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what’s up everybody welcome back to my channel today’s video it’s a little heavy it’s something I never thought I would be sitting in front of a camera and talking about but I think this is definitely a new chapter for me in my life and I would love to share some more things and maybe there are people out there that have similar problems or similar medical conditions as the one I am about to reveal you saw the thumbnail that’s real footage and you were about to see some very graphic content not blood no cutting nothing crazy like that but there are some graphic scenes of me in the hospital room being put under anesthesia I look very disturbed for a minute it’s very weird… there’s a lot happening so if you are bothered by medical stuff I’m just warning you now there will be that type of footage throughout this video! so today we’re going to be talking about a very dark medical secret that I’ve had for a while we’re talking since I was six years old I first noticed this problem I had no idea what it was at the time obviously at such a young age but we know any like have been embarrassed by something your whole life you’ve had something a secret forever you’ve never told a stranger you’re like family your mom is really the only one that knows that’s what this is and once you find out what it is you may think it’s nothing you may pick oh good that’s whatever to me it’s been something that has hindered my life it’s something that has haunted me and it involves chewing it involves swallowing it involves my esophagus so recently me and my assistant Madison went for a crazy procedure where we had our esophagus is dilated and widened to help with a problem we have now if you’re probably like what the fuck are you guys talking about we have a condition that is really hard to pronounce it is a tongue twister it is called yo Cinna philic esophagitis okay bitch that is a tongue twister so I’m gonna pull up the definition now the doctor will be on camera shortly in the operating room but basically I have a condition where I have problems swallowing food now let me just get the dick sucking jokes out the way bitch I can take an 11-inch or down this throat now my swallowing right here is not the problem I throat is good honey I actually don’t even have a gag reflex I cannot make myself throw up I haven’t thrown up in years except one time in Hawaii a few years ago never again I could take my finger I don’t choke I don’t make any noise nothing bothers me right yes that’s why Nathan’s here but all sexual jokes aside there is something severely wrong with my esophagus which is way lower right here gonna pulp the definition and on Google it says that it is a allergic inflammatory condition of the esophagus that involves eosinophils a type of white blood cell symptoms are swallowing difficulty high food impaction remember that a vomiting not me thank God and heartburn definitely experienced that how do you treat it there’s really not there’s no cure okay so I have to live with this for the rest of my life now a lot of you probably like what is all this really mean basically when I was six years old it was the first time I choked on a piece of food like actually choked where I couldn’t breathe and it was like it was like right here and I’ll never forget that fear that panic even though it was so long ago I will never forget the fear of almost choking to death No thank God in Orange County the fire department was down the street they saved my life I’ve never eaten a piece of steak since then it’s not that’s crazy right I just have this fear any food that I’ve ever had an issue with I’ve never eaten again it’s very scary so if I don’t chew my food correctly it gets stuck now when I was six years old that incident I actually choked ever since then I’ve had about eight or nine times throughout my life recently two years ago where I will get food stuck now it’s a very bizarre situation because I’m not choking right I’m not like it gets stuck where I can’t even swallow my own saliva which is obviously horrifying it happens when I’m very stressed out it happens if I don’t chew correctly and I’m just like talking and overthinking and the food gets stuck and what do you have to do you have to go to the emergency room you have to get the food knocked you got to be put under or you have to have it removed I’ve had scenarios where the doctor kept me awake and they took a clear tube and ice water and shoved it down my throat and knocked the food out and pulled it out and there was like a mushroom I’ve been put under where they’ve had to had a gastro surgeon come in and removed the food so this is something that has haunted me my entire life until about five years ago I kind of didn’t acknowledge it it was just something to happen to me and I didn’t want to really talk about it but five years ago it was really bad and I was on a photo shoot I was in Wisconsin on set actually shooting the single for love to my Cobain my last single I ever wrote and I got food stuck and it was so bad and so scary I said I have to find someone who could help me so after some extensive research on this condition I googled it I found people that had similar situations and who and if you’ve watched my video about my mother recently she has the same condition didn’t know that it’s like insane so I find dr. Edwards share and I see him I have a visit I have a consultation I even set up an appointment to get this operation done that I’m about to show you and I bitched out I didn’t do it I got scared it wasn’t the right timing I kept putting it off I changed the appointment and five more years went by a lot of it had to do with my teeth so if you don’t know I’ve had my whole mouth restored prior to that my back teeth were really bad okay so this wasn’t just about cosmetics or being insecure it also hindered me and made my life worse because normal people’s teeth obviously you bite down and your teeth hit perfectly mine was like this where I could barely chew my food correctly because my teeth were inverted I’m gonna do a whole teeth story one day because I want to show you guys the before and afters and what’s what really happened cuz it was a hellacious journey so it has been such a battle I love eating I eat all the time you guys know I have a very fast metabolism so I do eat all the time I just have to chew five times more than the average person so if you ever around me or you ever see me bitch everyone’s meals done and I’m like halfway done something bad happened a few months ago I was eating a hot dog on a bun the bun was dry I hadn’t eaten all um that morning I’d filmed something I was like yeah we’re gonna go to a barbecue and I went to my friend’s house and I literally was in the house for two minutes chewed stuck and normally have to go to the hospital but for a few hours I let myself sit and relax and it’s still stuck I was panicking and like Maddie I donno what to do I need to go to a hospital and then I was like I’m just so tired like sometimes I know it sounds so dumb but I was like so tired I didn’t want to go to the hospital for the first time so another six hours went by girl took a few hits I relaxed I was in bed in one position for hours like sitting up like and the bread finally shifted and I’ll never forget that fear melting away and the food went down and I was like oh my god I cannot believe it went down and I was so scared about happening again the next day I went to the doctor and I made another appointment went back to dr. Cher and in the midst of all this I find out that my assistant Madison has the same condition now what are the odds were all from Orange County something’s in the water Huntington Beach I want the mayor to call me so my mom has this problem I have this problem now this person that has entered my life has the same problem and it’s like whoa it’s so weird so she she goes mad he goes I’ve had the surgery was it’s not a surgery it’s like you’ll see what it is it’s not cutting it’s not blood but it’s widening it’s dilating so Maddie had this operation done once and they it helped it dilated her but it’s been years now here’s the thing there’s no cure your throat and your esophagus will shrink back you know naturally some people it’s quick some people it’s takes years who knows so she’s felt herself a little weird so I’m like you know what we’re pulling a double girl what’d you say earlier Christian fuck man you got a laugh during a serious video you guys life’s dark I’m like I have to laugh at my own condition what am I gonna do cry every night so two holes for the price of one I said you know what let’s boat let’s do a double widening all right now I’m gonna take you into the hospital room and you guys are about to see what went down all right you guys I am about to get my I’ll forget something whitened I know this is the craziest thing ever so we got the blends iakh is here and we’re gonna put on our scrubs so I go in there and maybe some of you out there going are you nervous honestly I’m ready I’m not I’m ready to get this issue handled and taking care of it’s definitely it’s been a long time coming I should add Gucci make me accounting myself it’s a long evening what happened last night oh it’s working okay so he’s gonna die late today yeah I’ve never done it before definitely give you more information about what he finds there after he takes a look – I’m gonna get it off those Corey today so what we’re gonna do today yeah you’re gonna breathe it on your own yeah dr. ose you take a look down there I’m expecting to find some narrowing some significant thickening of the Rico’s me down gently violent biopsy it and then you decide what to do in the future okay they decide to be some swallowed steroid it’s shit we need to or this may take you for the next you know your two or three whatever okay these are two dollars and fifty cents I’ll write you guys I am about to be put under we’re gonna do some heavy Twilight sleep and I’m gonna be passed out I don’t think it was ever seen being passed out on this channel before so it’s about to get interesting nice and quiet yeah like you’re a tea party yeah that’s the drugs a little bit oh yeah sure today I feel like we’re in a wolf of Wall Street with the song on it perfect how are you shy why do you let me live okay belly button that way very fast yeah 15 30 seconds thirty Seconds Chris okay you suppose our egress here we go Oh yep all right oh that is a little hard to watch seeing yourself go under the eyes rolling back in my head it was very disturbing the first time that Chris played for me I was like whoa that is so obviously I’m under I have no idea what went down so you may wonder Geoffrey why don’t you show more so I guess while that was under my esophagus was so narrow the camera and the equipment was really irritating me so I was kind of like what were you saying Christian that guys yeah so it’s called imagining you’re under and your body is coughing and sneezing so they didn’t want me to show it look like I was having a seizure or anything cause it was nothing wrong with me I’m medically completely fine yeah I looked probably crazy so there probably a girl cut so they asked Christian to leave for a minute so they could finish the procedure obviously and then after mine they did Madison’s right away so we first of all what do you guys think about all this what do you think about the fun is you just watched does it creep you out a creeped me out for real but I wanted to share this because I don’t know if there are more of you out there that have this issue or maybe you just might learn something new and I just kind of wanted to share things that I am afraid to talk about and I wanted to challenge myself so this is really why I made this video now we’re gonna but we’re about to have some laughs because this is kind of like a long loop we’re about to happen but there is footage I forgot existed where me and Madison come out of anesthesia and well let me bring Maddie in here we’re gonna watch this for the first time so she doesn’t know this but she’s coming over right now I had to come over here and I said hey we’re about to play something funny now we’ve done this procedure a few weeks ago she is know what’s about to happen so hi girl hi so Madison is usually behind the scenes but she’s my personal assistant and she travels everywhere with me and you also have see is gonna feel like esophagitis it’s a tongue-twister it’s a tongue-twister now when we both bonded over that how do you bond over an odds what are the odds so you had the procedure done once yeah like for almost five years ago and they were able to widen it a little bit but they told me you know as the years go by you’re probably gonna tighten up again so you’re gonna want to do it probably one maybe two more times over the next like ten years so sounds like my badger plasti vaginal rejuvenation right yeah yeah so I was skeptical but it actually worked for her so you know what great but it’s been it was yours for you so you’re ready for round two I was ready ready for another widening the perfect time you haven’t even seen the footage from me being put out there yet but I do want to show you us coming out of anesthesia okay we’re gonna watch that I’m so scared I’ve watched a clip of this and I was like oh my god I didn’t I’ve never seen it edited right here in our faces so we’re gonna see us both coming out of anesthesia and I don’t remember anything really I don’t know how did we get home do Bo burrow didn’t oh you drove us never laid out in the back seat and I was in the front cuz you were what you went under they had you under longer oh let’s talk about this oh my god I had more anesthesia as well so you were like way more groggy than I was cuz mine was like I think mine was like 20 minutes so it was like super quick my god over about like 30 hmm so you were much more out of it than I was when we got in the car you’re like I just need to lay down and go just lay flat in the backseat this looks like to blackout while drinking or no yeah kinda whoof yeah y’all are crazy I slept in the back of your car yeah okay we’re just gonna click play we’re just gonna dive into it we’re turning up the volume and oh yeah here we go Jeffrey asia-pacific that take that is the we’d rather watch yeah it was crazy pausing oh wow Ida flops right back over so I must have fell back asleep right Chris or no good good all right oh my god my honor like fuck it up I need help where’s the star mayor let’s do this but I can’t just say no I dig me let me down no it’s a burning right now with a tiny bit for no craziness yeah I like I need cold stone now I like these go ahead what personnel do you want I want Nate this down the game we have to be a lot of calories one which I want to go to Red Robin I want to go to Chili’s I’m gonna go to Waffle House I’m gonna go to crab roe crack copper barrel after barrel cracker bro I need you bitch I know you’re all enjoy a legend and hate me but I need your pancakes okay what’s up girl like the worst I’ve ever seen holy man solodar two areas that a pretty darn tight okay I’m up here in the middle yeah i dilated very very carefully okay I could not get the scope to into the stomach wow that rare is about 11 millimeters in diameter well it’s usually such a situation and dilated enough you can smoke through but I was being a married that’s the special careful okay as I mentioned not too little not too much yeah so I’m not sure how much detail you want but until I got a so called dilation effect okay meaning old terror the mucosa and we need to come back a little bit more okay I think I swallowed steroids what y’all abandoned that me would be a good plan okay wow yeah that was her not too bad oh she was a piece of cake doesn’t want to get married but she’s there I’m not really an older older man but she was in my throat and we’re not dating I’m like new experiences I don’t remember any of that that such that is so weird to see I am like fully on another planet I don’t really I don’t remember I don’t I remember like one sentence I said I think like about eating everything else a full blur a full blink Wow how the human brain is weird how do you still see yourself like that I think if I would have seen myself how you saw yourself a beat even though that is really hilarious to me cuz I don’t remember I thought everything was so funny okay so as you guys saw he said that mine so yours wasn’t his narrow obviously yeah she’s had it before and then he dilated her even wider which is amazing have you had any problem since not anything major no just like more more normal heartburn which is yeah part of this mission now you guys saw him say that he could even fit the scope down where they could normally do it and someone’s like what chest kind of area yeah it’s like right here I couldn’t do it and I was like whoa he said one of mine was the worst ever I was just like great but hey if this is what’s wrong with me you got to deal with it so since then I have been on the steroid medication it has helped I have had no choking or weird swallowing issues I’ve had instance where maybe felt a little weird but I was like nothing like oh my god I’m freaking out yeah and everything’s been fine now what did the doctor say that I have to do go back yeah they want me to go back so they want to try again in a few months if I’m up for it I don’t know I’m always very scared about being put under I kind of have like I don’t care but I do care type of thing in my head you just never know what can go wrong that’s the scary part so I rarely do those things but I really wanted to get this procedure done I’m so glad we did it together I never knew Matt bond over us something like this before so are you glad you did it yes thank you so much of course and I am so happy I did it finally I think it was long overdue and I’m glad I got over the fear what do you guys think of all this I want to I want to hear what they have to say meet you let us know your thoughts your prayers and yeah thank you for joining us on this weird crazy medical secret journey if you’re ever sad or depressed rewind the part where I get put under thank you for watching guys see you on the next one mwah

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  1. I was a GI endoscopy nurse for 4 years, and we performed upper GI endoscopies/esophageal dilations regularly. I’m glad you overcame your fears and shared your experience. I’m curious to know if you had an airway complication during the procedure based on what you and Chris told us and from what I can see. It’s possible they had to abort the procedure and restart when your body “calmed down.” 30 min procedure is long, Chris being asked to leave/stop recording, coughing and secretions, the position of your doctors and nurse/tech at 12:30 and 16:35, amount of propofol given. (Although, substance/alcohol use and age affect the potency as well.)

  2. my granddad, dad myself my daughter and grand daughter we all choke on our own spit we choke on our food. never to the same extreme as you. my dad will choke on his spit sometimes and cough and cough almost to the point where we have thought it was coming to the point for us to step in and help. we have never been diagnosed with anything but we do have in fact a lot of problems swallowing our food and sometimes spit.

  3. Omg! I randomly stumbled upon this video and I have the same thing!! (I am writing this comment at 2:03 into the video so I am excited to watch the rest. )

  4. My sister has this condition and found out when she was trying to swallow a huge calcium pill and ended up in the emergency room. Scary! I am so glad you shared this. In my sisters case, the pill was stuck for hours and crazy panic ensued! Thank God for modern medicine! You really are a blessing and quite the story teller, bringing real life into focus!

  5. My dad had this problem for years….he would vomit after eating all the time…finally got the procedure done and he felt great…he could eat and keep food down and put some weight on…..I’ve never seen anyone post this and I am very glad you did to raise awareness…thank you

  6. When I finally revealed to my friends that I have EOE after being diagnosed last year, I was immediately pointed in the direction of this video. It was nice to know that I'm not alone and that there others with this condition. Thanks for sharing your EOE journey, I'd love to hear any updates on your journey, hope you and Maddison are both doing well. <3

  7. Oh my gaaaaawd I worked for a Gastroenterologist for 5 years, we did this often, my mom has the same condition and came in for a dilation and EGD, FULLY FUCKING AWAKE!!! It was awful to watch, but to this day when she gets it done she does it awake. No way In hell! You get those drugs boo! Eyes rolled back and all🤪

  8. I don't have this issue…but I've done twilight. And I want to talk, too😂😂😂😂.
    Seriously thanks for sharing…it is nice to know I'm not alone.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. I saw you get vitamin b and c shots in a recent video. It worried me. My mil had to get vitamin b due to crohns disease. My husband probably needs it too but no insurance, so no clue what he needs aside from immediate meds for crohns. Anyways-knowing they have a serious medical condition that requires it-I was worried you have a serious medical condition too. @jeffreestar

  10. Omg My husband may have this condition, we’ve been told previously that it was most likely a herniated esophagus but this makes more sense. Thank you Jeffree for sharing such a vulnerable and real situation. I really pray you were able to get second procedure done if necessary and that the issue is alleviated .

  11. Thank you! I have had this problem for years. I can't eat anything with having water with it. I was told I needed that surgery but was too afraid to do it. You have changed my mind! Thank you for sharing something so personal.

  12. I hate that Jeffree has to deal with this. I'm glad there is a treatment option, though. I have a rare genetic disease, no health insurance, and no income. I'm in no way competing with anyone's hardships. It's just that I know that medical struggle. For anyone who is going through anything difficult – stay strong!

  13. My brother has this! Has to get his throat stretched like every other year. He has the same symptoms as you and he is always last ti finish eating when we are all done and cleaning up!

  14. Totally understand your fear. Glad you were able to get this procedure and hopefully another will even help more. Swallowing even an aspirin kills. Be well friend.

  15. I've had 5 breast lumps removed. 4 from the right. The last one I remove I watched on a monitor, the doctor take it out. I drove to the office, and then drove home. I hosted a Christmas party a few hours later that night. Worse part is sleeping in a be a and ice packs. My mother has to have this done.

  16. I have the same thing jefree. I always thought I was the only one that haf it. I am suppose to go get mine dialated every 4 to 6 years. And your right it is very embarrassing. I remember being at school and choking on food and having an ambulance have to come get me my mother and I both have it. – Danielle😍😘

  17. Omg to funny to see you both waking up. Get it done again it may dialate more and help you with the condition best of luck and many prayers
    Love watching jefreeee starrrrr

  18. After listening to Jeffree's symptoms and things I have suffered from over the years, I am going to look into this condition as the culprit. Thank you Jeffree for sharing this with us!

  19. To those of you that are asking if Jeffree is a girl or boy, man or woman…here is your answer….Jeffree is a Star…period!

  20. omg I have this and i didn't even know its a thing!
    i recently had a throat drop (go figure) get lodged and it literally took like 6 hours for it to go down. I was terrified. and don't get me started on the heartburn.
    ….he's not kidding. it's f'n scary.

  21. Just tonight I’m thinking about my mom having hip surgery six days from now and how she’s worried about being put under. Nothing in this world scares me more than the thought of my mom hurting or dying so, coming across this video was really timely and nice.
    Jeffree, you really seem like you’d just be the greatest person to be around, genuine, real, and honest. Thank you for sharing this.
    I’ve only recently begun watching your videos and you are a true joy to spend some YouTube time with ❤️

  22. You, sweet Jeffree, have probably given the courage to a lot of people who were too afraid to deal with this issue and go for the procedure.

  23. Im like 2 years late.. But I cant help but notice how concerned jeffree was for Madison right after he wakes up from the procedure… True friend!!

  24. OMG !!! Jeffrey, what a trip !!! I just watched your other surgery to remove hard silicone from your upper lip and this video came up right after. It's gotta be so hard to have this condition. Scary too. Thanks for showing us how it all went for you. You did so well. I gotta say I LOVE your sense of humour sweetie !!! Even under, you're hilarious. Wayyy more hilarious 😂. You're sooooo kewl !!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  25. 19:27 "The doctor said, what first meal do you want, I want Nathan's ass….I want to go to Red Robin, I want to go to Waffle House, I want to go to Chili's, I want to go to Crabber Barrel, Crapper Barrel, Cracker Barrel. Bitch, I know you're all about your religion and you hate me, but I need your pancakes."


  26. I had the same procedure done!! Not the same condition, but something similar. The first panic I ever had was choking on a soft pretzel while driving on the freeway.

  27. wow this helped me so much, I have all these just thought I had really bad heartburn and trapped gas and I choked alot .. I have to tell me, doctor, now That I may have this .


  29. I have Gastroparesis and Esophageal Immobility Disorder. The former causes food to sit in my stomach for 6 or more hours. The latter causes food to stay in my esophagus that feels like a fist is in my chest. It gets so bad that I foam at the mouth because water won't go down and food sits there for hours. I know what you are experiencing and hope you get relief, however temporary.

  30. The more I watch Jeffree ☆, the more I respect him. I love his bold looks that I'm too old to pull off. His really fierce looks are so amazing. This time the beautiful colors were so pretty!
    Jeffree, you have an inner beauty that really adds to your glamorous look. I covet that jacket! Kudos to you from a new fan!

  31. Your so beautiful. After looseing my mom a few years ago i let myself go quit careing about my apperance i wish i had you to do my make up for me everyday:)

  32. I don't have this particular issue but I do have a chronic stomach issue. If you can do anything to make your chronic condition better, why wouldn't you.

    I have terrible teeth that makes it so hard to eat. I do cry over this. If you can do anything to better yourself, do it! ❣️

  33. I have this. I’ve had my throat dilated 3 times. Last time lasted the longest. I take Prilosec to stop the acid reflux, which causes the esophagus rings.

  34. My mom has the same issue, but she has never gone to the hospital. She just says she has a small throat, but you catch her jumping up and down in the kitchen, and that throaty snot gag sound is a near nightly thing. Sometimes I get the same feeling, but my gag reflex is super bad.

  35. Omg I might have that same issue Food always gets stuck in that same spot. ILY N think ur an amazing person ur such a caring person I'm ur biggest fan. I hope to be like you and start my own beauty channel some day. ❤❤❤❤😘😘😘😘😊😊😊. Ty so much for showing us how to love an be ourselves.

  36. My friend had this procedure done and it's destroyed her life. She can't eat or swallow properly because of the dilation. This is a serious condition and profoundly affects quality of life. Glad you have had success.

  37. I'm a critical care recovery nurse and I essentially recover folk immediately after surgery. I hear some crazy funny things from patients lol. Then they wake up full and ask "did I say anything weird?" I'm like "No no, you were fantastic" lol. Those drugs are strong. Looks like you had Propofol sedation. I'd so love to have been your recovery nurse lol.

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