerhouse that is Rahua, or Ungurahua oil (Oenocarpus Bataua)
— and they’re actually a brand that is super involved in giving back
to the communities where these resources come from, where these
ingredients come from… and their Rahua oil is sourced from the Amazon,
but they have actually their own label — SYMBIOTIC,
it’s called. It’s kind of like Fair Trade, but
with even stricter regulations. And they are working closely
with a tribe in the Amazon to get this Ungurahua oil — and it transforms their
products completely. In my opinion, the product that
I use pretty regularly — but also maybe abnormally
— is the Color Full Conditioner. It is specifically
meant for color-treated hair, and it features their plant-derived
color complex. Normally you’re leaving it on for like
five minutes, and then you wash it out… but I actually use it
as a leave-in conditioner, because it’s one of the only products
that makes me feel like, for the entire day my hair is staying
hydrated and also enriched. And even when I’m going out, for instance — it could
be four or five hours in, and my hair still smells amazing.
People are always asking me what’s in it, and it’s actually Rahua
that’s in it. They also came out with a new product recently called
the Founder’s Blend. It’s a scalp and hair treatment.
I’m using it sometimes as an overnight mask — but also
sometimes as a styling treatment, and my curls have
really never looked so good!

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