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My morning routine with a 2 year old//Rebbie Marie

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channel. If you’re new here, then welcome my name is Rebbie, so in today’s video, I
want to share with you my morning routine with my toddler, so stay tuned.
The first things I do whenever I get up in
the morning I’ll brush her teeth and wash her face, my son, he’s two now, and I’ve been
brushing his teeth every since he started teething and every morning whenever it’s time
to brush and wash he cries like it’s the first time so we just kind of have to power through
So for my skincare routine every morning I use tree of life vitamin C serum, and I also
use Garnier skin active, it’s very lightweight on my skin, and it gives me such a great glow.
So by this time, my little guy is starving.
I make oatmeal for him because he keeps his little tummy full for a few hours.
So for my breakfast every morning, I like
to juice my favorite recipe to juice are pineapples, apples, ginger, and lemon that’s my favorite
I pretty much have that every morning and that recipe helps me keep my weight down.
It also helps me regulate my blood sugar I’m going to make a separate video on cheap juicing
recipes and either recipe that I typically use throughout the week.
Once I’m done with the juicer I’ll go ahead
and break it down and wash it the cleanup process is pretty easy I cleaned it up seated
in the dishwasher or just leave it in the sink and just let it air dry put it away to
be used for the next day.
I’m going to finish up with his oatmeal that was boiling earlier. I’m going to get it and
put a scoop of yogurt and honey. I’ve tried putting fresh fruit in his oatmeal, but he
said he doesn’t like the texture of the fruit, so I use the yogurt and honey, and he seems
to enjoy it that way.
Now that we done with breakfast, we are going to go into his room and get it cleaned up.
And then we’re going to work on a few activities. I work with him 15 to 20 minutes per day,
either reading, working on flashcards, and music whatever he gravitates towards on that
particular day. So on this day here, he allowed me to finish reading two books, and I attempted
to work with him on flashcards, but he’s just not have it with the flashcards. So I’m going
to get done with the books, then we’re just going to get on with the rest of the day.

Guys, I’m going to end the video here. Thanks for watching, while are you here, please don’t
forget to subscribe, comment, share, and like the video. I’ll see you when my next one }

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