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Good morning you guys welcome to my
pamper routine so for today like I said we’re gonna be doing the paper who to
you I literally just woke up about an hour ago
and Here I am starting to record the only thing I have done so far is use the
toilet and brush my teeth because I am going straight into breakfast or in my
pampered routines I don’t want to spend too much time in the kitchen in the
morning I just want to go upstairs head in the shower and like just pamper
myself so I don’t want to spend too much time cooking so I like to make a really
quick smoothie lately I’ve really been loving a
strawberry and banana smoothies I haven’t done an updated pepper routine
in a while so I’m really excited especially since I’m finally in my new
home I figured it’d be cool to kind of share with you guys how my pimp routine
has changed I always tweak my routine and use new products and things like
that the first thing that I did do it I took a little clip of was get some water
that’s actually every single morning because I need water like I am a huge
water drinker and then we’re gonna go ahead and make some breakfast soon I do
want to mention my nails look really bad so you guys are gonna see how bad they
look throughout the video speaking of pampering these bad boys need to get
done today is Sunday by the way I always do
my Pam routines on Sunday so if you’ve been a lg subscriber mine than you know
this pampering happens on Sundays okay so I don’t do anything on Sunday so text
me don’t call me nothing if you call me I’m busy I’m pampering literally
Sunday’s are reserved for pampering let’s go ahead and start kicking in to
the butene starting with a breakfast smoothie so I’m actually been using the ninja
blender now they have so many different ones this one’s called the I Auto IQ a
thousand watts one I love this one I kind of caught tired of the nutribullet
so I really wanted to switch in my blender and I’m so happy that I bought
this woman we came to the new house I actually really really like it I’m
actually only going to put half of this banana so these strawberries have
already been rinsed ooh this one is totally going bad not a good look so I’m
gonna throw that out so because I’m kind of running low on strawberries I want to
throw something else in today I actually have some pineapple in the fridge so I’m
going to throw that in I completely forgot to put water oh my god okay got
my water in there now I’m gonna go ahead and close it up so I actually have this really cute
little jar that I got because I bought this fruit smoothie so it came in this
jar but I kept the jar now I just cleaned it
and I just feel like being all cute and putting it in here okay so we are in my
bathroom now and the next thing I will do is pretty much shower but before I
get into the shower I always do my skincare so I have shared this with you
guys a few times to be honest with you but I have actually switched over to
using these type of razors let me see if it’ll focus so if I’m holding my
sideburns up I’m like saving them to make sure tons shave off like the wrong
part of my sideburns but I do want to shave off like what’s all underneath
that and also downwards this is all of my canned rating by the way that’s what
you’re seeing and then I will go around my turn please do you guys see that
right there I hate having peach fuzz on my face like whenever you shave your
face I’m telling you your makeup and your skin care goes on so smoothly it is
such a part of my routine now I could not go without it I also shave my neck yeah
gross see that right there gross I mean I know peach fuzz is normal but you’re
like I said your makeup you will thank me what’s great about doing this too is it
really takes off any dead skin yeah oh my god you guys see that gross and
then the next thing I will do is just trim my brows and the whole thing is you
kind of want that when your brow hairs are out of place they still aren’t super
long like you see how those are just a little too long and as I’m holding the
hairs up I can see easily what’s too long and just go and cut that now I’m gonna say guys this trick but
don’t do it too often because if you do it too often it’s just too harsh and too
vigorous I honestly usually do it like once a month or something so this is
really gross if you don’t like to see whiteheads or anything like that skip
over by like a minute okay because this is kind of gross so you want to take
your nostril and then you can see all of the gunk come out of the nose it’s
pretty gross I know so I want to cleanse my face I do want to mention that this
video is sponsored by for you so today I’m gonna be featuring the Luna 3 you
guys already know I love this device I’ve been using it for the longest time
so this is a cleansing brush and facial massaging tool I absolutely love it for
me it really helps me cleanse my skin and make sure I get all of my pores
cleaned out ever since I started using this I have noticed such an improvement
on my blockheads I used to get really really really bad blackheads and even
though I still get them because they’re just normal this really helps keep them
to a minimum and it’s because it actually really does help clean your
skin also I’ve mentioned to you guys how I love using this after I work out after
I go to the gym super important to make sure you clean your face after a sweat
session after you get your work done go to the gym if a lot of you guys happen
to you know use the showers at the gym what’s great about this is you can pop
it right in your gym BAE because it is so lightweight and travel friendly the
best thing about this device is how hygienic it is since it’s made out of
silicone it’s going to resist bacteria which is amazing it’s also very gentle
so if you’re like me and you have a little bit of sensitive skin and you
tend to get very red on your cheeks you don’t have to worry about this you know
making you breakout or making you think it’s just being too abrasive it’s not at
all it’s very gentle I use it in the morning and the night just go ahead put
a little bit of your cleanser on there I like to work mine in circular motions because of the way that it’s shaped it
fits right into the curves of your nose which I love because this area is often
very missed I personally have oily skin so I’m gonna
go ahead and link the foreo down below if you guys are interested make sure you
check it out I know a lot of you guys have already purchased it and told me
that you love it so much and it’s really helped clear up your skin so definitely
check it out and don’t forget there’s a really cool
facial massaging side which is just great it’s so relaxing so relaxing what
I do a lot of times and I’ll do is I’ll take this in the bathtub with me and you
just like to sit there and relax and massage my face it’s very relaxing I
always like to do a face mask before I get in the shower because then it’s
really easy to wash off while I’m in the shower so I have talked about this so
many times and love love love this mask it is my absolute staple I cannot live
without it and I’m telling you guys when I don’t use this mask for like a week or
two I could tell like my skin is different when I don’t use this this
really helps to exfoliate your skin naturally just remove any of the dead
skin any of the clown spores what you want to do is just apply a thin layer
and you can feel it burn then well I have that mask going I am going to
whiten my teeth now I don’t do this every single pamper routine I do this
about once a month sometimes every two weeks whenever I would white and I used
to get really sensitive teeth but the key with this is to not keep it on for
too long if you keep it on for like 25-30 minutes you’re gonna get really
sensitive teeth I forgot I always dry my teeth it just sticks better when your
teeth are dry yeah so only leave it on for about 15 minutes so I actually have
this little shower basket that I got from Amazon and I love it because it
keeps all of my shower items in there that way my shower can remain
clean and empty I don’t really like one like products show in my shower I feel
like it just takes away from the aesthetic so with this I can keep it in
the cabinet tucked away and whenever I need to take a shower I just bring my
little basket with me so these are the shampoos and conditioner that I am
currently using smells really good it’s sulfate free that’s something I
always look for in a shampoo and conditioner so this one is um sulfate
and paraben free which is really great and then this is the body wash that I’m
currently using and then I have my favorite hair mask in the entire world
they also really love debris ojio hair mask I just ran out of that one and then
I have my exfoliator and then my foot scrub just figured I would show you guys
that because I feel like it’s a really cool tip if you don’t like when products
show in your shower you can just keep it in a little basket and then put it away
in the cabinet and what’s great about my bathroom is the cabinet is right in
front of the shower so it’s really easy access so the very first thing I do is
just go ahead and wet my hair and get that all rinsed out before I start
putting my shampoo and I’m also rinsing off that face mask and I did take off
the teeth whitening strips so I am gonna start with the shampoo my favorite thing
to do is just massage the scalp I do only wash my hair once a week because it
is the healthiest for my hair I find that allowing my hairs natural oils to
nourish my hair it’s just the healthiest I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my
hair over the years since I’ve been doing that so yeah I do still just
really want to make sure I lather my hair so that I can get all of those oils
out and get it super clean and then I usually rinse it off pretty immediately and then I’ll make sure to squeeze out
all of the excess water out of my hair before I do put in my conditioner that
way my condition doesn’t get too runny and then I will move on with conditioner
and I’ll usually leave my conditioner in for about like two to three minutes
while I wash my body and that way it just allows the conditioner to penetrate
but the main thing that’s gonna really make my hair super healthy is the hair
masque that you guys will see me use which that I keep in for a really long
time so now I’m just rinsing out the conditioner running my hair or my
running my fingers through my hair making sure it really gets all over the
place and now for this hair mask absolutely incredible I will always
leave this in for a very minimum of five minutes but I really preferably try to
do ten minutes first thing I do is lather it on the ends and then I
honestly put it all over my hair I did forget to mention that with the
conditioner I only put conditioner on the ends of my hair but with this hair
mask as you can see I really make sure to run my fingers through my hair so I
can properly put this all over and I’ll go ahead and exfoliate my body so I can
exfoliate that extra or that leftover tan off and I’ll also scrub my feet just
do anything I need to do during this time so that the hair mask can really
sit in my hair super long if you need to shave you can shave while your hair mask
is in your hair as well and then I’m just really making sure to run my
fingers through my hair so that I can make sure it’s all out okay so I’m out of the shower now and
I’m gonna go ahead and do my skincare first before my face gets too dry so I
have been using this avocado sleeping mask by glow recipe it is really good
you guys normally I do put on like some sort of serum but I’m actually tinning
so I don’t like to put serums or anything like that so I’m gonna wash it
off in a few hours so this is a really good moisturizer it’s nice and thick and
very rich so I’m not putting on any eye creams or just anything like that
because like I said I’m going to be washing my face in a few hours after my
tan actually let my hair air dry I don’t really blow-dry it so what I’m gonna do
is put on some of this Brio geo heat styling hair primer I really really like
this this is really nice I’m sorry not prions Gio viola this is
really good for your hair I love it I will just take it and apply it all over
the key to doing that is to run your fingers through your hair like this
and then I’m gonna be using this hair oil but I’m just kind of like testing
out I’ve used it once or twice before I just do one pump of that and I mainly
focus it on the ends of my hair and then I will bring it to the mid mid parts of
my hair so I actually don’t apply a deodorant because I’m gonna tan so when
I’m tanning I don’t put deodorant I do really love this deodorant I want to
give it a really quick shoutout this is the I think of Schmidt’s rose and
vanilla my sister actually recommended it to me this is an all natural
deodorant really nice I’ve tried so many natural
yarns and they just don’t hold up well I end up smelling horrible after like two
hours but this one is really good like it actually lasts all day so I am just
going to part my hair in the middle which is always a challenge because I
have a little bit of a widow’s peak and usually my hair is really easy to brush
lift you see how there’s like no tangles and that’s honestly because of the hair
mask and then from here I just let my hair completely air dry for the rest of
the night and then I will do my hair in the morning whether I’m straightening it
or curling it I would just do it in the morning and let my hair air dry so I got
my scrunchie I’ve actually been really big on using scrunchies just to avoid
getting hair damaged from like the really tight elastics so I’m around the
house you see the little scrunchie so pretty much the last step of my Pantene
is to tan but I do have an entire tanning routine for you guys if you are
interested in watching that I will go ahead and link it but this is my
favorite lotion the cocoa butter by Palmer’s alright so I just finished
applying on my tanner and now I will just let it sit for about 6 hours before
rinsing it off and honestly for the rest of the day I will just relax watch some
Netflix and chill out just some cooking around the house and that is it I don’t
like to do anything on Sundays and as for my hair like I mentioned I will just
go ahead and let it air dry for the rest of the day also give this video unlike
thumbs up if you guys want to see a new updated morning routine because I’ve
definitely adjusted and haven’t this new routine a bunch of new habits and new
tips and tricks ever since moving into the new home so let me know if you guys
want to see that I will definitely do that and yeah other than that you guys
that is pretty much it I hope you enjoyed a my pamper routine and I will
see you guys in my next video bye guys you

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