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100 thoughts on “My Self-Care Morning Routine 2020 | Healthy & Productive

  1. I have a basket under my coffee table with a few adult corking books and some of my fav markers and I Color all the time 👍🏻

  2. This video made me feel super happy and comfy! I'm a first-time commenter but a long time subbie. I love all your videos! I've been consciously working on my morning routine and rituals and this all spoke to me! Thank you for sharing and always for the inspo! 🙂

  3. Thank you for all of the tips and reminders! Such great ideas to help make a better me! Love and appreciate you and your channel! 💖

  4. Hello… thank you for the video. How long do you meditate for in the morning. I know this sounds silly but how do you not fall asleep 🙈 xx

  5. Can you share what you use for meditation, is it a specific podcast or guided mentor? I'm always looking for new methods to grow my practice and would appreciate your feedback.

  6. After all your raving I tried Caf Lib and it was disgusting! Lol. To each his own. I much prefer Dandy Blend. 🤪😁 Have you ever tried that? ❤ All said in love. Hehe

  7. Hi Nichole this is Kim! I enjoyed watching your video. I like coffee, and get the breakfast blend by Folgers! I never heard of a herbal coffee? Untill you had talked about it! I also like coloring in adult coloring books! I do flowers, and forests scenes. I also bought a St. Ives apricot face mask! Thanks again, Kim!😊

  8. Thank you Nikole. I’ve always suffered with anxiety but still needed my morning coffee, until you suggested Caf-Lib. I was sceptical, but I gave it a try. Leaving caffeine behind has been a game changer for me. No more jitters in the morning and I truly believe it has helped my anxiety. Now, maybe meditation.

  9. Hi Nikki!, me and my daughter loved watching this video and you have inspired us both to try and incorporate some self care habits in our morning routine. She says, she really likes you and wants to meet you one day! I love Caf lib too and I am thinking to get a frother !

  10. How is this morning routine realistic? Maybe for someone who doesn’t have to work a regular job and has the time. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  11. Love this video girl! I do almost all the same things for my weekend morning routine! Need to break out the coloring again for sure!! ♥️♥️♥️

  12. What a lovely self-care morning routine. I love every minute of it, especially the coloring. I agree that it can be very therapeutic.

  13. I made my own green smoothie: baby spinach, milk, greek strawberry yogurt, and banana. I want to try the 24 hour smoothie challenge. If I can master that, I'd like to try it further.

  14. Your videos are always inspiring. Love morning routines. Gotta try that latte. I do the glass of water, coffee, skin care, essential oil in diffuser, walk 2 miles, stretches, and breakfast.

  15. I would like to know if i can substitute brown rice flour with oats flour in the pancake recipe? Good video as always! Thank you!

  16. Adore your routine videos. I'm moving soon, and you've given me so much inspiration for how I want to curate a happy, healthy space. Could you go into more detail about your meditation? I remember you once talked about it (I think it's hypnosis-based?), but I would really love some guidance for different meditation styles. Thanks!!

  17. I think I'll try and write down positive quotes daily, school runs take time but it's important to have self care. I'll put it on my channel if I can make time x

  18. I love your self care i am trying to create on for me I don't journal at all i tried but nope but i am trying to create a self care routine

  19. Great job Nikole! This video was awesome and I LOVE the idea of having a coloring book party with friends! And I'm with you on trying to find practical ways to incorporate self care into your normal routine – like face mask or scrub in the shower – it doesn't have to be all or nothing 🙂 Such an important message. You go , girl <3

  20. Absolutely loved this video! I'm a regular with your channel and have never really commented on anything previously, but this video totally inspired me in so many ways, especially the part where you were enjoying yourself with the colouring book. It seemed so damn relaxing! And it indeed is true what you said, the habits we had as a child do really make us quite happy as adults, especially cause they bring out the passion and creativity we had back in the days ☺️ would be eagerly waiting for your next video! 😊😊 Lots of love for you, the channel and lovely Miss Cashew! 🥰😘

  21. You're videos are always awesome keep it up dear .I want to know that what are you listening in head phones while you are doing meditatio is this a music having different sounds or something else kindly tell me

  22. 3:09 I wake up at 6 AM with an alarm and if I were to meditate lying down, I would just fall asleep again😅😂😂

  23. Thanks, really enjoyed the vid. Going to get myself a gua sha, had never heard of them before. Cashew is just the cutest! x

  24. Love this video, love the vibe in your home and your p.j.’s! ♥️ Where are they from? Love it when you link your attire and small things! Always great ideas!

  25. You are so real ,your expression was so so real…i loved your vibes ,could feel here all the way from there ! Be always calm and peaceful as you look.

  26. The water bottle in the video is not the same on the link. Can you put a link for that water bottle you are using while doing yoga?

  27. What is the difference between cafe Lib and the bambu coffee you used to drink? Is one healthier than the other or is it just personal taste preference? Do you still recommend bambu coffee?

  28. Brand new to your channel. Can't wait to check out your content. I think I'm gonna like it here :o) loved this video.

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