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My Morning & Evening Skincare Routine | Exposed Skin Care

Hey guys! So today I have some new
products from exposed skincare and honestly my skin has been kind of going
through a rough patch for some reason just around like my chin area and also
my forehead I just noticed some acne and some spots and I just wanted to clear up
my skin so I actually have a kit from expose skincare and everything that you
need is included in this kit this kit has a facial cleanser a clearing tonic
and acne treatment serum also a clear pour serum and a moisture content and
I’ve really been enjoying it so I wanted to walk you guys through these products
and just show you guys my morning skincare routine and my night skincare
routine but what I like about these products is that they’re gentle enough
for my skin I actually have pretty sensitive skin yet I’m still able to use
these products daily in the morning and at night and I actually have a couple
photos that I just took on my phone that I wanted to show you guys because this
is me without makeup these photos show the problem areas that I’ve been having
with my skin and those are just spots that I would really just like to have
cleared up because I’ve kind of had those spots for I’d say a few weeks now
they’ve just kept appearing so again I’ve just started using this kit and I’m
already seeing my skin kind of clear up actually gonna make a part two video for
this one so you guys can see how my skin has improved but for now I’m just going
to walk you guys through my morning and night skincare routine the first product
I’m going to use from this expanded kit for my morning skincare routine is the
facial cleanser I like this product because again it’s gentle but it’s also
rich so this face wash is specially formulated to clear skin and prevent
blemishes in this face wash has salicylic acid which unclogs and shrinks
pores also has Pro vitamin b5 which regulates oil production and it also
includes sage extract which prevents dryness and irritation and after washing
my face I’m going to Pat my skin dry with the Duramax cloth and this is a
facial microdermabrasion cloth that is proven to exfoliate dead skin cells it
also removes cosmetics oil and dirt so after that I’m going to move on to the
clearing tonic and something I really like about these products are the
natural ingredients that are in them so in the clearing tonic you’re getting
green tea extract which controls sebum production also passionflower which
calms redness and irritation and also as lahic acid which prevents bacteria and
redness I’m just going to apply this with my bare hands and gently spread
this all over my face and after that I’m going to move
step three which is the acne treatment serum and the serum is great because it
penetrates deep into pores to prevent new blemishes and whiteheads and in this
product you’re getting benzoyl peroxide which kills acne bacteria also a green
tea extract which heals and protects and tea tree oil which disinfect and treats
blemishes so while my skin was still wet from the clearing tonic I’m gently
smoothing a small amount of serum over any spots or blemish prone areas and
then I’m gonna let this dry for about three to five minutes and to finish up
my morning routine I’m gonna use the moisture complex and this is a product
you can use in the morning or evening once your face is completely dry so I’m
just gonna squeeze a small amount into my hand and spread it all over my
fingers and lightly Pat it into my skin this product contains pumpkin seeds
which calms irritated skin also green tea extract and caffeine which reduces
redness and that’s everything from my morning skincare routine so moving on to
my evening routine all I’m gonna do is swap out the third product that I used
earlier for the clear pour serum so after using the facial cleanser and then
a clear and tonic while my skin is still wet from the clearing tonic I’m going to
use the clear pour serum and this product contains the salicylic acid
green tea extract and also licorice root extract which brightens scars and uneven
skin so while my skin is still wet from the clearing tonic I’m gently gonna
place this all over my entire blemish prone area and I’m gonna let this
completely dry before moving on to the moisture complex alright so that’s it
for this video I hope you guys liked it again check back here because I’m gonna
have an update video for you guys and I personally am really excited to see the
results because I actually am a fan of this brand and I have used them before
and I know their products work so I’ve tried other products and those haven’t
been so successful not sure why I’ve been getting these breakouts lately but
I’m excited to use these products and get clear skin again so again that’s it
for this one I hope you guys are having a great day and I’ll see you guys on the
next one alright bye

10 thoughts on “My Morning & Evening Skincare Routine | Exposed Skin Care

  1. Great routine. Glad to see ur skin is clearing up. You look pretty with no makeup so don’t stress lol. Love you Sarah. ❤️

  2. Hi Sara , just have seen ur old video about quitting alcohol, just one question , ur still not drinking now ?!)

  3. Nice video Sarah 😊. Enjoying your podcasts as well. Thanks for the grief podcast, so true and love your honesty about feeling and let it happen. ❤️

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