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My Skincare Routine |  Mr. Kate

Good morning guys. Good morning Winston how’d you sleep Welcome to the diary of a creative weirdo Hey Friends, subscribe, Not too bad [alright]. I got my coffee Look who it is, my baby, oh good morning Roxanne the two face girl alright guys so you know that we normally do interior design videos and On my social media I get so many questions from you guys on Snapchat and Instagram, and oh by the way follow me and on Twitter too I get so many questions about like style stuff beauty stuff make up stuff excetera So I thought I start a blog series and call it diary of a creative weirdo where I can share with you guys the behind the scenes of all the aesthetic expressions So this is the first one of those and I’m doing my skincare Routine I thought I could wake up in the morning with you guys and share with you my a.m. skincare Routine all also tell you about My p.m. Skincare routine and doing my am skincare routine but It’s pretty much the same Actually, I’m doing this in partnership with Nº7 which when they asked me if I want to do video with them I was like Yes, please because I already use one of their products, and I love it. We’re gonna wash our face together Alright, let’s head on into our bathroom Yes, you can see this whole bathroom transformation in our omg We bought a house series. All right guys I’m gonna let my head do the talking now because this will go a lot smoother and faster and also I won’t risk getting any cleanser in my mouth cool, okay? Cool. Oh, wait actually first. Let’s do a skin assessment shall we this is me with zero makeup on, zilch Totally ou natural I usually have dry skin and not too many breakouts although, what is this on my cheek? I do have blackhead on my nose But I’m always kind of struggling with but I found some things that help that. As I’m filming this I’m actually two days away from my 34th birthday So I do have some small wrinkles around my eyes and on my forehead you know the usual But wait pause the video this is where I need to do a disclaimer in my opinion skin care should be about having the best Skin for whatever age you actually are you know not trying to appear something you’re not and I can honestly say I am Happy with the skin I have now with my tiny wrinkles and all Because I know I take care of my skin, and it’s the best it can be for me. Okay? My disclaimer is done Thank you for listening unpause So let’s get into all the skincare deets, about two years ago,I got some advice from a dermatologist It has really helped me a lot I cleanse my skin with a sonic face brush twice per day because She told me this agitates the Collagen layer which basically makes it keep reproducing because as you age you produce less Collagen So it just helps reinvigorate that growth so you can always have fresh looking skin. With the sonic face brush I use a creamy hydrating cleanser because my skin tends to be dry, if it’s during my evening routine. I will prewash my face to get all the makeup off and then I will use the brush again with some more cleanser (Music) Next I’m going to use a hydrating face mist otherwise known as a hydro-sol just further hydrates my skin after cleansing So I’ll usually just pat in the mist and once my skin is dry I’m ready to move on to the next step. Guys, serum is where its at I have been using the Nº7 lift and luminate triple action Serum on my entire face Neck and chest this stuff is pretty magical. It’s been clinically proven to make your skin tone more even, reduce wrinkles Which you know we are okay with wrinkles, but let’s reduce them a little bit, sure, fine And I’ve noticed my skin feels bouncier since I’ve been using it I will sometimes finish of with an eye cream dab gently under my eyes using my forefinger. You know the gentle finger I don’t know that’s what they say anyways, especially when my eyes are feeling a little extra puffy or dry. Another thing I will do but only twice a week in the evenings, is I use a retin-a micro. It’s a prescription I got from my dermatologist, and it’s really strong, so I literally use the tiniest little droplet sometimes I’ll mix it with a heavier moisturizer because it can make you peel since it’s so strong. Guys, I’m obsessed with Chapstick this one’s gigantic. It’s the size of my face I need lots of Chapstick because I hate peel-y lips. To further prime my skin for makeup I will dab on a little bit of oil primer on my cheeks forehead and chin I always use sunscreen in the morning after my serum. Then if I’m going out or shooting a video I will use the Nº7 lift and luminate foundation which has broad spectrum SpF 15 and It also smoothes on really naturally you can see it’s just kind of going on very sheer Which is perfect for me as I am not into heavy foundations I don’t really like that cakey look. Oh and also to find my perfect foundation shade actually use their virtual Match Made app With the skin tone analysis card, and I found my perfect shade, and it’s pretty cool how accurate is My shade is cool vanilla if you’re curious And now there’s no risk of my face being a different color than my neck That said I will put it on my neck and chest too because I want the spf there as well, sometimes I also put it on The back of my hands, so that’s pretty much it for my morning skincare routine for my evening routine I will do the same cleansing hydro-sol serum, and eye cream etcetera, and you know brush your teeth guys so now that my skin is smooth and even I’m going to finish with the rest of my makeup and do a natural look because When my skin is luminous and bouncy I really don’t feel like I need to go too crazy with everything else You know what I mean So let’s speed up the rest of this makeup part because I’ll do other blogs where I show you guys my makeup routine (Music) Alright guys, my makeup is done. I didn’t put on any false lashes or anything I’ve got a casual day, so let’s pick out an outfit shall we okay outfit time, here are some vintage jeans I’m obsessed with these They’re the like old Levis that they redo to make like cuter and not all baggy and I think I’m gonna pair it with this acid wash denim top like different types of denim because why not and then some shiny silver boots I love these look at this little tiny heel It’s so small and I love how they’re pointy and then some Mr. Kate jewelry of course and cuffs and a necklace that I think I’ll double up and it’s just gonna be a casual look Alright guys, and here’s the outfit on you know just a casual Vintage Denim, shiny shoes, rolled up sleeves, bracelets. Yeah, okay. I have to go to work I’m gonna end this vlog here, so I’d love to hear from you guys in the comments what you want to explore with me style, accessories, beauty as far as all the products go you can check out the Mr.Kate blog where I have a lot of Links and lists and things to the products and stuff that I love and use so check that out MrKate.com and follow me on Social Media Snapchat Instagram and Twitter and Facebook love you guys love you creative weirdos peace out *muah* Bye! Mr.Kate! I mean this is why it takes me so long to get out of bed Cuz I wake up next to this cutie boy what a good boy Yeah, yeah, he always agrees with his own compliments

100 thoughts on “My Skincare Routine | Mr. Kate

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  10. Hi Kate, I love you videos and you are completely my inspiration. Just thought I'd let you know that if you use a sunscreen / spf, and then use a foundation with spf in it, then it actually cancels out the spf altogether meaning that your skin could potentially be damaged. Hope that helps you xxx

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